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Marketing Tip: Utilizing Press Releases

There are dozens of marketing strategies at your disposal, are press releases part of your marketing mix? Click here to watch my video about press releases now:

Michael Rozbruch Marketing Tip Using Press Releases

Here’s what you should put in a press release:

Mention any awards you’ve received in the recent past, even going back six months or a year. You should mention any pro bono work that you’re doing. Maybe you’re doing free tax returns for returning Vets, or maybe you’re going to have an open house at your firm. Or maybe you’ve had a recent speaking gig in front of realtors or other professional groups. This is a powerful strategy to put in a press release as it can garner future speaking engagements. Speaking is a wonderful way to get high quality referrals. These are the types of things you want to put in a press releases. After it’s written up, send it out to the media, to newspapers, to magazines, etc. It’s especially important to send your Press Releases out to local media which includes radio stations and TV stations. Check out to see where to send yours!

When your press release gets published and distributed it gets the word out and positions you, and sets up your “ACE” status, which stands for Authority, Credibility and Expert status.

When people see you in print, when they see your name or your firm’s name in print you’re automatically viewed as a celebrity which increases your value, your perceived value by taxpayers. It reduces price resistance, it reduces sales resistance. So make sure that you utilize press releases as a part of your marketing arsenal. It’s a very important tool in your toolkit. We’ll see you on the next video.

Until then—Get in the Business of Growing Your Business!

Watch my video “Utilize Press Release” here

Recharging After Tax Season!

You’re in the home stretch. Tax Season is almost over!

I want to talk to you about taking 5 minutes of your time right now. This video isn’t going to be 5 minutes long, but after I’m done I want you to take 5 minutes for yourself and write down what you’re going to do after April 18th.

In other words, I want you to plan a fun day, or couple of days. I want something on your calendar that you’re going to do that you’ll get excited about. I don’t mean to take time off and lounge around on the couch in front of the TV. You’ve worked this hard, you deserve to do something fun, and if you block out time on your calendar today for after April 18th, you’ll reap the rewards of all of your hard work and feel great!

Click here to watch the video now:

Tax Resolution Training CPA

So now’s the time to reserve a court if you play tennis, or book a restaurant to take your spouse out to a real nice dinner, or make reservations for an overnight or weekend getaway. Take 5 minutes to book your reservations so that after April 18th you have something on the books that you’re going to look forward to that you really like doing.

Make time for yourself so you can recharge. I don’t want you to finish tax season and have nothing planned and just lounge around. Sure, maybe you can do that one day, but if you’re going to take a few days off make it count, reward yourself with some really quality super fun time. You deserve it!

Until then—Get in the Business of Growing Your Business!

Watch my video “Recharging After Tax Season” here

Answering Your Phones “Live” in Your Tax Resolution Practice

I want to ask you a question today.

I know we’re deep into tax season and you’re deep into work, but are you answering your phones live?

Yesterday I emailed one of our members and I received their “away message” reply back that basically said, “We’re very, very busy right now, we will get back to you within 48 hours.” Now that might be ok for your regular tax preparation clients, but it’s not ok if you’re spending money on marketing to tax resolution clients, because trust me, the person who’s just called you, and was told to leave a voicemail message, or emailed you and received a response of, “We’ll get back to you in two days”, has gone onto the other names of tax resolution firms on their list.

It takes a prospective client a lot to pick up the phone in the first place. You want to remove any obstacle whatsoever that prevents someone from hanging up and not leaving a message. So it’s important that:

  1. You answer your phones live, especially during normal business hours,
  2. You answer your phones live 24/7 and,
  3. Do not have an email reply that says you’re too busy to respond—especially if it’s a tax resolution client!

Click here to watch the video now:

You’re spending (on your marketing) between $100 to $200 for the lead, to get the phone to ring or to get that person to email you, to contact you, so why in the world would you not want to take that call “live”? That’s a hot lead. That’s a hot prospect. They may be ready to “buy”.

A caller on the phone is 5 times more likely to retain you than somebody you’re playing phone tag with or email tag with. I can’t stress it enough that especially during this time of the year that you respond live to calls coming into your office. This is the time when taxes are top of mind with everyone but especially with taxpayers who haven’t filed their taxes in a few years and/or owe the IRS money for back taxes.

So answer your phones live during normal business hours and even after normal business hours.

Click to watch my video ANSWER YOUR PHONE.

Until then—Get in the Business of Growing Your Business!