An Easy Way to Find Tax Resolution Clients Online

A relatively new site online that can deliver you very good leads is called Thumbtack helps you find new clients to grow your business. The process is simple. Customers or potential clients tell Thumbtack about their individual tax problem-resolution needs, and Thumbtack sends you, the professional, details of their requests for free. There’s no charge for that. If it looks like a fit, you respond to the potential client with a customized fee quote, and you work out all the details with the customer.

Find Tax Resolution ClientsSo, how does it work? Thumbtack sends you customer requests. Customers or consumers come to the Thumbtack site looking to hire tax professionals to help them accomplish their personal tax issues. They answer specific questions about their needs. Thumbtack reviews every potential client’s information to ensure that it’s legitimate. Now, you decide which ones you want to respond to. They send the potential client your request via email or text message, in hopes of directing them to experienced professionals like you. If you’re interested in working with that particular client and you’re qualified to do the work, you can respond by sending a customized fee quote to the taxpayer. Your customized fee quote will include a personal message, a bio, and a fee estimate. Thumbtack sends your Thumbtack profile, containing your past work experiences, qualifications, contact information, and reviews, with your fee quote to the potential client. You pay Thumbtack only when you send a quote with Thumbtack credits.

It’s a really nifty site; I know I’ve seen a lot of folks using it. Practitioners are getting clients with this, and I know that it could work. Now, typically one to two or even three or four professionals will also respond to that same inquiry. The potential client compares those quotes and decides who to contact, and that’s why your profile and bio are very, very important. You and the potential client work out all the details through Thumbtack, over the phone, or in person, and then, when you’re retained, you let Thumbtack know, so they can improve your chances of getting your next new client.