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CPAs, Attorneys, and Enrolled Agents: Ready to Jumpstart Your Practice?

michael rozbruch tax resolution coaching membershipBy adding tax resolution to your list of services, you will can help troubled taxpayers who deserve ethical representation and watch your profits soar.

Chances are you already have 1 client in your database who has IRS problems and that client is worth $5000!

How do you jumpstart your tax resolution business?
The best athletes have coaches, right? So do the best tax professionals!

I’ve been in the tax resolution business for more than a decade. Join my exclusive Insider’s Circle Group for my expert coaching and receive these exclusive monthly benefits:

  • 90 minute one-on-one tele-coaching calls
  • Training webinars with detailed step-by-step instructions on marketing, client control, and case resolution
  • A Done-For-You newsletter to send to all your clients, leads, and referral sources
  • Lee Milteer’s Training Program for Practitioners and Entreprenuers
  • Access to guest expert and celebrity interview calls about the tax problem resolution niche
  • Weekly insider tips, industry whispers, and the latest best practices to generate new business
  • Access to the Member’s Only website and archive including templates, “Swipe and Deploy” letters to us, and special reports
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS: “Best of the Best” radio ads: a collection of my most prized and effective radio commercials

All of the above would cost your over $1100 but you can JOIN TODAY for just $297 a month. 

Getting ONE new client a year at $5000 pays for 17 months of membership!

CPAs, Attorneys, and Enrolled Agents: Ready to Jumpstart Your Practice? JOIN TODAY!

I look forward to having you in my Insider’s Circle!

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy

How to Build a Highly Profitable Tax Resolution Business


tax_resolution_domination_system_toolkit_adIf you are tax professional – CPA, Attorney, or Enrolled Agent – tax resolution services can be a steady stream of revenue for your practice, year round!

I built my own IRS Representation business from scratch (to 4,000 clients and $23 million) and I show you how to do it right in my Tax Resolution Domination System & Toolkit.

The average tax resolution case fee is $5,000 nationwide. What would your life look like if you were retained by one, three, five or ten new clients a month…every month?

This “business-in-a-box” system is 433 pages that include step-by-step instructions on how to add 3, 5, 10 and even more new tax resolution clients each and every month.

This Two Volume Binder Set (Nearly 1,000 pages) Includes Four Modules:

  • Marketing Mastery
  • Sales Mastery
  • Client Control
  • Case Resolution
  • 12 training DVDs
  • Quick Start CD (to get you started)
  • Two Bonus DVDs:
    How to Structure Your Fees
    How to Deal With The IRS Collection Division

With nearly 12 million taxpayers, right now, in the IRS Collection Division, what are you waiting for?

Tax Resolution Domination System & Toolkit for the most PROVEN and potent strategies that work.

I look forward to helping you start a profitable tax resolution business or helping you “re-invent” your current tax resolution business for the better.

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy

Tax Resolution Marketing – The Power of the Press Release

When your tax resolution company reaches a prestigious milestone or provides valuable information troubled taxpayers need to know, that good news isn’t something you want to keep to yourself. In order to successfully spread the word, take advantage of the power of a press release.

With a press release, you can alert media outlets (popular blogs, local newspapers, and news agencies) of your information in a way that’s both clean and professional. Luckily, you don’t have to be a journalist or even a PR guru to draft an effective press release. You just have to keep a few things in mind.

Short, Sweet, and to the Point: Your press release serves the dual purpose of spreading the word and positioning you as the expert, so it should answer any journalist’s most basic questions: who, what, where, when, and why. Then top your press release with an attention-grabbing headline. If you need a template, I crafted a very good press release that’s secured interviews for me on over 100 radio stations over the years. One headline I’ve employed is “Free Advice Available for Taxpayers With IRS Problems.”  (For members, you can see my Press Release in your Tax Resolution Success Resource Manual. Interested in becoming a member? Find out more here.)

Know Who is on the Other End: While a press release is good place to talk up your company, your accomplishments, and the information you have to share as an expert, there is also a fine line to walk. Your story must appeal to the news agency’s audience. What does their audience care about, and how can your story benefit them? Since 12.4 million people have an IRS problem, you have many audiences to choose from.

Be Persistent: Newsrooms receive dozens of press releases a day, and each wants the same thing: to be featured prominently. With so many press releases vying for the attention of a few, not all press releases make it to print. Therefore, the success of a press release
is in the follow-up. Simply sending a press release doesn’t guarantee anything. In the weeks following your announcement, follow up with the news agency to boost newsroom awareness of your company.

A well-written and broadcasted feature, profile, or human interest piece can bring valuable PR to your business. Not only can it raise awareness of your company, but it can boost the value of your products and services — something every business should strive for.

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy

Tax Resolution Domination System & Toolkit

Attention Tax Professionals:

  • Are you feeling like you are unable to get ahead?
  • Always chasing after clients to collect accounts receivable?
  • Worried about your income during the off-season?
  • Don’t know where or when new business will come?

If you can relate to any (or all) of the above, it may be time to GROW YOUR PRACTICE by adding tax resolution to your list of services. 

I helped pioneer the tax resolution industry 16 years ago and I can help you build a profitable tax resolution business through proven marketing systems and strategies.

I have created a complete business system that offers the step-by-step blueprint for getting more pay-in-advance, high value tax resolution clients than you ever thought possible!

Michael Rozbruch's Tax Resolution Domination System & Toolkit My Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit includes:

  • Done-for-you marketing plans
  • Samples and examples of my all-time best performing ads, both on and offline
  • Ready to use samples to creating the “PERFECT” brochure and newsletters
  • All the phone scripts and client management letters and email templates
  • The REAL secrets to structuring your “One Call Close” initial consultation sales presentation for maximum effectiveness
  • and much more!

