Audit Protection Network Membership

The Audit Protection Network membership provides ongoing support and gives you the resources you need when you purchase the Client Care Package System.   The Client Care Package System has a proven track record of automatically enrolling over 85% and more of your tax preparation clients into your very own "worry-free" Client Care Package.

(Important: You must have the Client Care Package System and Toolkit to purchase the Audit Protection Network Membership)

The Audit Protection Network (APN) Membership goes hand-in-hand with the Client Care Package which has a community of Tax Professionals across the country who are dedicated to providing their clients with “white-glove” notice response, audit defense and tax identity theft services.  This membership gives you access to all the support you need for your clients who are experiencing pre-assessment notices.  Not only that, but as an APN member you stand apart from all other tax professionals, demonstrating that you are part of a larger organization, one dedicated to protecting them the from the IRS.

The APN membership was designed specifically for purchasers of the Client Care Package (CCP) to come alongside them and have questions answered in response to IRS pre-assessment notices, as well as provide encouragement and support through a network of individuals who are also implementing CCP in their own practices.

When you become an Authorized Member of the Audit Protection Network you receive:

 IRS Response Letter Library:

Gone are the days when you would spend your time painstakingly crafting a response to an IRS notice.  Now it is all done for you. A library of IRS sample responses to nearly all the pre-assessment CP notices your clients could receive.  All you have to do is tailor the information to your client’s case.  These responses are in an easy to download Microsoft Word format.  Simply click to download, make changes as needed and send it to the IRS.

A Resource Center providing Dozens of IRS response template letters to help you respond to notices on behalf of Clients, saving you countless hours, money in research time.

Private Facebook Group:

This is a private forum for you to ask questions about the CCP and hear from others who have successfully implemented the program as well as to ask questions about anything that’s pre-assessment or audit related and share ideas and content on the tax industry.  If you encounter a situation with a client and are unsure how to proceed ask the group! You will be surprised at how many people have navigated through similar situations and can share what they learned with you. Never again go it alone, you have the support of a community.

Hotline Contact Form:

If you have a question about anything that is a pre-assessment issue submit the question and receive a response from someone on our team within 24 hours Monday-Friday (8 am- 5 pm Pacific time). No longer spend countless hours and waste time trying to find an answer to your question, you’ll have an expert come right alongside you to provide the guidance you need.

Use of the Authorized Member’s Logo

Add the APN Authorized Member Logo to all of your marketing materials – website, brochures, letterhead etc.  This also includes the APN Member Logo Plaque for your office which is updated every year and sent to members.  In a sea of tax preparers stand out from the crowd as part of a nationwide organization of professionals. This inspires confidence in clients.  APN Member Dawn Plagianes wrote that her clients, “love the fact they have representation and support.”

APN Member Mike Kadlec said he received an “overwhelming positive response.”

Members of the APN have clients that feel supported, protected and provide positive feedback to their tax preparer.  APN Members are a part of a national network that supports one another and ensures their clients have the best solutions should a pre-assessment issue arise with the IRS.  When you are part of the APN, not only will your clients feel supported, but so will you as you enjoy all that this community has to offer.

With APN you will never have to go it alone again.  You will have a community to help you attract new clients, provide outstanding service to current clients, and have other members share in your success.


You get immediate access to the Audit Protection Network Member's area containing all the done-for-you, documents, materials, resources, IRS sample response letters, templates and much more!