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Most Common Tax Resolution Marketing Mistakes

The Three Most Common Mistakes Tax Resolution Practitioners Make When Marketing for New Clients

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.09.34 AMMistake #1:
Look, we all know we need new clients to thrive, but one of the biggest mistakes most professionals make is not tracking the results of their marketing and advertising efforts. They don’t know what works or what doesn’t.

It’s important to “tag” each and every type of direct response or lead generation advertising you do, whether offline or online, with unique identifiers such as toll free phone numbers (866, 877, 888) or URLs.  This way you’ll know the source that prompted the prospect to contact you. What’s even more important is you’ll know how well the lead source converted into actual clients.  You can receive a lot of leads from a source without converting them through no fault of you own.  For example, if you advertise in a depressed or low income demographic market, it’s likely that these taxpayers can’t afford your fees and probably owe the IRS just a few thousand dollars. Conversely, you may only get small number of leads from a “better” geographical or demographical area but they convert at a much higher rate. (These taxpayers’ owe a lot more to the IRS and CAN afford your fees).  What would you rather have….25 leads that converted into 1 client or 12 leads that converted into 3 clients?  Tracking your marketing religiously by lead source all the way through to conversion will give you the insight necessary to grow your practice more efficiently, quickly and much more profitably.

Mistake #2:  
I can’t believe how many practitioners don’t have a website or if they do, they don’t capture contact information from taxpayers wanting information about their IRS Problems. They don’t have a way to capture leads online. Some of the websites I’ve seen look like they were designed by their uncle Sylvester.

Today, you MUST have a GREAT website because any new potential client is going to go there first before they hire you to check you out. A great website should be created to get visitors to stay on it for a while so that they request your free content/information in exchange for their contact data. CPAs, Attorneys and EAs should not use their firm name as the big headline on their websites. Or, how many years they’ve been in business. No one cares!  No silly pictures of 1040 forms, or calculators, pencils or cityscapes. You need strong direct response copy and good educational and informational content that answer questions that prospects have concerning their IRS Problems.

Mistake #3:
Most professionals don’t know what it costs to get a new IRS Problem client.  If conventional tax prep or accounting client is worth $300 to $1,000 obviously you can’t spend a whole lot of money marketing to this segment of the population. But if a tax resolution client brings in at least $5,000 + and “drops” exponentially more money to your bottom line, you can invest a lot more money attracting these types of clients.

You need to change your thinking and realize that a tax resolution client is so much more profitable and ultimately more valuable to you than a traditional tax prep client or accounting client. Marketing for tax prep and accounting clients is not only “old school” but is a commoditized business today and has been for some time. When you only have a commodity to sell the only point of difference you can compete on is price. Not a pretty place to be. Getting back to our example of our tax resolution client…. Let’s say you make a 30% net profit on this type of client, which is $1,500, how much are you willing to spend to get more of these types of clients? This is the way you need to look at marketing in order to build your practice and enjoy the lifestyle you and your family deserve.

If you are a tax resolution practitioner and are interested in marketing your business, don’t miss our Tax Resolution Marketing & Technology Extravaganza, January 6th – 8th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge the IRS – Resources & Tips

I just got back from the New England IRS Representation conference where we were platinum sponsors and exhibitors. It was held at the Foxwoods resort in Connecticut. There were several high profile speakers from the IRS’s Small Business/Self Employed division as well as from Appeals, Exam, OPR and Department of Justice Tax Division.

Although nearly all of the information was very valuable to practitioners who represent clients before the IRS, one of the presenters, from IRS, gave out very wrong information concerning the assessment of the Trust Fund Penalty against single member LLCs. I won’t go in to all the details here and it was eventually corrected by another presenter, however this is a big deal as many of us have single member LLC payroll tax cases underway right now that we are trying to resolve.

The point is this: If the people in charge at the IRS are confused and don’t know what their own laws, rules and (internal revenue manual) regulations say imagine how the rank and file are answering and dealing with yours and your clients questions about their payroll tax collection issues?

Don’t be afraid of challenging the IRS when you KNOW they are in the wrong and you are right.  Simply (and politely) fax them the IRM section(s) that supports your defense. If you can’t get anywhere with the revenue office escalate the matter to their manager. We just want them to follow their own laws and guidelines. This is another reason that troubled taxpayers need our expert representation now more than ever.

There are many great resources available today to get technical training on these types of issues. The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers ( provides top notch training and boot camp seminars on these and other technically related issues.

When Karen Hawkins, former IRS Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) spoke at the event she cited the two main areas of concern regarding  complaints made toward practitioners: They were (the lack of) client communications and client management. This should be of utmost concern to CPAs, attorneys and EAs who don’t have a formal system in place to communicate with their clients during the course of their representation. OPR has the power and authority to suspend and/or disbar practitioners from practice for IRS Circular 230 violations. Not communicating with your client is considered a violation.

