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How Customer Complaints Can Strengthen Your Business

Of all the calls and emails your tax resolution office handles, the most challenging, and potentially the most rewarding, is the client with a complaint.

customer-complaints-tax-resolutionBelieve it or not, customer complaints can strengthen your business. Whether the object of complaint is truly your (or your staff’s) fault or not, remember that people who call or email to complain care enough to reach out to you with their concerns. Studies show that only four percent of customers will contact the company if they are having a serious problem — the other 96 percent eventually just stop doing business — and on average tell nine or ten other people about their negative experience. This is a crucial moment in the reputation and retention of your business.

The good news is that, when handled properly, formerly disgruntled clients actually tell an average of six or seven people about their positive experience with the company. That means they’re marketing for you. All because they felt that the company was able to listen and resolve a problem.

Further research shows that a resolved problem actually creates a more profitable customer relationship than that of a non-complaining customer. Cook & Dow (1997) found that a respectable 89 percent of people who interacted with a company and had no issues would do business with them in the future. That number jumped to 94 percent for people who had an issue satisfactorily resolved. This reveals that a mended relationship creates a more loyal client.

Keep these benefits in mind next time you receive a complaint. Rather than dreading the angry call or email, train your tax resolution staff to view them as opportunities to defuse and neutralize negatives and build stronger relationships with customers.

Get in the Business of Growing Your Business™!

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CPAs and EAs – Adding IRS Representation Work To Your Practice PAYS

I talk day in and day out with CPAs, EAs and attorneys who have successful practices, but are considering adding IRS Representation work…


CPAs and EAs need to consider tax resolution as part of their practices

Besides the value of adding another niche service to your practice to have more services to offer to your current clients, IRS Representation (aka tax resolution) will bring you referrals from other people and other professionals you’ve never met before.

If you are a CPA or EA interested in building a $600,000+ Tax Resolution Practice, my academy helps CPAs, Attorneys and Enrolled Agents build highly profitable practices through PROVEN marketing systems and strategies.

Our academy is an “A to Z” solution for those who want to expand what they are already doing, want to add a lucrative revenue stream to an existing practice or want to start an IRS Problem Client niche practice from scratch.

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Does Your Marketing Messaging Attract Ideal Clients?

Have your marketing message do the heavy lifting to attract who you want as a client copy

Are you finding yourself wasting time talking with leads who are not ideal for you?  If so, then it’s time to do a healthy marketing analysis.

Ask yourself if your marketing messaging is doing the heavy lifting to attract who you want as a client.

Things like:

  • Poorly designed websites
  • Confusing messaging
  • Inconsistent branding on web, print, social media
  • Lack of qualifiers (not showing a minimum owed to the IRS or being clear of the geographic location you serve)

Lack of credibility shown on your about page, brochure or with online PR can all bring in the wrong type of client. You don’t want to waste time talking to everybody. You only want to talk to people you want to talk to. Take time to optimize your tax resolution marketing!

Think of your marketing messaging like having a trusty sidekick – you are the superhero doing great tax resolution work, but your marketing needs to have superhero powers to back you up!

Here’s to making your marketing meaningful so it matters and it PAYS!


Structured IRS Payment Plans Webinar June 24th 12pm PST!

Attention Insider’s Circle Group Coaching Members!

Be sure to mark your calendars for tomorrow’s IRS Payment Plans Webinar tomorrow, June 24th at 12pmPST/3pm EST!

TOPIC: The “Nuts & Bolts” on How to Get Your Installment Agreements Approved for the Lowest Amount Allowed by Law!

Join me for this informative training webinar as we’ll show you how to prepare, submit and negotiate properly structured IRS payment plans for your Tax Resolution Clients. This is a “live” 90-minute training workshop webinar on Wednesday, June 24th at 12:00 pm PST available exclusively to Insider’s Circle Group Coaching Members.

65%-70% of all your tax problem resolution cases will result in negotiating Installment Agreements for your clients. It’s crucial that you know the “ins & outs” on how to set these up and save your clients money!

You’ll learn:
* How to fill out a 433-A with line-by-line instructions;
* How to determine if your client is better served with an installment agreement vs. an Offer in Compromise;
* What the 4 different types of installment agreements are and how to determine which ones are the best option for your clients;
* Case Studies – Tips and Strategies!
*And much, much more…

My Insider’s Circle Group Coaching Members get access to all these benefits (see graphic chart below) including training webinars in case resolution like these and topics like marketing, client management and sales where I give you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to grow your practice and be more effective.

Members – see you on tomorrow’s webinar!  If you are not a member yet and are interested in joining, visit – below is a list of all you get in your monthly membership!

