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Who is Your Ideal Tax Resolution Client?

What if you knew exactly what the profile was of your dream tax resolution client? Do you think you would be able to not only target them but also send them the correct message for them to contact you?

In this training video, I show you how to get your ideal client to contact you.

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After 16 years and nearly 18,000 cases, let me describe to you who your ideal tax resolution client is.

Generally, they are male (but can also be female) between the ages of 39 and 60. He/she is divorced. He/she has two kids. He has moved or changed residences in the last 2-4 years. He or she lost their job in the last couple of years or if self-employed, their major customer went out-of-business. Now, this is key, that they are self-employed. That’s because taxpayers who file a Schedule C are 5 times more likely to owe the IRS. Or they’re a wage earner with very little withheld from their paycheck. They have at least 3-5 years of unfiled income tax returns. They have a prior history of substance abuse or alcoholism. They are a big time procrastinator and have depleted any type of retirement account they’ve had, any 401k or IRA, it’s gone.

The ideal client is single and earns around $45,000 to $75,000 a year. Is deathly afraid of the IRS, but wants to fix the problem and doesn’t know how. That my friends, is your ideal tax resolution client.

So, I’ve identified who your ideal client is. Now you need to give them a clear reason to contact you and this reason, this thing is called a lead generation magnet.

Will Tax Resolution Work in My Part of the Country?

Perhaps you’re thinking about getting into the tax resolution business and you’re asking yourself this question:

“Will this work in my part of the country, or what’s the competition like?

Well let me just say this; There are 13.4 million people right now in the IRS’s Collection Division. That means 13.4 million people are getting threatening notices every day from the IRS and they need your help. 

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Now these range from people from all walks of life, from doctors to truck drivers and everybody else in between, from Maine to Hawaii, it doesn’t matter where you are. 1 in 50 people in this country has an IRS problem. That’s 1 in 50 taxpayers. The market is huge. There is enough business to go around…multiple times!

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Roslyn’s Food for Thought – Planning Ahead

This article is by Roslyn Rozbruch, my wife and business partner at Tax and Business Solutions Academy

It’s a new year — yippee! Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I’m not much of a make-a-resolution-for-the-new-year kind of person. I make changes year-round when I see fit. In fact, I started thinking seriously about 2017 in October of 2016!

Roslyn Rozbruch of Tax Resolution & Business Solutions Academy - Planning AheadMichael and I planned out a lot of 2017 together. And here’s a Michael fun fact — he has a huge yearlong calendar on the wall in front of him in his office, so he can see his year at a glance. Scheduling 2017 was easier than the previous two years because we have so many systems and programs in place now. In our first two years as a “startup,” we worked nonstop, putting in the foundation of our business: the Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit, our VIP Insider’s Circle monthly membership, our mastermind group, and our two big events. These two big events are our joint marketing conference with ASTPS in January and our own marketing and sales conference in August. The first two years in business, we thought about all the work ahead of us; now it’s nice to be able to build on the foundation we’ve laid.

With that foundation firmly in place, we were able to sit down and map out the year ahead. We calendared when our events would take place and where, as well as some new and exciting information Michael wants to offer this year to make your practices more profitable! We even scheduled in some personal time off and are going on a vacation! It’s been a while — three years, but who’s counting? — since we’ve taken a “real” vacation.

As always, all of this talk about me brings me back to you. Even though the year has only just started, I want to know if you’ve given any thought to your year ahead. Have you thought about what you would like to achieve this year? How much money you want to make? Do you have any personal goals? Outlining your year is a little like driving; it’s always easier to reach a destination with a map than just getting in the car and guessing your way there — that just leads to aimless driving. Mapping out your year is a great tool to be successful. And I don’t mean a New Year’s resolution. I mean, have you set some reasonable goals for yourself this year? “Reasonable” is an important word here. Don’t set the bar too high, or you might not reach it. Then you’ll end up disappointed.

Everyone has a different way of planning their time, and you know what works best for you. So with the new year now upon us, get to it! Whether you jot your goals down in a book, put them in your Outlook calendar, or put them on a giant calendar on your wall in front of your face, map out your path for the year ahead so at the end of 2017, you can say “Yippee! What a great year I had!”

-Roslyn Rozbruch

Tax Resolution Marketing – How Much to Spend

As you invest in tax resolution marketing, it’s important to determine how much to spend AND how much you’re expecting to make in return.

In this video, I talk about bringing in tax problem resolution clients, clients that are worth at least $5,000 to you, covering “how do you budget?” and the rule of thumb on a cost per acquisition basis.

