Are you Finding it Hard Get Tax Resolution Clients?

The two most important things in any business are Marketing and Innovation. Period.

Let’s take Marketing for example.

There are some people in this industry that will tell you to do “one” thing or that they have one marketing strategy for getting prospects to contact you. That’s very dangerous advice. The number “ONE” is the loneliest number in business!

Because it’s not IF, but WHEN that one strategy, that is responsible for 100% of your business stops working that you’ll find yourself with an emptied “pipeline”. And then what?

Having multiple marketing strategies employed simultaneously is not only smart business but it insures against relying on just one marketing strategy. For example, what if all your “eggs” were in the Facebook ads or Google paid search “basket” and Google arbitrarily changes their algorithms (which has already happened more than once) and your ads are no longer being served? Or, the cost of your ads just doubled, or worse?

Deploying multiple marketing strategies, both offline and online, results in all “ships rising in the harbor” and has given me 168 month-over-month consecutive revenue growth enabling me to help more troubled taxpayers settle their IRS cases and get my message out.

For 18 years I’ve always maintained a minimum of 3-4 offline and online marketing strategies deployed at the same time. I built an eight figure IRS Representation practice that way.

Want to know what these strategies are? 

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3. The "One Call Close” Consultation Strategy Script... Make DEAD CERTAIN you have pen and paper at ready, you won't want to miss a single word!4. What to charge and even how to GET PAID IN ADVANCE - imagine how great it'll feel knowing that you'll finally be able to take home what you DESERVE!

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There are over 14 million taxpayers right now that are in the IRS’s Collection Division that need your help! There is way more demand than there are practitioners offering this service.

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