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The Dirty Dozen of Tax Resolution Marketing

This is my list of the 12 biggest common mistakes most tax resolution business owners and professionals make – the “dirty dozen” of marketing.


1. Not understanding what the cost of getting a new client is

2. Not understanding what the LIFETIME VALUE is of a new client

3. Not comprehenending the value of keeping a client long term

4. Not tracking marketing, not knowing what works or what doesn’t work

5. Being really good at what they do but no clue on how to get new customers that didn’t come by way of referral or word of mouth

6. No social media presence

7. No branded presence online

8. No way to capture leads online

9. Not communicating with their customers/fans on social media

10. No use of testimonials

11. Underestimating how long to stay a particular strategy

12. Not utilizing multiple marketing channels and not relying on just one.

Roslyn’s Food For Thought – Ask For What You Want

Roslyn Rozbruch, my business partner and wife, is the guest author of this post. She shares her thoughts on how asking someone a simple question can spur you on to achieve your goals, both personally and professionally.

“If you want to achieve something, be successful, or be a certain way, you should ask the person who has that ‘thing’ you want — what did they do to achieve it?”

Roslyn Rozbruch's Food For Thought - Ask For What You WantMany years ago, when I was in my late teens, someone said to me, “If you want to achieve something, be successful, or be a certain way, you should ask the person who has that ‘thing’ you want — what did they do to achieve it?”

I can’t remember who said this to me, but I do remember the timing was perfect because I had just dropped out of college (gasp) and decided to go in another direction in life. Why I left college is another story in itself, but in summary, I didn’t leave because of bad grades; I was always a good student and a follow-the-rules kind of person (and I still am!).

At the time, I really wanted to earn money and be independent. Not getting a college degree was my big “rebel” moment in life. My sister had a friend who was a hairdresser, and she had what I wanted — she dressed beautifully, lived in a nice house, and drove a fancy car; and I wanted that lifestyle. So I sat down with her one night and asked her many questions — how did you become a hair stylist? What school did you go to? How long did it take? And so on. In short, she had what I wanted, and I took notes so I could have “that thing.” And if you are wondering how that turned out, I worked in an upscale hair salon for 10 years and not only had a lot of fun but made a lot of money.

I have followed that recipe in my life for everything I want to achieve. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked someone, even in a casual way, like at a party, the question, “So what did you do to …? ” I don’t necessarily follow everything that person did, but I do take the gold nuggets of information I hear that can be useful to me. It’s interesting, but I have found that my philosophies and how I live my personal life spill over into how I do business. The two intertwine with each other like a serving of swirled chocolate and vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

As I share this memory of my teen “Ah-ha” moment, I realize that being in our Insider’s Circle Membership, Michael shares with you everything he did to become successful in the tax resolution industry to help you achieve what you want in your business. And to take this one step further, it was nice to see people at our Orlando conference talking to other people in the industry and sharing ideas — or as Michael sometimes calls them, “war stories.”

People sharing with each other what works or doesn’t work in their practice helps others because it keeps them from having to figure it out all on their own. And as I mentioned before, this works on anything. That’s how Michael lost weight and got fit years ago — he asked one of his friends what he did, and followed his friend’s diet and workout routine to get the results he wanted.

The next time you find yourself next to someone who has a quality you admire, you might just want to ask, “So what did you do to …?”
– Roslyn Rozbruch

Marketing Tip – Take Control Of Your Time

michael rozbruch marketing tips time managementIt can take 20 long minutes to regain total focus after you’ve been interrupted. No matter what kind of tax resolution-related work you’re doing, finding a way to eliminate the distractions in your environment will help you better manage your time and improve your productivity. (Time is money!)

Perhaps the biggest distraction in our work environment is technology. Nearly everyone has a smartphone full of apps with notifications and alerts built-in. These alerts can be hugely distracting — especially if the applications open are more interesting to you than the work you’re trying to do. If you can’t control the urge to check your Facebook or Twitter from your phone, turn it off, put it away, and only take it out on breaks.

