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Get clear on your tax resolution target market!

It is critical to your sales success to know your tax resolution target market and clarify that in your marketing messaging. Are you putting qualifiers or conditions in your marketing? If not, you are going to waste time, energy and money attracting looky-loos, unqualified prospects, or worse, bad clients. Watch my video Your Target Market is Smaller Than You Think to learn more.

If you aren’t putting a IRS owed amount (Example: $10k, $20k, etc.) on your website, lead forms, in ads and messaging, you will attract people who owe under that amount.

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Platinum Mastermind Group Member Testimonial

I hosted a meeting for my Platinum Mastermind Group in Los Angeles a few months back.

Greg Nunn, CPA is a Washington tax resolution expert who shared his tax resolution training experience:

I met Michael just a few years ago. As a result he earned a lot of respect from me just because of what he was able to do with his own tax resolution practice. My practice is tax prep and also tax resolution. Been doing solid resolution work for 6 months now. From Michael’s teaching – I was told to always learn from the best and I think Michael is the best in tax resolution. As a result of direct mail campaigns that I’ve done I’ve generated $35,000 in revenue just in the last couple months. What he provides does work. I recommend that you check him out.” – Greg Nunn, CPA (Washington)

It is always so inspiring to hear from my members. I invite you to visit my Success Stories page on my website to read more stories.

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Guerrilla Tax Resolution Marketing

gorilla-marketingGuerrilla marketing (not to be confused with gorilla marketing — which is prominent in “Planet of the Apes”) is an excellent way to garner more attention without busting your budget.

It can set you apart from your competition while simultaneously earning you a fun and forward-facing reputation. However, it’s not for everyone.

Guerrilla marketing requires you and your company to think outside the box and do something unexpected (and perhaps a little unconventional) — and it only works if you’re willing to take a risk.

Guerrilla campaigns, by definition, are intended to cause a stir, to ruffle some feathers, and to push people outside of their comfort zones. A good guerrilla tactic is “so crazy, it just might work!” Are you ready to take the risk?

Here are a few tips to help you pull off guerrilla marketing for your tax resolution practice:

#1 – First of all, discover your core message and whittle it down to something that can be portrayed in five seconds or less.

#2 – Set clear objectives that keep your core message and your customers in mind. When you’re done with that, think backward. 

#3 – Imagine the response you want to get from this campaign — what will the headline read? What will the tweets say?

#4 – Think outside the box, find something that hasn’t been done before, and make it happen.

Keep in mind that your guerrilla marketing scheme needs to be bigger and better than a simple street stunt. It needs to be memorable and emotional, and it needs to make an impact.

When I was voicing all of my own radio ads, I would literally scream, at the top of my lungs, “BE A MAN!” at the intro of the spot and again at the end. Trust me, it was memorable. If you were living in Southern California, you knew me and the name of my former company, Tax Resolution Services, Co. just by this tagline alone.

Now, I’m not saying you need to go out and start yelling in your radio spots, but you do need to be different to be memorable for something that is unique only to you — just make sure it’s legal.


Tax Resolution Marketing Motivation

tax resolution marketing motivation
“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do
because they want to do it”
– Dwight D. Eisenhower

If you ever feel like you need tax resolution marketing motivation, this quote about motivation is a great kickstart to get your mindset in the right place.

You want people to want to work with you. You want people to call you or email you to set up a tax resolution consultation. You want people to choose your firm over the other firms out there.

But they have to want to. How do you motivate people to take action?

It all begins with your marketing.

Your website, ads, direct mail, the voice on the phone, the way you manage appointments, the way you educate people about your process, the things that come up when your name and/or company are searched, even your email messages all need to be strategically set up to motivate your ideal client to be attracted to you.

The saying “the way to be interesting is to be interested” is true, but it also goes the other way as you work on your tax resolution marketingIf you want people to be interested (motivated) in working with you, you have to be INTERESTING.

How well does the about page of your website tell (and sell) your story? Is it clear to people who you are, what you do and whom you serve? Can you explain why you are the firm to work with? Do you do a monthly newsletter to stay on top of people’s minds?

If you need tax resolution marketing support, my team and I would love to talk to you about the various products and programs we offer.


The Value of Learning for Your Tax Resolution Business

This month’s guest post is from my business partner (and partner in life…my wife!) Roslyn Rozbruch. Her great advice is on learning, and the value of the process. Thank you Roslyn!

tax-resolution-learningI love learning new things, but I don’t care much for the process. In other words, I like the knowledge and experience I have at the end of something new I take on, not the beginning of it. That’s because at the beginning of anything new, whether it’s within my business or my personal life, my initial feeling is one of discomfort. It’s uncomfortable to learn new things. Not only that, it’s messy — I’m not sure what I’m doing, I make mistakes, I do something wrong … But once I go through doing that new thing, I am freed of that uneasiness.