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The 10 Most Important Words for Your Tax Resolution Practice

A lot of my members and clients have their marketing in place, working like a well-oiled machine. You might be in that category, where your phones are ringing and you know how to screen the looky-loos and tire-kickers from qualified prospects because you’re using the phone script system from the Tax Resolution Domination System. You’re scheduling appointments because you are using the scheduling appointment script. You’re also making sure that they actually show up to the appointment, whether that’s in your office or on the phone, because you’re using my reservation system. Now that the qualified prospect is sitting across the desk from you, or they are on the phone, and you’re conducting your initial consultation, how do you get the client to retain you?

Assuming you can help the prospect resolve their case and you would like to work with him or her, there are several ways you can approach this. For a soft close, the following language should be used to close the deal: “There’s a lot of work to do here to make sure we protect your income and assets and get the best possible deal from the IRS. As soon as I have a representation agreement signed, I can get to work. Can we get started today?”

The 10 Most Important Words for Your Tax Resolution PracticeAnd then you need to say the 10 most important words to make that sale happen, and they are, “What credit card do you want to put that on?” This is where I’ve noticed some of my members have trouble. They find it difficult to ask for the money or credit card up front. But it is important to learn to say this when it comes to asking for the sale. Saying those 10 words must be part of your close repertoire, and it must roll off your tongue. Each time you say,“What credit card do you want to put that on?” it gets easier than the time before.

Another example of a way to close that is a little stronger is this: “I’ll need a $2,000 [or whatever the amount should be] deposit today to get started. What credit card do you want to put that on? ” Or you can say, “I want to contact the IRS immediately to protect  you and get a collection hold on your account. I’ll be on the phone with the IRS before you’re out of the parking lot. What credit card do you want to put that on? ”

If you don’t ask for the sale, chances are you’re never going to get the prospect to retain you, and the money you’ve invested in your marketing will have been wasted. If you have to, practice saying those words to someone in your office or even say them looking in the mirror to yourself. Whatever it takes, learn those 10 words. Ask, “What credit card do you want to put this on?” and you will see a difference for the better in your close rate. When you say those 10 words and you say them correctly, you are also able to isolate objections.

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Embrace the Winds of Change and Don’t Let Fear Get in the Way

First of all, we hope everyone had a great holiday. 

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

This month, we’ve been thinking a lot about the new year, because it brings new opportunities for change. We’re definitely feeling those winds of change here, especially because our office lease is up this year!

Roz Strategies has been in the same building for a few years. And though there are only four of us in the office, we’re squeezed for space. So, naturally, we’re hoping to expand before we have to sign a new three-year lease to keep our space. While some trepidation is to be expected with the notion of change, I have no doubt we’ll figure out our next move soon. But the subject reminds me of an interesting question I get from members and nonmembers alike:

Roz Strategies Tax Resolution Marketing “Michael, do I really need an office? Can’t I just work from my house?”

It’s a really good question — one that I think a lot of people in our industry ask themselves. It’s a question I asked myself when I first struck out on my own in 1998. In fact, I started my tax resolution business from my dining room table! But it didn’t take long for me to realize that I didn’t want to meet clients in my home.

Somehow, it hurt my credibility and professionalism, and most importantly, my “positioning.” It also cheapened the appearance of the quality of my services. Sitting around my dining room table and wondering if my clients would notice a few stray dishes left out in the kitchen didn’t convey the same panache that meeting in a professional office does. So about 30 days later, I was out of the dining room and into a Class B office building, leasing 482 square feet. It didn’t bother me that I’d have to pay $800 a month for rent, because I was happier. More importantly, my family was happy to have the whole house back!

Over the years, my business grew, and I grew with the landlord. When it was time to upgrade from 482 square feet, my landlord set me up with a larger space. My company kept growing, and I eventually ended up in a 15,000-squarefoot space with over 125 employees. While that might sound really nice, I would highly discourage anyone from growing their business that big. Trust me, you can manage a mid- to high-six-figure practice and never need a space that big or that many employees! Today, we’re hoping to settle into a more comfortable 1,200-square-foot space. Expansion is still a scary thought, but we’re willing to make the investment and take a leap of faith.

In the new year, that’s the advice I’m presenting you with: Take that leap of faith. Whether it’s finally time to get off your own dining room table, invest in a new marketing strategy, or hire on a new employee, don’t let fear be the reason you don’t. And, as always, don’t take your foot off the marketing gas pedal.

With tax season coming up, don’t neglect marketing your tax resolution practice in favor of tax preparation. Tax season is by far THE best time to ramp up your tax resolution marketing. Taxes are top-of-mind with everyone, but especially with troubled taxpayers. Your cost per lead, or CPL, and cost to acquire a new tax resolution client will be at its lowest during this time. Also, a lot of the work can be done after the April 15 deadline. Ramping up your tax resolution marketing during tax season will ensure profits and cash flow the rest of the year.

If you want to get on the fast track to marketing and technology best practices for 2017, be sure to attend the 2017 Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza in Orlando, Florida this month. You will learn best practices, tools and technologies from experts!

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Best of luck to all in the new year!

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