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2016 Marketing & Technology Extravaganza


Don’t spend another second of your time reinventing the tax resolution business and marketing wheel. Register for the 2016 Marketing & Technology Extravaganza event January 6th – 8th in Orlando Florida and will learn the latest marketing, sales, and practice management strategies that are already working for other practitioners around the country.

There are several common mistakes made by tax problem resolution practitioners that cost them time and money every day. Lawrence Lawler founder of ASTPS and yours truly have identified these mistakes and as a result have put together the 2016 Marketing & Technology Extravaganza conference to give tax problem resolution practitioners practical advice and strategies to make your firm flourish.

Who: YOU
What: Ultimate Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Event of 2016
When: January 6th – 8th, 2016
Rosen Plaza Hotel
9700 International Drive Orlando, FL 32819
Why: Learn the latest marketing, sales, and practice management strategies
How: Register online by clicking this link.

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The Power of Online PR – Are You Tapping It?

Mega corporations like H&R Block are getting heavily immersed in the tax resolution marketing game – a statement that there is a HUGE need for tax resolution services.

Do you know what sets you apart from other local competitors and mega-corporations?


tax_resolution_domination_system_toolkit_adI spent MONTHS getting my ready Tax Domination System & Toolkit together to show step-by-step:

  • Marketing and Sales Mastery Strategies That Work!
  • Time Tested Client Correspondence Letters
  • Web Marketing Strategies and Samples
  • Marketing Templates For Direct Mail, Brochures, Media Kits, Press Releases and much, much more!

One of the strategies I teach in my Tax Domination System & Toolkit is how to include press releases and online press releases in your marketing. When I see recent releases like this by H&R Block: I want to see my members using these strategies to get their companies out there!

Online PR isn’t just for big companies, YOU TOO can tap the power of online PR to build your credibility and visibility to support your tax resolution practice’s sellability.

I have examples of press releases that I used in my tax resolution company in the toolkit and you too can start learning how to write press releases to get in the Business of Growing Your Business!

Facing Changes – Rightsizing

change-673006_640pixabayJust like the David Bowie song says, “Turn and face the…ch-ch-ch-changes” my wife Roslyn and I made some big changes to our lives over the summer.

While it’s the story of my life to be unconventional and daring with decision making – this change has seen some raised eyebrow responses from friends and family alike.

My wife and I just went through the process of selling our dream home. While we loved absolutely everything about it, without our daughters there to occupy it with us, it was beginning to feel a little empty. There were rooms and bathrooms I hadn’t seen in seven years (that’s less of an exaggeration than you may think!) So, after much deliberation, we decided to make the move.

When we told our friends and family members what we had decided, they reacted exactly the way we expected them to; they nodded understandingly and asked (as if they already knew the answer), “Downsizing?” To which we replied, “No, we’re right-sizing.”

“Downsizing” holds a negative connotation — like we’re moving to a lesser place. But nothing could be further from the truth! Our dream home wasn’t right for us anymore — but that doesn’t mean we won’t find another place that fits our needs just as well, if not better, than the first.

I received the same negative response when I told my family and friends (especially my CPA and lawyer buddies) back in 1998 that I was leaving the “cushy” corporate world to help people with IRS Problems. They said, “Why in the world would you want to do that? How are you ever going to get paid from people who can’t even pay their federal taxes?” I replied, “Up-front or at least before their case settles, of course,” which is exactly what I did and what I teach now.

We quickly realized that making a big change, while scary, would ultimately end up making us happier than we were before. But then we did something even scarier. Rather than buying a new house, we decided to rent for a year while we searched around for the perfect place.

It’s a little unconventional (the story of my life!), and it’s not what our friends and family members expected from us, but just because we’re going about the process a little differently doesn’t mean we’re not doing it “right.” In fact, we’re pretty sure that doing things differently will get us even better results.

The same principles about change and rightsizing can be applied to you and your practice.

If you’re thinking about making a big change to your practice, or are doing something a little out of the ordinary in your marketing — do it! Sometimes just getting outside your comfort zone, doing something outside of your standard routine, or changing things up a little bit is all you have to do to gain a new perspective and experience a breakthrough!

Take Carletta Price CPA, for example — she’s one of our members. She decided to do something a little different by sending her clients a Roz Strategies referral letter and a 100 percent dedicated tax resolution brochure. Sure, it’s a little outside of her normal routine, and a little outside of the ordinary, but you can bet that when those referrals start pouring in, she won’t regret taking the extra time to make that change.

Progress is impossible without change and transition. Whether you’re making a big change like selling your dream home and renting a house, or a small change like sending your clients and external sources a referral letter, it can be scary, but it’s almost always worth it.

This month, as you go about your daily routine, make some time to step outside of the box and do something different. That change, no matter how small, could be the key to your success.

IRS Penalties Can Often be Reduced to ZERO in 2 Ways

Getting_IRS_Penalties_RemovedThe IRS has over 148 different penalty types they can hit your clients with. Worse, the IRS can also charge interest and additional penalties on the original penalty. Penalties can be such a high percentage of overall tax debt – it generally makes sense to consider requesting the IRS remove or reduce penalties for your clients…in certain situations.

IRS penalties can often be reduced to ZERO in two ways which I share below and in my FREE downloadable report: 9 Secrets To Getting IRS Penalties Removed.

IRS Penalties Can Often be Reduced to ZERO in 2 Ways:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.19.28 AM
1.“First Time” Penalty Abatement.
This is a request for penalty relief under the IRS’s “fresh start initiative”.

2. Reasonable Cause Argument.
You can also request relief from penalties due to “Reasonable Cause”. The major ones include economic hardship, death or serious illness of a love one, unable to obtain records, and bad advice from a tax preparer, to name a few.

– Updated May 3, 2013 – (Generally Applies to 1040 tax)
– One-time consideration available only for taxpayers with a “clean” compliance records
– Must not have incurred Failure to File or Failure to Pay penalties for 3 years preceding the year you are requesting FTA on. (must review ROA)
– Can only request one period.
– You can request it verbally with ACS or to a Revenue Officer; Does not have to be in writing;
– If granted by ACS, it is usually approved on the spot.
– All returns must be filed, paid, or arranged (I.A.) to pay.
Practice Tip: Request it whenever you are setting up a streamline (Under $50,000 in liability) Installment Agreement.

Per the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) Section 20 there are 9 main “Reasonable Cause” arguments to get penalties removed:

1. Death, Serious Illness, Unavoidable Absence
2. Fire, Casualty, Natural Disaster
3. Unable to Obtain Records
4. Mistake was made
5. Erroneous Advice or Reliance
6. Written/Oral Advice from the IRS
7. Ignorance of Tax Laws
8. Reasonable Cause/Ordinary Business Care and Prudence
9. Undue Economic Hardship

– Reasonable Cause (Per IRM Sec. 20) requests must be in writing
– Timing – the event must correlate to the tax years involved; and
– Supporting Documentation is Essential!

Get ALL my penalty abatement tips in my FREE downloadable report: 9 Secrets To Getting IRS Penalties Removed.

Focus on Income Generating Activities


“Prioritize your work so that you are only working on income generating activities.
All other tasks (non-income producing activities) are to be delegated!”

– Michael Rozbruch

Your role as a tax resolution practice leader is to:
Get In the Business of Growing Your Business™!

Your daily activities needs to be focused on income-generation. Tasks that are NOT supporting this need to be delegated.

Look, I know you can order your own office supplies and run your own business errands, but that doesn’t mean you should! Tasks like these are NOT the best use of your time and energy.


You owe it to yourself and your tax resolution company!

All for now,