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Tax Resolution PALOOZA in 48 hours!

In less than 48 hours — at 2:00pm Eastern, 11:00am Pacific on Thursday, October 30 — I’m presenting my never-before-seen FREE “Tax Resolution – Palooza” webinar. And you’re on the guest list!

>> I’m going to show you how to reap windfall profits from IRS tax resolution work — between $180,000 to $600,000 every year … from just 3-10 new clients a month … who gladly pay you $5,000 each….that’s $15,000 to $50,000 a month in additional revenue…

But, don’t just take my word for it, here’s what AJ has to say…….

“Since working with you, I’ve not only changed my mindset, but I have changed the way I run my business. Your system and products work. If you are seriously interested in changing your business and are ready to do the work and utilize these tools, then you will see the benefit.”

-AJ Gross, CPA, EA of ALG Tax Solutions

I will show you:

>> How to tap into the ready-made market of 12 million Americans who are in trouble with the IRS …

>> How to become the ONLY local choice for this service in your area (it’s like being the only gunsmith in Dodge City 🙂

>> Double or triple your hourly rates by revealing this pricing model..

>> Get PAID IN FULL from every client…..BEFORE their case settles….

>> ethically “steal” the marketing plan that took me to $23 million in sales (complying with regulatory and Circular 230 advertising restrictions) …

Do NOT miss this FREE live event! It happens only once!

Register for this Webinar now so I know You are going to attend.  (If you’ve already registered you do not need to register again)

During the LIVE webcast you’ll learn:

How to fill up your appointment book with prospects who predetermined to do business with you! and overcome the #1 obstacle  you face. And so much more….

Don’t miss this LIVE event!   Mark your calendars now!

Register here:

See you there!


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On Thursday, October 30th, starting at 11 AM (PST), 2PM (EST) get your work done early, or sneak online. Why?

Because despite everything that’s going on in our industry, I’ve perfected a tax resolution success resource system that offers a way up and out of the limitations in your current practice…

I’m hosting a free 2-hour LIVE Tax Resolution Workshop where I am going to reveal cutting edge information that will take you to the next level, even if you’ve been at this for a while and you’re stuck, or feel like you don’t know where to start, or you’re brand new.

This is for CPAs, Lawyers and EAs who are frustrated…Frustrated that you’re not further along in your career…Frustrated because you’re struggling financially…Frustrated that the marketing strategies that use to work no longer do in this “new” economy…Frustrated because you find yourself in a commoditized business competing on price…You graduated from a top school with high grades, passed your licensing exam on the first try, you’re  considered very intelligent by your peers and one of the brightest in your profession….yet, that isn’t enough today to guarantee financial success…you must have PROVEN marketing systems that work NOW, not later, not tomorrow, NOW!

I’m going to show you how to build a $500,000 tax resolution practice within 12 months FILLING it with 3-10 NEW clients adding $15,000, $25,000 even $50,000, and more being deposited in your bank account every month!! 

  • I’ll teach you how to tap into a ready-made market of 12 million prospects across America who are desperate for your help…
  • I’ll reveal the exact strategies that I used to generate over $20 million in sales (while complying with regulatory and circular 230 restrictions on advertising)…
  • I’ll show you how I close 80%-90% of  qualified prospects
  • I’ll teach you how to increase your hourly billing rates by more than 100% while getting paid in full before the case settles!
  • I’ll teach you the one marketing trick that doubled my income literally overnight, with little to zero out-of-pocket costs (you can ethically “steal” this for your own practice)…
  • I’ll show you how to successfully represent IRS Problem Clients with confidence!

This is a must-attend event!

Again, this is free 2-hour LIVE Tax Resolution Workshop held on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 11am PST. Register for this webcast now:

Open Tele-Coaching Call for Members on October 28th!

To help practitioners grow their practices, avoid obstacles and get questions answered, I am hosting a special tele-coaching call for all Tax Resolution Success Insider’s Circle members on October 28th at 10am PST. This call is an open question and answer format. In this format I am able to provide detailed answers to ensure members have everything they need to succeed.

Again, the tele-coaching call will be on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014, at 10am Pacific Standard Time. This event is exclusive for members of the Insider Circle.  Members can just show up. No registration is required.

Members can sign in here to get access. To learn more about the Insider’s Circle Group Coaching membership, click here.

How to Structure Your Tax Resolution Fees – Learn how on October 21st!

On Tuesday, October 21st at 12 noon PST, I will be hosting a webinar on how to structure your fees and what to charge your tax resolution clients. There will be important information on how to maximize your fee income so that you are never trading hours for dollars again!

On this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What and How to charge for an Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreement and Penalty Abatement
  • How To Get Retained by More Clients Using This Simple Secret!
  • How to Structure the Engagement Letter
  • The 2+ biggest fatal flaws of billing by the hour for Tax Resolution work
  • How To Get Your Clients to pay you before their case settles!
  • How to ELIMINATE chasing Receivables!
  • And more

Again, the webinar will be on Tuesday, 10/21 at 12pm PST.  This webinar is only for exclusive members of the Insider’s Circle.

To learn more about the Insider’s Circle Group Coaching membership, click here.  If you’re already an exclusive member, you can sign into your account by clicking here.

Do You Have the Money You Need to Retire?

Powerful quotes

I came across a Forbes blog post called, “Do you have enough money to retire?” that reminded me of a common conversation I have with CPA, EAs, and attorneys. I can’t tell you how many professionals I know through my tax resolution business networks, one-on-one coaching work and in my Insider’s Circle Group Coaching Membership program who worry about not having enough money to retire.

While articles like this Forbes one spell out what you need to calculate (savings, pensions, etc.) most web articles about retirement savings don’t address the reality that a lot of folks reading them are not 25 and do not have years to save.  The fact of the matter is that most people in my industry are at an age where time is ticking. Loudly.

You can play with online retirement calculators until you are blue in the face, but if you want money to retire and time is not on your side then you HAVE TO start thinking about your business in a new way. This means looking at new revenue channels and ways to make more money.

The only way to get yourself in the driver’s seat to have money to retire is to
shift the way you do business. 

Having money to retire is not a problem if you are ready to become a solutionist. Instead of worrying about retirement, you need to move into action and 1) change your mindset (you cannot have change unless you are willing to change) and 2) formulate new business models and revenue streams.

You have the power to shape your future[Click Here To Tweet This Quote]

Power begins by being empowered.  You get empowered with education.  Check out some of the options I created based on my own personal experience to help re-train your brain so you can start stashing more cash:

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Stand Out In Your Market – Learn how on October 7th!

A new tele-seminar for members of my academy will be held on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 11am Pacific Time. The event will feature a training conference call with Lee Milteer, the founder of the Millionaire Smarts ™ Coaching Program.

The event titled, “Step into the Spotlight”, will feature Lee Milteer interviewing a former litigation lawyer who left law for the limelight to coach entrepreneurs so they get known as experts & stars!

This tele-seminar class will teach you how to:

  • Get More Free PR
  • Stand Out in your Marketplace
  • Make Your Brand Different & Exciting
  • Position Yourself to be seen in a Crowded Field
  • Take away some very powerful tips on how to improve your business profits by getting noticed!

This valuable event is exclusive to members of my Insider’s Circle Group Coaching Program. To learn more about the Insider’s Circle Group Coaching membership, click here. If you’re already an exclusive member, you can sign into your account by clicking here.