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Big Announcement – Millionaire Smarts Program

Michael Rozbruch’s Tax & Business Solutions Academy is excited to announce a new addition to the Insider’s Circle Membership Coaching program! We are adding Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® Training Program for Practitioners and Entrepreneurs.

Lee Milteer is known as a leading expert in the Human Potential field and is an internationally renowned Performance and Productivity Coach and Author.  I have found the advice that she shares produces real, competitive advantages for business and life.  Lee has shared the stage with many famous personalities including Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Og Mandino, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Ted Koppel, Marlo Thomas, Mike Ditka, Les Brown, and Dr. Phil, just to mention a few.  Lee has developed training films for companies like Bell Telephone, the U.S. Navy, Dun & Bradstreet, and the U.S. Air Force and has created and hosted educational programs for PBS and other cable networks in the U.S. and Canada.

The Millionaire Smarts® Training Program for Practitioners, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses gives you the motivation to implement the marketing and technical information and techniques that I teach you. Lee’s training program will help keep you focused on what you should be doing NOW to prevent your business from running you and to take your success to the next level.

We added this program to help you reduce stress and give you the information, motivation, and inspiration to enjoy your business and life. This new training program will teach you to balance your personal and business lives and gather the tools necessary to move past fear and doubt into positive actions!

Here’s What You’ll Receive (in addition to all the other member benefits offered) Starting in October:

*   A Monthly Tele-Coaching Motivation Seminar – 1 hour in length on the First Tuesday of EVERY Month at 11am Pacific, 2:00pm Eastern.  (a Make-up call is scheduled for the Third Wednesday of each month at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern. A recording of the calls will be posted to the Members site as well.

*   Weekly e-mails reinforcing that month’s tele-coaching motivation seminar call.  This will be delivered by e-mail and/or posted to the members site.

Please go to this link on the member’s site and listen to me interview Lee Milteer! Member Login is required.

Exclusive Member Tele-Coaching Call – Open Q/A

On Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 10am Pacific Time, I will be hosting a special tele-coaching call for all Insider’s Circle Members. This call is an open question and answer format. You are welcome to call in to eavesdrop on other practitioners getting the answers they need to grow their businesses. Or, you can call in with your own questions.

I help CPAs, Attorneys and Enrolled Agents expand their businesses to new markets, create marketing plans for them or get their business started for the first time. In this upcoming tele-coaching call group format, I will be able to provide detailed answers to ensure members have everything they need to succeed. Don’t worry about asking a stupid question; this call is designed to help you get your business started or help you expand.

Even if you don’t have a question to ask, listening to other member questions is a valuable source of new strategies and tactics to use within your tax resolution practice.

Again, the call will be on Thursday, 9/23, at 10am PST.  This tele-coaching call is only for exclusive member’s of the Insider’s Circle. Members can just show up- registration is not required.

To learn more about the Insider’s Circle Group Coaching membership, click here.  If you’re already an exclusive member, you can sign into your account by clicking here.

6 Secrets to Getting Great Client Testimonials


Our Client Testimonials Webpage

When marketing your services, credibility is critical to success. However, believability is even more important. Facts about your business are good to know, but not nearly as persuasive as what clients have to say about their real-life experiences with you.

Testimonials are one of the greatest (and least expensive) ways to establish yourself as THE expert in your field. Testimonials build trust and establish believability, which is essential to attracting and closing new clients. Shawn Achor, a Harvard trained researcher and author of “Before Happiness,” states that an emotional testimonial from someone else can be more than twice as effective as you trying to inspire people by yourself.

One of the first things prospective clients see and read within our office is our testimonial books. Testimonials create desire and motivation, foster an emotional connection, and remove skepticism, doubts, concerns, and objections. They are powerful proof that we’re making a real difference in our clients’ lives! I’ve been thinking about testimonials a lot lately, and I have a few tips I’d like to share:

  1. Know when to ask for testimonials. The end of a client’s case is NOT the only time to ask for a testimonial. You should ask for one at different benchmarks throughout. For example; ask for a testimonial after you were successful in lifting that wage garnishment or bank levy. Your clients are the most grateful then! You should also ask at the completion of the tax preparation phase of the engagement—especially if you are preparing multiple years of unfiled returns that resulted in decreasing their original tax liability.
  2. What are the right questions to ask? You should frame your questions in such a way to elicit answers to use in your marketing and advertising. For example:
  • What is your overall feeling about our firm?
  • Describe a particular experience with us that made you happy.
  • Describe one or more benefits you received from us that you value the most.
  • How else did you benefit from our working together?
  • What results have you achieved since we started working together?
  • Would you recommend our services to family or friends?
  1. When following up with a client, you should have a system in place to make sure you get back the completed testimonial forms. I suggest delegating this to someone in your office who gives you a daily written update on all clients that haven’t sent back their testimonial. This should include name, phone number and email address, date of contact, what was discussed, and the date they promised to return the testimonial. Then keep following up!
  2. Pick the correct format. Depending on where you want to showcase your testimonials, you will want your testimonials to be in written form, videotaped, audiotaped, placed on social media, or done as a “case study.”
  3. Putting the finishing touches on the testimonial. Give it a headline that sums it up in 3-4 words. This headline should speak to your ideal prospective client and stand out. Make sure you send the final version to the client to approve in writing and maintain these in a permanent file. Let your client know that you’ll be using these on your website and ask if you can include his/her name, city and/or state, and job title. If appropriate, ask for a headshot as well.
  4. Ready for prime time! Now it’s time to share those testimonials. Create a dedicated testimonial page on your website. Use them on landing pages, in your firm brochures and business cards, in all your marketing and advertising, and in your consultations/evaluations as a sales tool. When speaking with a prospect, relate a testimonial story from someone you have already achieved great results for. You want to show your prospect that you “get” their struggles and have helped others overcome these same problems.

