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Let’s Talk Tax Resolution Business Success!

tax resolution success

While Sinatra says The Best Revenge Is Massive Success, I say that

The best revenge is massive tax resolution success!

Why struggle with a tax or accounting practice that has an off-season when you can build a thriving tax resolution practice that makes money all year round?

There is no off-season in the tax resolution industry. Contact my team or I to see how we can help you build a $600,000+ Tax Resolution Practice in 12 Months!

What Would Your Life Look Like With $15k More A Month?

CPAs and EAs: What would your life look like with an extra $15,000 a month from just three new tax resolution clients in the off-season?extra $15,000 a month from just three new tax resolution clients in the off-season

Think about it…

Would you be less stressed?  Have money to put into savings?  Pay off debt?  Hire help so you can work less?

No matter what your reason, know that there is no season for tax resolution which means that you can be making money all year round helping people resolve their IRS tax problems. Read more about why you should consider doing IRS representation work.

My academy helps CPAs, EAs and other professionals looking to make a career in tax resolution get the knowledge they need to succeed.  Learn more at

I’ve created a ready-made system that will get you 3 new clients a month that will gladly pay you $5,000 in advance (3 x $5k = $15k/month) to help clients through the tax resolution process. As you think about that extra $15,000 a month, look at it from an even larger perspective, this is an additional $180,000 in income/year…and that is on the low end.  Watch my video for more information on how to build more predictable cash flows.

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Making the Business Segue to Offering Tax Resolution Services

So many CPAs, EAs and attorneys struggle to make enough money.  Money for retirement, for college tuition, even for simple things like taking a vacation. The professional step that can take your tax practice business blahs to high-income earning ahhhhs is simple – make the segue to offering tax resolution services.

tax resolution business segue

With my family on segways in CA this year…so glad I made the segue into tax resolution! I can’t wait to help you make yours!

Segue defined: to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption.

The average CPA or EA has to do 250 tax returns to make $75k/year. 15 tax resolution clients can = earnings of $75k/year. Do you want to work more and make less or work less and make more?

Millions of people need tax resolution help but only a handful of Attorneys, EAs and CPAs are offering this premium service. 

The transition into adding tax resolution services to your business can be smooth if you learn from someone who has already done it successfully. I helped pioneer the tax resolution industry, building one of the most reputable tax resolution firms in the country registering $23 million in sales, 4,000 clients and 125 employees. My tax resolution company made INC’s. 500/5000 list in 2010 and 2011, and earned me multiple awards and media interviews including Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine, to name a few.

Today I help CPA’s, attorneys, Enrolled Agents and other professionals who want to build highly profitable tax resolution practices do so through my Tax and Business Solutions Academy.

I train and coach others in building highly profitable tax resolution practices through PROVEN marketing systems and strategies. In addition, I teach how to grow your business and become financially free through education on the sales process, best practices as well as operations management.

Segway defined: a fun transportation device you can rent and ride to celebrate a better business after you learn from me and my academy!

I’d love to help you – feel free to learn more about my academy at



More Money with Less Clients?

On average, a CPA or Enrolled Agent (EA) has to do 250 tax returns to earn $75,000/year. 15 tax resolution clients can generate $75,000/year.

285 clients or 15 clients to make the same income…. which would you rather have?CPA-EA-learn-tax-resolution

$75k/year is on the low end of what you can earn by running a successful tax resolution practice.  If you are a CPA, EA or attorney ready to learn how to run a six-figure practice by adding tax resolution services to skillset, go to to see our products, learn about our membership program and to see how we can help.

Upcoming Membership Training Webinar on Website and Email Marketing

Insider’s Group Coaching Members! Join me on Friday, July 24th at 2pm Eastern /11am Pacific and learn from this month’s special guest, Nate Hagerty as he reveals many of his marketing strategies specific to the Tax Resolution niche. Nate is an acknowledged expert using website and email marketing to grow any tax resolution firm.

If you don’t have an online presence today you are operating with a huge handicap.  In this “live” 90-minute training workshop webinar, learn the difference between just having a digital version of your brochure vs. having an on-line lead generation machine that runs on auto-pilot!

Members will learn:
• Discover the 3 Biggest Changes to Online Marketing and How to Cash in on Them;
• Learn How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Capture Machine!
• Why You Should Invest in Mobile Marketing;
• Learn How to Nurture Your Online Prospects;
• Learn how to Attract Traffic to Your Site and Convert it into Sales!

If you are not an Insider’s Group Coaching Member yet, visit to see all the benefits.


Tips To Boost Your Tax Resolution Company’s Brand

It’s no secret that good branding is key to generating more sales, but what does it take to fall under the category of a “great brand” – especially in the tax resolution industry? Well, for one, consistency. If you want to be recognized by your brand, you need to establish expectations. The only surefire way to do that is to deliver consistently.

Here are some simple tips to boost your tax resolution company’s brand:

  • Be Consistent. Your tax resolution brand can only survive if you remain authentic, true to your purpose. In fact, your product becomes a brand only after you and your customers begin to build a mutual relationship of trust. Break that trust and you could suffer some major consequences.
  • Be Relatable. When you evoke an emotional response and connect with your customers, they’ll be more likely to put their trust in you and your tax resolution brand. Share their problems, show your empathy, and reflect those common values.
  • Find Your Niche. It’s impossible to please everyone at once and it’s impossible to connect with a huge demographic. Focus on winning over one small demographic at a time — build products and services that suit unique groups in an effort to unite them as one single brand.

And above all, be extraordinary! People don’t become known in the tax resolution industry for being ordinary — and your brand won’t, either. Do something unconventional, step outside the box, and blow people’s minds! Just remember to remain authentic and consistent. If you wow them once, you’re going to have to continue wowing them time and time again. But when your sales reach that supercharged status, it’ll all be worth it.

Happy Branding!