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Don’t Wait for Opportunity to Knock

I recently wrote an article in LinkedIn about how I wouldn’t be where I am at today if I hadn’t created my own opportunities, both in my personal and professional life.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.09.43 PMWhen I want something, personally or professionally, I make it happen.

Some may believe that manifesting opportunity is just a pipe dream, but I’m here to tell you that it is what you make it. My steps to create opportunity are simple:

Step 1: Close Doors
Step 2: Create Space
Step 3: Know Your Value

Opportunity is a Journey, Not a Destination.

If you’re ready to open doors, create an opportunity, further your career, expand your business, buy your dream home, wait no longer. Follow these steps and see what opportunity opens up for you.

Feel free to reach out to me and my team at to create space to make your professional ideas real, actionable opportunies…and realities!

“14 Touch Point” Client Control Management Checklist

(Voice mail messages or sending e-mails don’t count as a “touch-point”. Only “live” conversations do.)

1st call – (24 hours) Review Engagement (scope of work) Letter and timing with client

2nd call – (48 – 72 hours) Verification of facts and circumstances with client about their situation

3rd call – (72 – 96 hours) Gathering information and documentation from client

4th call – (28 days from being retained) Status, progress, open items

5th call – (56 days) Status, progress, open items

6th call through the 14th call – made every 28 days giving client updates and status reports (even if, actually especially if, you are in a “holding pattern” with IRS).

The average length for an offer in compromise case with IRS, that involves several years of preparing unfiled returns, is 12-14 months. The main purpose of the “14 Touch Point” system is that you are having live conversations with your client every 28 days until their matter is resolved.

The compelling “pros” of having a system like this in place are as follows:

You are managing client expectations on every call;

If there are issues you will know about them in advance;

The client knows you care about them and feels “taken care of”;

The client is more apt to refer other clients regardless of the outcome of their case due to your attention to client care;

If the 24, 48 or 72 hour call does not go well, you can part company (early in the relationship), refund 100% of fees paid and not expend time and resources on a client that will not cooperate; Not to mention saving you aggravation and bringing down the rest of the team.

Will reduce complaints, if any,  to a minimum;

Remember, you could be doing everything right, but if the client doesn’t know that and hear from you on a regular periodic basis (regardless if nothing is going on with their case), or worse, you don’t return calls or e-mails, you are setting yourself up for an unhappy client compliant and a refund of fees paid.  If someone is happy with your customer/client service they’ll tell 2-3 others.  If they are unhappy they’ll tell 10 people. Every happy client is a future referral source to you. You’ll also want to obtain a testimonial from this client to use in your marketing and advertising.

You Can’t Walk Through A New Door Until You Let Go Of The Door You’re Holding Onto

This is a guest post from my wife and business partner Roslyn Rozbruch:

closed-door-open-doorOne of Michael and I’s big “Rozisms” is that You Can’t Walk Through A New Door Until You Let Go Of The Door You’re Holding Onto.

And while we say that professionally, personally we have literally and figuratively done just that. We recently sold our dream house and decided to rent for a year before buying our next house, which is different than the way most people go about selling and buying their homes. Actually, this is the third time Michael and I have done it this way.

Most people groan at the thought of moving, and almost all think it’s too much work to move twice, but I like to look at the Big Picture. And in this case, selling, then renting before buying again is empowering. By not buying our next house before selling the current one, I am in the position of not feeling rushed to sell for fear of having two mortgages or being forced to settle for something I’m not in love with. Most of all, I’m not being held hostage to the person buying our house, because if they ask for too many unreasonable requests, I have the power to cancel and put my house back on the market. And when the time comes to buy again, I will have a solid down payment without any contingencies of waiting for a house to sell.

I share this personal story to help you think about things in your life that might need to shift.

Doors have to close for new ones to open….What is it in your life that you are still holding on to, preventing you from that new undertaking?

Most likely, you aren’t literally holding on to a door knob, but if you were, it would physically be impossible for you to walk through another door without letting go of the first one. If I’ve confused you, let me say this more simply — if there is something you want to do differently in your life, whether personally or with your business, you might have to give up something to get it.

Another one of my Roz-isms is, “The get is better than the give,” meaning, what I’m getting is better than what I’m giving up. For Michael and me, we wanted a house that fits our current lifestyle instead of living in a home that fit our lifestyle when our children lived with us. And I feel that the next house we buy, when the time is right, will be a dream too.

What do you dream of having in your life? What are you willing to give to get it?

Online vs. Offline Marketing

social-media-marketing-tax-resolutionNovices and veterans alike in professional practices are understandably a little intimidated by all the new opportunities for marketing their tax companies online. Even large, established companies are still trying to figure out how online marketing fits into their overall marketing strategies.

Fortunately, online marketing is actually more approachable than you may think!

The most important thing to realize is that the “rules” are no different online than they are with “offline” or traditional marketing. For instance, traditional marketing requires research; so does online marketing.