Just ONE new client is worth $5000 AND is sitting in your database RIGHT NOW!

What are you waiting for? 

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy




Invest in the Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit today and receive valuable bonuses! 


Roslyn’s Food for Thought – Time for Change

Today’s guest post is from my business partner and partner in life Roslyn Rozbruch. This post is a perfect reminder to look at the power of change…we cannot have change unless we are willing to change! 

“If what you’ve been doing doesn’t give you the results you want, whether it be your business or personal life, consider changing the way you do things.”

Over the holidays, I was on the phone with a friend who has her own small business. It was late at night and, as she described it, she was in gift wrapping hell as she toiled away wrapping gifts for over 300 of her clients. When I asked her why she didn’t have one of her assistants doing it, she said they were paid hourly, and she didn’t want to spend the money.

I get it — we solo and small business people need to be aware of the money we spend. But
I’m also a big picture person, and more important, I’m a marketer! The point is, when my friend said she didn’t want to spend money to pay someone to wrap presents, all I could think of was, “But what if you used that time to implement a marketing idea and you ended up making more money than you spent paying someone?”

rozbruch tax & business solutions academyIf what you’ve been doing doesn’t give you the results you want, whether it be your business or personal life, consider changing the way you do things. Take a moment to think about something you aren’t happy with and find a different way of going about it. But even if you decide to make some changes, it’s not always that easy to do. With the start of the new year, many of us have the mindset to eat healthier, work out more, and mail out more referral letters! We start off like gangbusters and slowly peter out and go back to old ways.


So of course you need more than willpower to change. Everyone has a different course of action that works for them, but what works best for me is to take baby steps and make small changes. A perfect example is the referral letters. People mail them out, business comes in, they are happy with the success, and they stop mailing them. They email Michael and say “What happened?” Then they tell him they need to start up their mailings again. Referral letters are one of the least expensive and most effective ways to get new business, but somehow mailing them is like going to the gym as part of a New Year’s resolution — January you are going every day after work, but by February you are only telling yourself you’ll go — maybe you’ll start up again in the summer.

So instead of sending out a ton all at one time and then burning out from massive action, how about sending them out on a regular basis but in smaller intervals, like on a daily or weekly basis? Think about spending some money to hire a temp, college intern, or a part-time person to help you mail out those referral letters! And that goes for anything you want to change — switch it up. Hopefully with your new way of implementing, you will feel more motivated, because motivation is key to making that change of habit. As you think about what you want to change or your to-do list for the New Year, go about it with a new attitude, and do it differently!

– Roslyn Rozbruch

Don’t Wait Until After Tax Season to Market Your Tax Resolution Services

As I wrote this, my team and I were CRAZY busy putting the final pieces in place for the Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza in Orlando, Florida. But aside from hosting one of our biggest events of the new year, the end of the year is always an interesting time for Roz Marketing in general.

When I cleaned up my inbox at the end of 2015, I saw that I got a handful of very similar emails from my members, both practitioners new to tax resolution and seasoned pros.

I’d like to share the crux of these messages with you – an email from a practitioner who was opting out of membership. His reason? He only received two new clients since joining my program the month before. I saw that and thought, “Only two in the first month!” If you figure he invested about $1,200 in marketing and each client is worth about $5K, that’s a 9-1 ROI. Two clients right out of the gate is most excellent, especially considering building rapport with prospects and implementing a new marketing strategy takes time — no successful tax resolution business is built in a day, or a month.

But this member didn’t seem to think so, and this is a trap too many practitioners fall into.

We work with a lot of members new to the tax resolution world — members who
are stuck on the impractical idea of instant success — as was the case with the aforementioned member.

Another thing I see all too often is this: Member runs a marketing campaign, gets a bunch of new business, stops marketing, and then waits until they need business again before running another campaign (which is usually too late). To that, I say all practitioners need to adopt a mindset that prioritizes marketing their services all year long and not just when it’s convenient
to their schedule, which includes during tax season.

To exemplify this, I’ve compiled my top three reasons why waiting until after tax season to market tax resolution is the absolute worst idea in the world.

Reason 1: Troubled taxpayers need you now more than ever. You say you’re too busy to market during tax season, but this is the best time of year to introduce your practice to troubled taxpayers while their taxes are top of mind. And if you’re still convinced you don’t have time to
implement a marketing strategy, bring on help who can take on that duty for you. It’s that important!

Reason 2: You’re guaranteed cash flow and profits through the summer months. The tax resolution cases you take in now provide predictable cash flow through August/September (see the “How to Structure Your Fees” and “How to Collect” chapters, which are in your
manual). What’s even better is you won’t have to “work” many of these cases until after 4/15. Simply request a 60- day collection hold or “CNC” status and then work the case after 4/15. It takes some time to build the pipeline with qualified leads and thus new clients. In that time, you can guarantee steady cash flow and higher profits across the board all year long.

Reason 3: If you wait to market, you’ll miss out on the best time of year. The IRS issues levy and lien notices and selects taxpayers for audit all year long, so it’s in your best interest to reel in those fish while tax season is keeping potential clients awake at night. They want to take care of their IRS problem during this time. Tax Season is the best time to present a solution to their
problems. For 168 consecutive months, 12 years, from 1998 to 2012, I experienced month over month increased revenues and profits because I never stopped marketing — ever.

To make the most of your tax resolution business, you need to implement marketing strategies that run on autopilot and bring in new clients like clockwork all year long.

Dedicated to your success in 2016,