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Tax Resolution Marketing Tip: Answer FAQs for More Leads


Today’s tax resolution advice is short and sweet: to get more informational content out to help pull in more leads, simply answer common FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).

The questions that you might take for granted are EXACTLY the things that your leads are searching for. Ask your front desk to start writing down common questions that they get on phone calls then turn those Q’s into A’s on your website and/or blog posts. You could even add a FAQ’s page to your brochure.

Today’s marketing is not just about “push marketing” (as in ads and direct mail) it is also about “pull marketing”.  People search for information online and on their phones.  If you want your website to come up in searches to pull folks into your lead funnel, then you need to be answering FAQs!

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How to build a $600,000+ tax resolution practice in 12 months

Attention CPAs, attorneys and EAs!!!!

Are you feeling the pain of tax season? Tired of being stuck to your desk? How would you like to NOT have to be a slave to your desk in 2016?

If you want to take your business to a new level and add tax resolution services to your practice then it’s time to watch my FREE video training videos on and learn how to build a $600,000+ tax resolution practice in 12 months!

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Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.23.08 PMIn MY FREE Video Series, I cover:

  • How to tap into a lucrative market of 12 million prospects who are desperate for your help…
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  • How to double or even triple your hourly billing rates (getting paid in full from clients BEFORE their case settles).
  • How much to charge and how to collect from tax problem resolution clients;
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Tax Resolution Triangle To Profits


Anyone who wants to have a successful tax resolution business has to understand that there are three legs that all need to be strong to keep your company standing.

1) Sales
2) Operations
3) Marketing

SALES- The main reason businesses fail is lack of cash flow.  You have to make money to keep your tax resolution business afloat.  Be clear on your revenue streams and focus on your ideal client. Many of my coaching clients through my Tax and Business Solutions Academy have a case minimum. Some require $15,000 or more owed to the IRS to qualify as a lead.  Some have lower entry levels because they also have accounting services that are often sold after a tax resolution case is solved. Find a business model that works for you and remember, don’t settle for crumbs if you can have the whole loaf!

OPERATIONS- You have to reap what you sow. Handling tax resolution cases is an art and a science. You need to systematize your operations, everything from answering your phone, booking appointments, handling the case and following up with the referrals. Believe me, I know. I ran one the most successful tax resolution businesses in the nation and processes were paramount to our success.

MARKETING– The true meaning of marketing means maximizing relationships. You are in the marketing business! No relationships, no business. Learn how to maximize your marketing online and offline (TV, radio). There are nearly 12 million taxpayers, right now, who are in hot water with the IRS that are in desperate need of your help. Other solo, small firm practitioners and large national players are thriving doing IRS Representation work, WHY NOT YOU?. Usually the why is lack of marketing savvy. My Tax Domination System & Toolkit contains marketing Mastery Strategies that work. Spare yourself the waste of time and expense of doing it wrong when you can start doing it right!

To run a successful tax resolution business, you need to have strong sales, operations and marketing.  All legs must be strong to keep your company standing.

Sales + Operations + Marketing = A healthy, whole tax resolution practice.  

If you need help with any or all three of these areas, then my products and services will help you.

Get in the Business of Growing Your Business™!



Want More Tax Resolution Leads?


If you are looking to create more tax resolution leads, get more business and get more people to hire you, then you need to get in the information business.

I discovered years ago when I ran my tax resolution business that instead of PUSHING for new clients (which = a BIG ad budget) I could offset my marketing costs by PULLING in clients with knowledge.

Sharing your information and educational content that is geared to prospects that have IRS problems casts a much wider net AND allows you to attract many more leads than aggressively marketing for cases/clients.

The name of the marketing game is to try to create as many doors as possible for clients to come through. Information content helps them get to know you, like you and trust you first.

Put information and educational content in brochures, newsletters, on your blog, in press releases and on your website. How? Simply answer questions that are going on in your target prospect’s mind.

Think like your customer – someone who has IRS tax problems:
-How do they feel?
-What do they want to know?
-What do they need to know that they don’t know they don’t know?

Do a brochure that’s 100% devoted to tax resolution, mail out a monthly newsletter to all contacts that is also devoted to tax resolution. Answer questions that someone with an IRS problem would want answers to like:

-Can I do this myself?
-Can I get the money back that the IRS just took out of my bank account?
-How do I remove the garnishment form my paycheck?
-How do I get that nasty tax lien off my property?

Information marketing equals a lot more prospects. Don’t follow the herd.

Think and do things differently than everybody else!

Tax Resolution Marketing Toolbox


When I teach tax resolution marketing to my Inner Circle Group Coaching Members and folks who buy my done-for-you tax resolution business coaching products, I talk about the need to have a marketing toolbox.

Your marketing toolbox MUST INCLUDE brochures and newsletters that are devoted to tax resolution education and information.

Lorrie Thomas Ross (one of my academy instructors) spoke at the Orlando conference last January and shared a concept to help tax resolution practioners understand the right way to think about and approach marketing: think markEDing® (marketing + education).

Your target audience is craving help – from the moment they search for you and throughout the time from free consultation and during the entire tax resolution process, you need to be educating them.

It is your job to help your audience understand that they are making the right decision in hiring you.

Is your marketing toolbox ready?  My Tax Domination System & Toolkit is a “business-in-a box” system that gives you marketing and sales strategies to help you grow and thrive and the best part………

Most Of The Work Is Done For You! The Tax Domination System & Toolkit Package Set (that includes volumes One & Two) has nearly 1,000 pages including marketing templates for direct mail, brochures, media kits and press releases! Click here to learn more.

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Get High Ranking On Google Without Spending Money


Did you know that you can get a higher ranking on Google without spending money?

You can, if you are willing to spend the TIME to do so.

#1 Place to start: Get on Google Business.

Google Business allows you to get on Google for free. Setting up an account connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.  Ever wonder how other firms have those map listings when you search and you don’t?  Well, it’s all through Google Business.

#2 – Make sure your site is search optimized.  

The words you use on your site and in code and even in links can help the search engines (Google gets almost 70% of searches) index and pull your site up. If your tax resolution firm is in Iowa and you don’t use the words tax + resolution + Iowa on your site, then how the heck is Google going to understand that you are a tax resolution firm in Iowa? Simple steps like that peppered into site copy and in code can make a big difference. There are experts who can expedite this for you or you can self-study on your own. There are great books out there to learn from.

#3 – Create Content!

Search engines have web robots called spiders that read all the content on your site. Spiders need food – you have to be producing new web pages to keep feeding them. Blogging is a great way to create new content (without relying on a webmaster or a marketing agency). Blog posts are registered in search engines as unique pages.  It’s fantastic for search engine optimization if the content has the right context. Be sure to use the right phrases in your posts that you want to be searched and found on.