Are you the kind of person who has 100 different tabs open in your browser at once? Exit the unessential tabs and close the programs you aren’t presently using. If your digital clutter is cleared, you’ll have fewer opportunities for distracted clicking. If it’s email and chats that get in your way, resolve only to check and respond to them strictly at designated times — like once in the morning and once mid-day — to avoid the temptation.

In addition to clearing the digital clutter, it’s a good idea to clear your environment of the physical clutter as well.

A workplace with walls, desks, and tables full of things to entice the eye will do just that. Keep surfaces clear to ensure your eyes are on your work and not wandering. A very minimal approach to decorating is optimal for productivity. This doesn’t mean your workspace has to be boring — try choosing a small plant for your desk to bring a calming element indoors, and one piece of art that won’t send you too far down the rabbit hole.

If it’s other people that distract you the most, communicate clearly with everyone when you need interruption-free time. This could mean putting up a sign, posting your quiet time to your public calendar, signaling your intentions by wearing noise-canceling headphones, or setting an away message on your chats, or by simply closing the door to your space. However subtle, you’ll need to somehow let others around you know that this time is your productivity time, and you are not to be disturbed.

Your productivity matters, and outside forces can often take over your attention at the most inopportune moments. If you are serious about improving your productivity, you must first be serious about eliminating the distractions around you and taking the initiative to make focus a priority.

This blog post is a powerful reminder that you are in control of your time. Don’t waste it!

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Make Time for More Fun

My post was inspired from our big weekend in Orlando post the 2016 Marketing & Technology Extravaganza! We are pleased to report the tax resolution marketing and technology conference was a great success! As I said in the edition of my February 2016 newsletter, all of us at Roz Marketing Group would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended the 2016 Marketing & Technology Extravaganza! THANK YOU!

We’ve heard a lot of inspiring feedback from members and non-members alike. Not only that, we’re so proud of all the hard work everyone is putting into tax resolution — the future of our industry is certainly bright! Keep your calendars open for our 2017 Extravaganza!

As you well know, taxes and tax resolution can be a serious topic. We all put the pedal to the metal to be successful, but I have learned it’s just as important to be successful as it is to have fun.

Take me for example: I was raised in a very no-fun household. When I wasn’t at school, I was at home studying or working. There wasn’t much room for anything else — my father even frowned upon me playing sports. But I married a woman who is all about fun!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.26.39 PMAfter the Extravaganza, I was determined to return to the office and go back to work. But Roslyn had other ideas. She booked us an extra night in Orlando, so we could visit Universal Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks. My knee-jerk reaction, of course, was “Absolutely not! We need to get back to the office.” But after giving it some thought, I said, “Yeah! Let’s do it! We worked hard, and now it’s time to have some fun!” So we went to
the parks. And you know what? I had a great time.

Roslyn invited someScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.10.41 PM of our friends from South Florida to join us, and for the whole day, I let all my worries go. Normally, I watch what I eat, but that day, I ate my way from ride to ride. And of the rides we went on, I had the most fun on the Escape from Gringotts roller coaster, and blasting extra-terrestrials on the Men in Black Alien Attack ride. The day was so funfilled, not even the 5 p.m. downpour spoiled it. We just kept going, plastic rain ponchos and all.

The major point I want you to take away from my story is for you to
incorporate more fun in your life. Work hard, but don’t be afraid to play hard. Go out of your way to have an adventure. Break the mold every now and then, and do something you wouldn’t normally do because you’re “too busy” or “too focused.” To decompress at home, I play poker with my friends, and Roslyn participates in a book club, among other various activities. And she also makes sure we go out on date nights, or go on an occasional weekend getaway.

It’s vital that we all keep our lives balanced.

Working hard is great, but don’t lose your sense of fun in the process!