Bottom Line: One of the most powerful ways to sell yourself–whether to your team or to your clients – is to let others sell you, with their own stories, in their own words.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone!

michael-rozbruch-comfort-zoneMy wife, Roslyn and I make it a point to spend at least one week each summer relaxing on a beach somewhere and recharging our batteries. However, this year we decided on a change of scenery. Rather than taking off for the nearest beach town, we went inland and spent a few days in Park City, Utah. It was a bit of an adventure at first—we had never been there before, so we put our full faith into our GPS system to get us there safely. We were never quite sure if we were going in the right direction (other than “east”) and we weren’t even positive we were going to have a good time once we got there.

It was definitely a little outside our comfort zone, but so worth it once we arrived! That is, after we got over the altitude sickness; an unpleasant side effect of living at sea level and vacationing in the mountains. It took almost the entire week to get over it, and by then it was time to go home! But we persevered and enjoyed the trip nonetheless. The highlight of the stay was taking the ski lift to the very top of the mountain. Roslyn was a little nervous (she was clinging to the side of the chair the entire time) but even she could agree that the view from the top was worth the ride.

We couldn’t believe how steep the mountain was, and it seemed even more unbelievable that people actually ski down those steep, steep slopes in the winter! Due to the lack of snow, the hillsides were filled with mountain bikers rather than skiers—but even they were whizzing by at unbelievable speeds. Roslyn halfway joked, “I guess we could always walk down if we don’t want to brave the lift!” but the fear of being run over by an errant biker was even greater than our fear of falling. Fortunately, we weren’t forced to hoof it, and Roslyn even enjoyed the ride back down—she just couldn’t get over the fact that we were sailing high above the trees with virtually nothing to hold us in place!

It was definitely a new experience for the both of us, and while we had a few bumps along the way, neither one regretted ditching the beach and taking to the mountains instead. We both underwent the entire spectrum of emotions when it comes to trying something new; nervousness, anxiety, apprehension . . . not knowing if we would come to regret it, but by the time we arrived back home, we had both come to the same conclusion; change is a good thing!

The same can be said for you and your marketing tactics. Sure, it can be a little scary at first, and you might not know exactly what you’re doing. You might be nervous that a new marketing tactic isn’t going to work, or worried that you won’t like the end result. It might take you some time to adjust to your new surroundings, but if we’ve learned anything from our trip to the mountains (aside from “altitude sickness is real”), it’s that getting outside your comfort zone, and doing something different, can have amazing results! Even if it takes some adjusting.

With fall quickly approaching, and the winter season in it’s wake, now is the time to ramp up your marketing, try something new, or ensure there aren’t any missing cogs in your marketing machine. As the slow season rolls around, these new marketing techniques could mean the difference between a dip in your revenue or smooth sailing until spring!

The past few months have been filled with webinars, interviews, and video training. We hope you’ve gotten as much out of it as we did. Check out our members-only website for more information. That being said, there’s a lot more coming your way—are you ready to make the change?

Special Webinar-Maximizing Your Brochure Marketing

On Wednesday, Sept. 17th at 12pm Pacific Time, I will be conducting a Brochure Marketing Makeover Training Webinar with special guest, Larry Lawler, CPA, EA and Executive Director of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS).

This training webinar is designed to help you to maximize your brochure’s effectiveness to generate more business for you! In the webinar, we will teach the following:

  • The 9+ “must haves” which drastically increase the effectiveness of every brochure;
  • Which 5+ Lethal Brochure Mistakes can keep the phone from ringing;
  • How to apply these same tips and strategies to your business cards and other marketing pieces.

This webinar is packed full of helpful information and is exclusive to my Insider’s Circle Coaching Members

If you are not already an Insider’s Circle Member to Get in the Business of Growing Your Business, click on the link to learn more:


Special Webinar for Non-Enrolled Agents

Very important webinar coming up for all non-EA’s:

On Monday, September 8th at 12pm Pacific Time, Eva Rosenberg and I are conducting a special webinar to teach non-EA’s how to get the most value from the materials in the Tax Domination System & Toolkit.

The webinar will also feature Eva’s marketing tips and ideas. You will learn to make money in the tax resolution niche – as well as several other niches – before you get your EA, CPA, or Bar card!

This webinar is packed full of value so make sure you don’t miss it!

Note: This webinar is exclusively for my Insider’s Circle Group Coaching Members.

If you are not already an Insider’s Circle Member, click on the following link to learn how membership can benefit you. Learn more here.