For example, when Michael and I first started Roz Strategies, I decided to take on the bookkeeping part of it. We have an experienced bookkeeper, but I wanted to do most of the footwork. The first few months, it took me two days to close the books. I was clueless to what I was doing. It was beyond uncomfortable — it was painful figuring out where these numbers went. Lucky for me, our bookkeeper, Barbara, is one of my closest friends, and a patient teacher. It would have been so easy for her to push me out of my chair and just do it herself, but she sat next to me and taught me how to use Quickbooks. Then one day — about the third month in — I had an Eliza Doolittle moment and by George, I just did it!

Understanding what I was doing was the best feeling in the world, and it was also empowering. Now, I kid you not, we close the books in two hours and then go out to dinner. A year-plus into our new business, I feel great about doing projects I have experience in, and I still feel uncomfortable starting new ones. But I don’t let it stop me. I just do it.

And the reason I’m bringing this up is because I hear it from many of our new members who are just starting to practice tax resolution — they are afraid of messing up, of making a mistake, of taking on too many clients… The good news is that just as I have Barbara to guide me in bookkeeping, you have Michael guiding you in your tax resolution practice. And he has put a lot of systems in place to make your practice and casework easier.

Additionally, aside from your business, I’m also telling you to not let discomfort stop you from any new challenge you’d like to take on. Don’t let fear be your guide and stop you from pursuing something new that you’d like to take on, be it business or personal.

Find the right tools, whether they take the form of a written guide or an in-the-flesh mentor; talk to someone with experience or take a class; whatever you do, implement your plan! You might be uncomfortable, but at the end, you’ll feel great!

Thanks Roslyn for your “food for thought” on learning and the reminder of having the right teachers! If you are not yet part of my Tax and Business Solutions Academy, be sure to visit to learn more about how we help CPAs, EAs, Attorneys and other professionals looking to build a booming tax resolution practice Get in the Business of Growing Your Business™!

The Real Money Is In The Follow-Up

My oldest daughter, Danielle, drives a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta. She leased it new about three years ago, and has been very happy with it ever since. Her lease isn’t up until October this year, but she started getting phone calls from the car salesperson sometime in April — nearly six months prior. Despite my daughter’s reluctance to speak with her, the salesperson was diligent and persistent — and it eventually paid off. After about the 10th phone call, I finally agreed to hear what she had to say.

“I’m only calling because I really think I can save you money,” she said earnestly. Needless to say, she had my attention.

She went on to offer us a deal that sounded too good to be true: A new lease on a brand-new 2015 Jetta — no money down, no change in the monthly payment, we wouldn’t have to make the remaining 4 payments on the old car, no penalty for the extra miles (Danielle was 10,000 miles over the allotted amount), and we didn’t have to fix the big ‘ol dent in the front fender. At first, we were skeptical. How could that be? But she explained that because the buyback (residual) cost was so low, the dealership would actually make more money selling the used 2012 model and giving Danielle a brand-new car for the same price.

The salesperson felt compelled to tell us about how she could help us. In her mind, she would be committing a disservice if she didn’t at least inform us about how she could help.

In the end, Danielle decided to end her lease four months early. She is currently the proud owner of a 2015 Jetta with a bigger engine, back-up camera and more, and lower mileage — all for the same monthly cost as her old car.

Weren’t we glad that salesperson was persistent!

And the same can be said for you and your tax resolution practice: The money is in the follow-up. No, really, it is. In fact, 67 percent of revenues in the tax resolution niche come from having a formal follow-up system in place.

the real money is in the follow up

That means that if you’re looking to get retained by 10 people, only three of those people will decide to use your services within the first meeting, while the other seven will make that decision anywhere from 14 to 180 days after they first met or spoke with you — and ONLY because you’ve sent no less than seven or eight letters AND made several phone calls. Given this proven fact, why wouldn’t you put your follow-up direct mail system on auto-pilot?

Studies show that prospective clients require several “touches” before they decide to do business with you. This is commonly known as “The Rule of Seven,” but the message is more important than the exact number. You can’t contact your prospective clients one time and expect them to sign up … or even remember who you are. Your efforts have to be repetitive and consistent. After all, you never know when they will be ready to make the leap.

What would have happened if the car salesperson only contacted my daughter once? She would still be in her old Jetta and, in the end; both parties would have lost money.

I learned the lesson of the follow-up early on in my tax resolution career.
When I was representing clients and taking consultations, I would relentlessly and persistently follow up with the clients I believed I could do a really great job for. It was a win-win for everyone involved: If I convinced them to use my services and I landed them a really great settlement, my success rate would improve and they would walk away happy. The way I looked at it is I’d be doing them a dis-service if I DIDN’T follow-up because I knew I could solve a huge problem for them!

My point is, if you are not focusing on the follow-up, you are losing money!
And a lot of it. Fortunately, we’re here to help. My 
Tax Domination System & Toolkit has done-for-you, customizable, 7 sequential follow-up letters that are guaranteed to keep you at the forefront of your prospective client’s mind and keep current with tax resolution marketing strategies. With that, 67 percent more revenue is just a click away.

Focus on your follow up and keep focused on being in the business of growing your tax resolution business!

Make it a meaningful, memorable day!