Biggest Fears About Doing Tax Resolution Work

Do you know the biggest fear CPAs, EAs and Attorneys have about doing tax resolution work?

You might think it’s the marketing or selling the client—but actually the biggest fear most practitioners have, especially beginners, is actually doing the work!

CPAs, EAs and Attorneys feel they need to know everything there is about the technical aspects of tax resolution before they take on clients. I have news for everyone, that’s backwards thinking.

Watch my video now for more on the biggest fear about doing tax resolution work.

Michael Rozbruch Addresses Fears About Doing Tax Resolution Work

To recap what I said in my video: 

There aren’t a lot of things you can do to mess somebody up that already has serious IRS problems. Think about this: somebody comes to you owing $100,000 to the IRS. They have four years or five years of unfiled taxes. Their wages are being levied by their employer. What in the world could you do to make matters worse? Anything you do is going to improve the taxpayer's situation. Don't be afraid of the work.

I can't believe how many CPAs get holed up in the paralysis of analysis: How am I going to fill out the 433A? What happens on line 39? How am I going to fill out the 656? What happens here? What happens there? Get the client. Do the work. You will learn by doing.

When I first started in tax resolution, I had very little knowledge, no previous IRS experience and zero clients. Most of my knowledge was self-taught by handling lots of cases. I promised clients I would do my best to research their matter and attempt to find them the best possible solution. The vast majority of these prospects retained my anyway.

Today, there are so many resources out there to learn the technical part, but it’s not going to sink in unless you're actually doing it and being in the trenches. Don't be afraid of the work. Get your marketing out there. Get your advertising out there. Get the clients in and do the work and your confidence level will soar through the roof.

Click here to watch the video now. 

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