Successfully Adding IRS Representation to Your Book of Business

The value of adding IRS Representation to your book of business is two-fold:
1) Value to the person with IRS problems who desperately needs great representation
2) Value to your business by adding in more predictable cash flows.

IRS representation assists clients who owe the IRS but for multiple reasons, cannot afford to pay them in full. Resolution options include:
-Offers in Compromise
-Installment Agreement
-Penalty Abatement

Only a CPA, Attorney or Enrolled Agent can represent clients.  If you are in any of these fields and want to add more revenue streams to your book of business, then you can position yourself to take advantage of this specialized, lucrative niche opportunity.

If you are a CPA or Enrolled Agent, you probably agree that you derive 60%-70% of your income in a short period of time, January through April. What happens May thorough January? Cash flows don't have to be unpredictable.  Stop struggling during the off season and add IRS representation to have a year-round income-generation service in place.

As a CPA, turned tax resolution expert who ran one of the most successful IRS representation firms in the nation, I wanted to help more people (both who needed tax representation and struggling businesspeople) so I created a system that teaches you how to build, market and deliver tax resolution services.

What would your life look like with an extra $15,000 a month, May-January? How would your life look or change if you were able to generate an additional $180,000/year in income?

Think about it.  Only a small fraction of practitioners offer IRS tax representation. Typically, one IRS Representation case can command “pay-in-advance” fees of $5,000 and much more per client.

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