Traditional marketing involves building credibility and authority; so does online marketing.

Perhaps most importantly, all of marketing is highly strategic. The actions you take are based on the outcome you’re shooting for.

So you may have to learn and employ some different strategies to succeed online, but the fundamental approach to marketing is universal. You’ll run into just as much trouble being haphazard with your blogging and social media efforts as you will buying print advertisements and radio ad space without a plan.

Another important point to realize about online and offline marketing is that they’re starting to blend together. For instance, CPA/Tax and IRS Representation blended practices that have a physical location can often offer in office promotions in real time by using social media and email. Likewise, a business that mostly operates online can offer a special bonus to customers who show up at their trade show booth at an exhibition.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of finding your clients where they are. Some of your target audience may be avid listeners of AM or conservative talk radio, and others are into social media. These days, there are more opportunities than ever before to tailor your marketing message and your offer to specific demographic profiles. I found that over 30 million taxpayers a week listen to conservative talk radio, specifically Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck. Say what you will about their personalities or their views on the world, but that’s where a lot of small business owners (schedule C filers and 941 payroll tax problem clients) are.
Rather than pitting online marketing and offline marketing against each other, recognize that each has its own strengths and its own drawbacks — but they are both more effective when paired together than when they’re segmented apart. As long as you respect the value of both modes of marketing, you’re bound to see the results of your marketing efforts magnified!

Check out my Tax Domination System & Toolkit  which has hundreds of pages of online and marketing tips!


Reminder: “Dealing With the IRS Collection Division” Webinar on Monday 10/19


This Monday, October 19th, join me and my special guest expert, Attorney Eric Green for a training webinar – “Dealing With the IRS Collection Division.”

Eric Green will cover the entire IRS collection process. You will leave this webinar with an understanding of:
*  How the IRS Collection Process works;
*  When Collection Appeals opportunities exist and how to request them;
*  How Tax Levies work and how to help client’s avoid them;
*  How to have tax liens removed, discharged or subordinated;
*  Understand how the IRS reviews an Offer in Compromise;
*  Plus much more…

This is a “live” 90-minute training class happening this Monday, October 19th at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific. The webinar is open to members of the Tax & Business Solutions Academy only!

If you are not a member of my academy yet, then you aren’t accessing these webinars and other benefits! Join the Insider’s Circle Group Coaching Membership.

About Attorney Eric Green: Eric Green is admitted to practice in NY, CT and MA and is a member of the United States Tax Court Bar, in addition to being a Certified Internal Auditor.  His practice’s primary focus is taxpayer representation before the IRS, Department of Justice Tax Division, and CT and MA Department of Revenue.  Eric is a frequent lecturer on tax topics, including handling tax audits and tax controversies.

Sensational at 60

michael_rozbruchMost people associate October with Halloween — that frightful night during which the neighborhood kids dress up as ghosts and goblins in an effort to collect tricks and treats from unsuspecting houses. But this October serves as the setting for something even scarier: My 60th birthday.

Roslyn has been calling it my “Sensational 60th!” I just can’t wrap my mind around it yet. I don’t feel 60, and I certainly don’t act 60. How is it possible that I’ve already reached this milestone age?

Friends of ours who are 60 and beyond are already talking about retirement — but that’s the furthest thing from my mind. Why? Because I truly love what I do! Every time I get an email or a phone call from a member or client telling me that they’ve successfully implemented one of my marketing strategies, it makes my day! We love to celebrate those wins here in the office, and I’m often caught saying something like, “This is what it’s all about!”

On top of that, I’m following my dream — teaching has always been my passion — and I’m doing it all with my best friend/business partner in tow. Roslyn and I get to travel all around the country, talking to and meeting established as well as up-and-coming CPAs/ EAs/attorneys and other tax resolution practitioners everywhere. We’re in it together, and knowing that we’re making an impact on people’s businesses and in their lives motivates and energizes us. I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else or stopping now!

At the end of the day, you want to be remembered, not for the amount of money in your bank account, nor for the big house, or the cars in your driveway, but for the number of lives you’ve impacted. By continuing to help others succeed, I feel successful. That’s what success means to me.

On that note, remember to save these dates – January 6-8. We’re hosting our second annual Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida! We’ve got some exciting new speakers and topics in this year’s lineup, and it’s sure to be yet another great event! You really don’t want to miss this one!

Of course, in the meantime, Roslyn has been busy planning my Sensational 60th celebration. We’ll be throwing a big dinner party with some of our closest friends and family members — I’m excited to have all my loved ones in one place, and Roslyn is excited to let the restaurant do all the cooking! Maybe by then (or maybe not) the reality of my situation will have set in — I really am 60. But just like “this is not your father’s Oldsmobile,” this isn’t your father’s 60, either. If you ask me, 60 is the new 40 — I’m at the top of the my game, and I’ve got big plans ahead for you and for me!