Back from Salim Omar's CPA Marketing Super Genius Conference!

I just got back from Salim Omar's CPA Marketing Super Genius Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

I spoke on “How to Make a Fortune In Tax Resolution”, sharing how I made over $23 Million in this market as well as my propriety system on how to run and operate a business in the IRS Problem client niche. Talking about tax resolution, a growing trend with CPAs, was such a privilege! Here's some photos of the event.  Me speaking, with my wife and business partner Roslyn, with Salim and our table at the conference.

CPA Genius Conference

CPAs who learn to add tax resolution to their practices gain so much business-wise and give so much more to their clients who need this invaluable service.

Teaching what I know live was awesome!

I met amazing people, loved participating and sharing my message! Thank you to all who attended!