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Summer Vacation is a Must for Tax Professionals

michael-rozbruch-vacation-tax-professionalSummer is here!  Have you planned your summer vacation yet?

I expect a lot of tax professionals reading this might not have a summer vacation planned. You might think that you don’t have time to go away because you’re too busy or don’t have the money.

It’s not just me and my team at my Tax and Business Solutions Academy™ who believe in the power of a summer vacation (or a vacation any time of the year).  The power of vacation is a proven medical fact – your brain needs a break. So instead of me regurgitating boring medical facts on why you need time off, I’m going to share a few tips on how to make that vacation happen – summer or any time of the year.

Summer Vacation is a Must for Tax Professionals!
Tips to Make it Happen!

TIP #1: Schedule your time off just like you would book an appointment with a client. Open your calendar and mark down the days you’ll be out of the office. The only way you are going to find the time is to plan for it. Some of you might be good at scheduling some R&R for yourselves, but I know more people who aren’t – starting with me!  Luckily, Roslyn calendars vacation time off for me – she holds me accountable.

TIP #2: Money an issue? Set a budget of what you want to spend. Your vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. When our daughters were younger and money was tight, Roslyn was always awesome about finding great vacation deals. We used to go to Palm Springs in the summer — not a vacation for everyone — but not only were the rooms half-off in the fancy resorts, but the kids got to eat for free. Nowadays there are so many travel sites with great deals. Our daughter, who is in grad school and is on a very tight budget, books her trips through

TIP #3: Set money aside for your trip. Roslyn always “earmarks” money in our budget for vacations. She has a system for doing that — too long to describe in this column — but you could do something as simple as open a separate checking account to deposit money in for your vacation. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a little bit set aside regularly adds up. One friend of our had a yard sale and used that money toward a trip to Europe.

TIP #4: Once your budget is finalized, decide what you are going to do on your vacation. Don’t wing it. If you wait until the last minute, your hotel, flight, or even campsite might already be booked. Many times you can get better prices for what you want to do by booking ahead of time. Besides, once you make plans, you will have something to look forward to.

You deserve a break – unplug to recharge.  It’s amazing what a little time off can do to help make big strides in your business.


Never Put an Age Limit on Pursuing a Tax Resolution Career

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.08.36 PMToday’s guest post is from my wife (30 years of marriage this month!) and business partner Roslyn Rozbruch. She talks about an inspiring client testimonial and the power of not looking at age as a reason to stop you from pursuing your career goals!

Tax Resolution Success Story and Why Age Should NEVER Stop You from Pursuing a Tax Resolution Career!
Our team received an email from Ida Tuttle, who purchased the Tax Resolution Success Resource System. It was too good to keep to ourselves!

Ida wrote: “I am a 72-year-young woman who just started her own business in 2014. I am not looking to get rich, but I am looking to help others with their tax problems.”

We love hearing tax resolution business success stories from our clients. In addition to her kind words, we found her email so inspiring and awesome. Ida’s age hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams – she is so clear on what success means to her and nothing is getting in her way.

Over the years (or I should say decades) I have had several careers. Before I worked with Michael, I was a hairstylist, a legal assistant, a journalist, and an assistant editor at the city magazine. The point of all of this is that over the years, I, like Ida Tuttle, have never put an age limit on pursuing a career.

So many times I have heard someone tell me something they want to do but can’t, because, “That’s a job only someone younger would get”, or my favorite complaint, “The competition in that field is too tough. There are only two openings in that position and a hundred people are applying for it.” My thought is, if there are only two spots open, one is for me! That kind of thinking has always worked to my advantage. Oh, sure, I’m aware of the obstacles in front of me, but I try to put them on the back burner.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.04.13 PM
When I pursue a goal, I’m aware of the difficulty, but I don’t let that roadblock me. I put in the hard work and I follow the flow of my life and where my journey takes me. Reading Ida Tuttle’s email, it was nice to see I’m not the only person who thinks this way. Everyone has a different idea of what success is to them, and in Michael’s Academy his intention is to help you reach your goals — whatever they are.

So, my thought for you to ponder is this: What is it in your life you would like to do? It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal or business goal; whatever it is, don’t be the first person to stop you from following your dreams, There’s no age limit, or time limit, for achieving your goals and living a successful life.

Thank you Roslyn for your amazing food for thought for our tax resolution business leaders! If you are not part of my Tax and Business Solutions Academy, be sure to visit to learn more about how we help CPAs, EAs, Attorneys and other professionals looking to build a booming tax resolution practice Get in the Business of Growing Your Business™!