As we all know, the IRS is taking longer and longer to resolve cases due to budget cuts and reduced headcount. It is not unusual that cases that used to take several months to resolve now are taking upwards of a year or much longer! That is why you need a formal system in place that runs on auto-pilot that tells you when and how to communicate with your clients, especially during times when you are in a “holding pattern” with IRS and absolutely nothing is going on with your client’s matter. Put yourself in your client’s shoes – How would you feel if you’ve paid someone thousands of dollars and you don’t hear “peep” from them for a prolonged period of time? No one likes to be ignored. Besides filing a complaint with OPR your client can also complain to various other offline (State Board of Accountancy, State Bar, and State attorney General) and online venues.

For more information and a checklist on the “14 Touch-Point” client assurance system visit:

Why Add Tax Resolution to Your Business?

If you are a CPA, Enrolled Agent (EA) or attorney who is interested in upping your revenue stream and profits, adding tax resolution to your business is a good move for you. As someone who has been in the tax resolution business for 16 years, here are a few compelling reasons why:

• As an attorney, CPA, or EA, you are uniquely positioned to add tax resolution to your business because it is building on the skills and credentials that YOU ALREADY HAVE. Attorneys, CPAs, and EAs are the only three credentials that can represent clients before the IRS. Very few practitioners or firms are engaged in representing tax resolution clients because no one has shown them how to manage them.

• Just ONE IRS problem client is worth $5,000 – $6,500 and much more.

• Deadlines in tax problem resolution are much more relaxed and flexible – you can’t move April 15th or September 15th or October 15th, but if you have a meeting with a revenue agent (audit) or a Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearing with a settlement officer, it can be postponed and rescheduled if there is a personal emergency or if you’re not feeling well.

• 99% of the people seeking tax resolution are good people. In most circumstances they have been through a negative life-altering event (death of a loved one or divorce or bad custody battle) that has put their taxes on a back burner.

• Since these clients seeking tax relief are good people, they are used to paying professional fees. When faced with an IRS tax problem, they know that hiring a tax professional is the right course to take and they will always “find” the money to do so.

• Over 80% of this work – such as getting documents from the client, completing the 433-A and managing the client relationship – can be done by non-licensed staff.

• Tax resolution leads to other lucrative revenue streams such as P&L preparation (for business clients with payroll tax problems), audit defense protection, and tax preparation. • Resolving tax problems and value pricing these services increases your hourly rates by 2 to 3 times and provides a steady profit stream all season long.

• Your competitors become referral sources when they know you are the local “go to” firm to help their clients with IRS problems.

• One of the biggest benefits is no accounts receivable to chase after. NO COLLECTIONS. You will have money in the bank for services you haven’t performed yet! With tax resolution, you get paid BEFORE the work is complete (and I’ll show you how)!

• The number of taxpayers in the collection division of the IRS (in 2014) was 12,400,000 – they need expert IRS Representation and this number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Specialization in anything– especially in tax problem resolution – is the key to your financial freedom.

I know this firsthand because I led an extremely successful tax resolution business for 16 years. I can show you how it is done with proven marketing systems and strategies that I have used time and again. What are you waiting for???

Join my Tax and Business Solutions Academy to get on your way to building your business and experiencing financial freedom.

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy

Tax Resolution Marketing & Technology Extravaganza Speakers

Michael Rozbruch's Tax Resolution and Marketing ExtravaganzaOur second annual Tax Resolution Marketing & Technology Extravaganza is going to be a fantastic and enriching event. We have lined up some of the best industry leaders from around the country to share their latest tax resolution marketing, sales, and practice management skills with you.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! The information from this three-day extravaganza will get you on the path to growing a successful – and highly profitable – tax resolution business!!!

Here is a sneak peek of presenters who will share their secrets to success:

  • Ian Garlic of Ian Garlic offers expert advice on how to utilize online video marketing to boost your business.
  • Craig Simpson of Simpson Direct. Learn how to make your direct marketing results-driven to expand your business and grow your market with Craig Simpson.
  • Larry Lawler of ASTPSThe American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. He will be teaching Referral Marketing Training He is a leader in the tax resolution industry. If you are incorporating tax resolution into your practice, being a member of ASTPS will be invaluable.
  • Kim Walsh-Phillips of Elite Digital Group. Kim Walsh believes marketing should equal results. She will speak about how multi-platform social media management can create a high ROI for the entire customer life cycle.
  • Jaime Buchwalk of Pitbull Tax Software. Help put your clients in control when they owe the IRS. This web-based software provides the best possible resolution for each IRS collection case.
  • Mike Giardin of Office Tools Pro. Mike Giardin will explain how using high-quality applications will allow your firm to operate optimally and efficiently.
  • Roger Nemeth of Tax Help Software. Roger Nemeth will educate you on how to reduce research and analysis (while saving time and money) by instantly downloading IRS tax transcripts back to 1990 with this innovative software program.
  • Jennifer O’Neill of New Source Funding. 
  • Nate Hagerty of TaxPro Marketer. Become a tax pro marketer by learning best marketing strategies to build a long-term business with regular referrals, solid client loyalty, and local market dominance.
  • Suzie Kiefer of Thomson Reuters
  • Joan Stewart of The Publicity Hound. This publicity pro will share how to score online, print, and broadcast visibility for free.
  • And I (Michael Rozbruch) will be a presenter too! I will share my knowledge that I have learned over the past two decades as leader of one of the most reputable tax resolution firms in the country.

