Benefits of Having a Brochure

Do you have a brochure? If not, you should put it at the top of your marketing strategies “to-do” list. Why is a tax resolution brochure so important? The No. 1 benefit of a brochure is it increases your opportunity to make a sale! The goal of your brochure is to get prospects to call you.

A brochure is salesmanship in print and is a great way to communicate with potential clients. It tells them about the benefits THEY’LL receive when working with you. It’s like speaking to them in a way that they don’t feel pressured. Below, I’ve listed three more benefits to having a brochure:

1. It Positions You as an Expert

When your prospects read your brochure that spells out your expertise, highlights testimonials, and talks about how you can help them, they will view you as the expert they want on their side.

2. It Increases Your Credibility

A well-written and designed brochure pre-qualifies, pre-sells, and answers your prospect’s objections. It’s something they can take with them and read about you and your services at their convenience.

3. It Won’t Be Thrown Away

People who have IRS problems will save and keep an attractive brochure with a strong headline directed at your target audience. People who keep your brochure will call you — which is the purpose of your brochure in the first place!


You should distribute your brochures in as many ways
and in as many places you can. Include a brochure in any type of direct mail marketing campaign you do. Display your brochures in your reception area, on your desk, and anywhere else your prospects might see them in your office. Send your brochure to anyone who requests information and in any mailing that goes out from your office. Leave a brochure holder at other businesses that allow you to do it and stop in often to replenish. I used to place my brochures at car washes, truck stops, golf courses, dry cleaners — anywhere there was high foot traffic. Be creative. Post them on community bulletin boards. Also mail your brochures out to all of your referral sources. Include a cover letter introducing yourself and your services.

More Tips:

• Be sure to include 2–3 testimonials in your brochures. If you are “endorsed” by any national/local personalities or celebrities, be sure to include this also.
• A professionally done, tri-fold, glossy-paper, color brochure will generate more response than one that isn’t.
• You can get these done and printed at for just pennies. I used to print 5,000 at a time for about $0.08 per brochure. (I couldn’t wait to run out and replenish these because that meant they were being deployed in the community, which also meant my phone was going to ring with qualified prospects.)

Having a brochure is one of the easiest and most affordable marketing tools for you to implement. So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t have a brochure, be sure to create one and get them out in the world! Here’s to your success.