5 Costly Tax Resolution Marketing Mistakes

If you are building your tax resolution business and wondering why the clients aren't flooding in the door, it may be time to review your marketing strategy.

Here are five common - and costly - mistakes that I have seen tax resolution practitioners make. 

Lack of Accountability
Tax Resolution Marketing StrategyNot tracking your marketing or ads can have a devastating effect on your profits. You wouldn’t throw money out the window so why wouldn’t you want to know, to the nickel, how well your ads are performing. You must track how many leads a particular ad generates and how many of those leads become clients. This information is critical as it will direct you where to invest, or not to invest, your marketing dollars.

Relying on One Marketing Strategy
The number “1” is the loneliest number in business. Relying on just one media source that generates the majority of your prospects can destroy your business literally overnight. Take for example Google - without warning Google changed all their search algorithms on their paid search platform and sent people who were consistently showing up in top positions nowhere to be found. A healthy thriving practice will have multiple marketing strategies underway at the same time. Don’t be caught scrambling to replace your one and only source of leads because it’s not “if”, but “when” your only marketing strategy stops working.

Lack of Systems
This single handedly could destroy your practice. The reason why systems are so vital is because it takes the guesswork out of what you should be doing. There is little room for error because what is to be done has already been decided. You probably already have a system in place for how to handle initial phone inquiries and the client intake, but do you have systems for getting referrals, collecting reviews/testimonials, social media sharing and lead follow-up?

Not Capturing Leads From Your Website
Your website is your digital business card and brochure. This is the first place most, if not all, your prospects go to “check you out”. If you don’t have a lead capture mechanism in place to capture names and email addresses how can you nurture and follow-up with them? A typical tax resolution practice will derive at least 30%-35% of their leads from online media. Can you afford to leave that kind of money on the table?

Marketing for Clients/Cases Only
When you market for cases or clients you only get people who think they have a case. When you market your information and knowledge you cast a much wider net of prospects thereby lowering your overall marketing costs. Your informational content, properly distributed, answers questions for people have who are in deep tax trouble with the IRS. Think about all the different reasons why your prospect might even be thinking about hiring you – and create content that answers this. This way, you are creating many more “doors” that a potential client can enter through.

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