If you are a tax problem business practitioner and are interested in growing your business and increasing revenue, you don’t want to miss this Tax Resolution Marketing & Technology Extravaganza, January 6th – 8th in Orlando, Florida.

Register today to receive our 25% off Early Bird Discount ($100 savings). This discount expires once we reach a certain number of enrollees or by December 18th. Don’t wait – register now!

Why You Need to Attend the 2016 Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza

Roslyn and I are always learning how to add more value to our members, membership program, and teaching/training materials. Besides learning the latest tips in the industry in marketing, technology, etc., we are so fortunate to have met some inspiring and important people who have been instrumental in not only growing our business, but also making it the best it can be for you.

We most likely wouldn’t have met any of these people if we didn’t get out of the office and attend these different types of conferences and seminars. Every time we attend an event, we come back feeling recharged, rejuvenated, and ready to implement all the exciting new ideas we learned about!

For that reason, we’ve set a goal for ourselves to get out of the office at least six times a year (every other month or so). We also travel around the country, where I speak at events. Because we make it a point to get out of the office and hit the road, we’ve experienced countless breakthrough ideas and made connections with more than a few handfuls of industry experts, and have also had a chance to meet some of the members in our program.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always easy to get out of the office. I realize that it’s probably hard for you to tear yourself away from your work, and I know how easy it is to make excuses to as to why you should stay at your desk and say, “I’m too busy to get away,” or “I’ll fall behind.” But by not getting out of the office or away from your routine once in a while, not only are you preventing yourself from recharging your batteries, you’re preventing yourself from rubbing shoulders with the people who can catapult your business forward! You’re preventing yourself from seeing new perspectives or taking on new ideas. And you’re preventing yourself from networking with important people inside your industry and outside your social circle.

With that in mind, I encourage you to make the time to attend conferences and seminars. And as you most likely know, we, along with Larry Lawler of ASTPS, have been busy planning our second annual Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza in Orlando, Florida, this January 6th-8th. I am very excited about this event for many reasons. Last year it was a big hit, and this year promises to be even better!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.54.06 AMWe have incredible speakers scheduled to speak over the course of three days, and they’re all experts in the tax resolution niche. Learn the latest in:

  • Publicity and authority marketing
  • Social media Facebook marketing
  • Website design and email marketing
  • How to create and market your own videos
  • And more!

I will also be speaking about new and relevant marketing strategies for the new economy, and we’ll have tons of technology companies in attendance to tell you how they can benefit your business. Industry experts will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. I’m especially excited to see PitbullTax — a tax resolution software company that just released version 3.0 — which is awesome!

Long story short, if you’re in the tax resolution niche or you want to be, you’ve got to be here! There’s never been anything like this before — and there’s never been a better excuse to get out of your office and on to your next big idea! If you have any questions, visit our website at, or give us a call at 888-670-0303.


P.S. The first 125 people to buy a ticket for the Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza will receive $100 off! But hurry, those early bird tickets are going fast!

Three Essential Tax Resolution Marketing Tips

Tired of implementing marketing strategies that waste your time and money
with no visible results?

That’s one of the major challenges that most professional practices face. Luckily, there are three ways you can make sure that your tax resolution marketing is either depositing money in your bank account (or sucking it out).

1. Don’t work with something that’s not working for you. The most important rule of marketing is to make sure that you are monitoring and measuring your actions and effects. You must “know thy numbers.” In order to do this you have to track (by assigning unique phone numbers or URLs to ALL your marketing) and isolate which strategies are reaching your target demographic. Each marketing strategy will have a different way of measuring success, but remember that some strategies take longer to show effects. Lead generation strategies via direct mail, newspaper ads, and even online methods take longer than direct response radio or TV commercials. Unless a campaign has an immediate negative impact, be sure to allow a few months for any new strategy to kick in. This is why I advocate to “stay the course” for at least 90 days on any one strategy.

2.  The best things in life are free, at least when it comes to marketing. Freebies are a great opportunity to get people’s attention, give them a chance to test your service, and (best of all) make them feel more inclined toward retaining you or your firm in the future. Of course, the “free consultation” has been around forever. Try giving away a free Transcript Analysis (be different!). The key with this strategy is to get creative. Pens are great — blankets or color-changing cups are better! This rule can also apply to community activities like sponsoring a local soccer or softball team, donating to a shelter, or having team members volunteer.

3. Stay in touch with your clients. Your ads should communicate with your demographic without always trying to get them through your door. In order to do this with tact, you have to stay top-of-mind with your clients in a friendly, unobtrusive, way. Your book or e-book, monthly newsletters (like the done-for-you newsletter you receive as an Academy member), emails, and the occasional social media post create an environment where your clients feel they have a relationship with your company.

Do these tax resolution marketing tips make great sense? Learn how you can get even more insight into growing your tax relief practice!

I leave you with this final thought: Connection with your target audience is the new currency!

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy