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5 Ways to Relax Your Workspace


In my "relaxation station"

In my “relaxation station”

“You live where you work.” It’s an old adage that never seemed to make much sense, that is, until you realize that you officially spend more time in your office than you do at home. With that in mind, does your workspace reflect a feeling of homey-calmness? Or is it more like a pit of chaotic clutter that makes you want to cringe? Studies show that an unorganized or boring environment will actually stunt your productivity—so how can you Feng Shui your space?

1. Cut the Clutter
Start by clearing your desk of any old or unimportant projects. Without unnecessary distractions, you’ll be more likely to hold your focus. Take whatever’s left and sort it into trays. Labels like “to be filed” or “on hold” can help eliminate confusion (just don’t let that “to be filed” tray overflow!).

2. Embrace Ergonomics 
You spend 8 to 10 hours per day at your desk, but ensuring that it’s ergonomically friendly can seriously reduce the amount of pain and stress you endure during that time. Start with your posture—shoulders back, head high, spine straight…you know the drill. Raise or lower the arms of your chair so they’re level with your keyboard, adjust the brightness on your monitor, and hey, there’s no shame in changing the font size so you can see it better. Google “ergonomics” for more tips.

3. Soothing Sounds 
This just in! Listening to music at work can actually boost your efficiency! Flip to iTunes or Pandora and select a station that inspires you to stay productive.

4. Personalize 
A few family photos spread across your desk serve as a constant reminder that things outside of work are important too. If anything, they’ll remind you what you’re working for. Plants, flowers, and even fresh fruit will make your space seem more inviting.

5. Take a Break
But get out of the breakroom! Go for a walk, practice the ancient Chinese art of acupressure, or concentrate on some meditation moves—anything to serve as a retreat from the everyday grind.

You spend over 1/3 of your day at work, and another 1/3 sleeping. Don’t settle for a colorless cubical or uninviting office—turn your workspace into a relaxation station and live where you work!

Why It Pays to be a Member of Our Insider’s Circle

michael-rozbruchPresident Rutherford B. Hayes once said, “The expert in anything was once a beginner.” He may not have been referring to the world of tax resolution (after all, this was the late 1800s, he probably had lawn tennis or archery on his mind), but the message remains the same; all teachers began as students, all coaches required coaching, and all experts started out as beginners. Nobody is born with an innate knowledge of the world—we all have to be taught—and that’s especially true when it comes to building your practice through the use of a strategic marketing program. That’s where I come in.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been hosting one webinar per week as an exclusive bonus for my Tax and Business Solutions Academy members! We started with Tax Resolution Marketing Basics (things like “how to get the phones ringing off the hook” and “how to get new clients lined up outside your door”) and over 180 people logged on for the session! I took questions throughout the live webinar and was impressed not only by the depth of the inquiries, but also by the apparent interest in the subject. I ended the webinar feeling pretty great about the entire session and excited about the sessions to come!

The remainder of the week was pretty eye opening—people all across the country were calling in and asking how they could gain access to the exclusive webinar. We even had one caller from Paris! The members who did see it wanted to see it again, and the ones who missed out were desperate to get their hands on it for the first time. We received a plethora of kind emails complimenting us on our amazing web session and thanking us for all the worthwhile information. By the end of the first week, we already had over 200 people signed up for the second session; “How to conduct a client interview so that they can’t wait to open their wallet and hire you!”

It’s exciting to have so many participants tune in for the webinars, but it’s even more exciting to know that our members are actually appreciative of what I have to say. After all, that’s the whole reason we do what we do! And when we receive such a great response, it only makes us want to do it more often! We just wrapped up the third bonus seminar “Client control: How to keep clients happy, on track, and the systems that make it happen” on July 30th, and we just hosted our fourth and final bonus seminar “Case resolution: How to make sure the clients think you walk on water!” on August 6th. Head to our members-only website, and click on the “members’ only” button at the top right of the page and check out some of the past webinars that you may have missed (or want to see again!). They’re always available on the members-only website!

“Wait a minute,” you might be thinking, “I don’t remember signing up to become a member…” That’s because everyone who bought the “Tax Resolution Success Resource System” automatically received a FREE two-month trial membership! Members enjoy unlimited access to our members-only website, which is constantly updated with free webinars, video training, professional insights and tips, and exclusive interviews with industry celebrities. Everything you could ever need to boost your business and grow your practice can be found on the members-only website—so make sure to check back often! If you’re not a member, or you have questions about our membership program, contact

Like I said, every teacher began as a student—and that includes me. But I believe that continuous education is the key to success! (Which is yet another reason to stay up to date on the member website). This August, I’ll be attending an exclusive training event for the world’s best speakers! It’s all in preparation for January 2015—I’ll be co-hosting a huge marketing and technology tax resolution extravaganza in Orlando, Florida. Stay tuned for more details—they’re coming your way! In the meantime, enjoy the remainder of your summer, and don’t forget to catch our latest and greatest bonus webinar!


-Michael Rozbruch