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Roz Strategies Blog Ranks as One of the Top 100 Tax Blogs on the Planet

Our “Get in the Business of Growing Your Business!™” tax resolution business and marketing blog was recently ranked 47 out of 100 of the “Best Tax Blogs on the Planet” by Feedspot.

Teaching is my passion. My team and I are always constantly thinking of ideas or advice to share with our audience so blogging comes naturally.

While our posts vary (they can be short, inspirational, or be long and technical), they are all consistent in helping people who are interested in getting into the tax resolution business and growing their tax resolution business.

As you may have also noticed, I have been sharing more videos as blog posts. All my blog posts serve my VIP Insider’s Circle and Mastermind members as well as others who may be interested in getting into or adding tax resolution to their practice.

Read the full press release: Tax and Business Solutions Academy Blog Makes Top 100 Best Blog List!

I’m really honored that our blog has been recognized – thanks Feedspot!



Roz Strategies – We’ve Come Full Circle

We kicked off 2017 with a bang, holding our 3rd Annual Marketing and Technology Extravaganza for tax resolution practitioners that we co-host with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS). The event was a huge success — especially for the attendees, who heard from guest speakers new to the industry, including many we’ve heard from before but with fresh new content. We also enjoyed connecting with our members at the members-only lunch we host for our group. There is literally no other place on the planet where someone doing tax resolution can find the resources and tools they need for their practice in one place. We received great feedback, and we’re so grateful to the attendees and speakers who made the event such a success.

The event was held at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando, Florida, a place that has special meaning for Roslyn and myself because it was a little more than three years prior that we were at the same hotel, in that same room, for our very first GKIC Fast Implementation Bootcamp. That was before we launched Roz Strategies. At the time, I was still in transition, figuring out an exit strategy from the business I had started in 1998 and trying to decide what to do next. What’s really interesting is that Dave Dee, one of our many speakers, who taught us at that seminar three years ago, was now speaking on our stage at the Marketing and Technology Extravaganza! It was a really serendipitous moment.

I’ll admit that I was nervous when we started Roz Strategies. Even though I had built my tax resolution company from my dining room table to a successful company, I also started it at the younger age of 42. Starting over at the age of 58 wasn’t really something I had planned on doing. Also, even though I knew I wanted to teach, train, and coach people in the tax resolution industry, I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about doing it! But Roslyn never doubted what we could do  and reassured me many times, saying “We’ll figure it out. We’ll do it together.” Since we were empty nesters with the children gone from the house, we decided to go for it and put one foot in front of the other. We invested in working with a business coach and enrolled in mastermind groups. We focused on continuing education, as we do to this day, which was the key to our formula of building a solid foundation for our company.


It’s amazing how things have come full circle. It’s been close to three years since Roslyn and I started our business, and we never could’ve imagined where we’d end up. You really never know where the path will lead once you decide to be open to the possibility of following your dreams. Being back in that room in Orlando where it all began meant a lot to us. We couldn’t be more excited for the future!

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Find New Potential Tax Resolution Clients Today

Finding out where to market for tax resolution clients can be a challenge. I have identified at least two dozen excellent marketing strategies on how to attract IRS troubled taxpayers to contact you. These are people who owe $10,000 or more who are qualified for your services.

In today’s video, I’m going to share one way to obtain a list of people who owe the IRS. There is a list available of taxpayers that have notices of federal tax liens filed against them, and that list is called a, “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” (NFTL) list.

Click here to watch the video now:


The “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” list exists because it is a public record, meaning when the IRS files a notice of federal tax lien against a taxpayer, the IRS notifies the county recorder where the taxpayer resides. So, that record exists at the local county courthouse of your potential client.

In addition, if a business owed income taxes or 941 payroll taxes, the NFTL record will be available not only at the county recorder where the business is located but also will be filed with the Secretary of State. This is the notice to the world that the IRS has priority on the taxpayer’s property and assets ahead of all other creditors, except if there was a creditor who filed their lien before the IRS filed theirs.

Until then—Get in the Business of Growing Your Business!

Learn Where to Find Potential Tax Resolution Clients!

Creating a Separate Entity for Tax Resolution

One of the big questions I get asked by CPAs, EAs and attorneys is:

Should I set this up separate and apart from my regular accounting, tax or law practice?

The answer is a resounding yes. And let me explain the two major reasons why you want to set this up as a separate entity.

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#1 Biggest Reason: Advertising restrictions that your State Board of Public Accountancy and/or your State Bar, whatever state you’re in; you’re able to avoid most of the insane advertising restrictions that those bureaucratic Agencies put on you if you set this up as a separate LLC or an 1120 sub-chapter S corporation, because now the firm is marketing and operating as a tax resolution firm, not a Professional Corporation. You’re not under all those restrictions of the State Bar or the State Board of Public Accountancy as a non-professional corporation.

#2 Biggest Reason: is upon “exit”, or when it’s time to sell. I’m a big believer with starting with the end in mind and work backward. When you sell an accounting or tax practice the most you can hope for is 1X gross. Additionally most law practices are never “sold”, they’re just merged with another law practice. But creating a separate entity, such as an 1120S corporation or LLC, is so much more valuable to you upon exit because it’s valued at a multiple of EBITDA. EBITDA means earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. These multiples are generally 4X-6X.

Click here to watch the video and learn more:

Collecting Fees in Your Tax Resolution Practice

I’m going to answer a question I get asked all the time, “Michael, how can I get paid from people that have IRS problems who owe the IRS thousands if not tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars?

My answer is, “In advance,” of course. And now, you might be wondering, “Where do these people find the money? If someone owes the IRS how are they ever going to find money to pay my fees?”

Click here to watch the video now.


If someone is in trouble with the IRS and is experiencing enough pain and discomfort in their lives regarding this issue, trust me, they will find the money to pay your fees. They can raise the money from friends or family members, their parents, brother or sister, a friend. They can take a payroll advance at their place of employment and pay it back through payroll deduction. Some people have collectibles such as: guns, stamps, coins, auto collections, etc., and they can either liquidate some of those collections or simply hold a garage sale.

Another way for them to raise money to pay your fees is if they have a 401k or IRA at their place of employment they can borrow against that to fund your fees, and they get a deduction on the IRS Form 433A since they pay that back through mandatory payroll deductions.

So there are a number of ways for people to get the money to pay your fees first.


Unlocking The Secrets to Direct Mail Success

On Wednesday, February 15th at 2pm Eastern time (11am Pacific); The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS) and I are co-hosting a special LIVE, 60-minute webinar where you’ll learn The Secrets of Direct Mail Success with world renowned direct mail expert Travis Lee. He’s calling it:

“Outrageous Direct Mail Strategies For Tax Resolution Professionals: Unlocking The Secrets to Direct Mail Success.”

Travis is going to pull back the curtain and show you how to really make money using direct mail in your tax practice.

He’s promised me he’s going to reveal “ninja” strategies usually reserved for his private coaching and consulting clients.

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He’ll be showing an actual direct mail campaign that any tax professional can implement within a few short days to get more business using direct mail.

He’ll dive deep into how and why they worked, the success factors behind them, and how you can quickly tweak them and put them to work in your business.

You’ll discover how to attract new leads, convert leads into buyers, and generate referrals with outrageous direct mail strategies.

If you can keep an open mind, and if you would like to greatly increase the response and payback from your direct mail, then hearing Travis’ presentation may be the most profitable time you spend at this event!

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