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Tax Resolution Direct Response Marketing Winning Ingredients

Want to know the 3 most important winning ingredients for a successful direct response marketing campaign?

Dan Kennedy, also known as the Millionaire Maker, and one of the top gurus in the direct response marketing world says, “Direct response marketing is designed to provoke an immediate response from a client through clear calls to action in order to generate a response.”

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Michael Rozbruch: Tax Resolution Direct Marketing Success

Here is a recap of the three winning ingredients for a successful direct response marketing campaign.


There will always be an offer. In the tax resolution world an irresistible offer may be a free strategy session also known as a free consultation. Or it may be a free transcript analysis. That’s an irresistible offer especially when the transcript analysis carries with it a $1,500 fee that they’ll get it for free if they respond now.


There will always be a reason to respond now. Have an expiration date on your irresistible offer to get potential clients to pick up the phone, to call you now, or to fill out the form on the website to get a consultation with you.


There will be a clear call to action. A call to action is telling the viewer, the listener, the reader exactly what you want them to do. Without clear instructions, you have confused potential clients. They don’t know what to do.

Having relevant offers that gets your prospect to respond now and tells them exactly what you want them to do will increase your leads, and ultimately your case flow.

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CPAs, Enrolled Agents (EAs), and Attorneys:

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Tax Resolution Summit – Are You Registered?

Roslyn and I recently attended one of our favorite events, Brendon Buchard’s High Performance Academy. We’ve been to this event in the past and learned a great deal about how to make the best use of our time and been motivated to be our best selves. The previous year’s event was so beneficial that this year we decided to close the entire office — which we rarely do — to bring the whole team.

We aren’t able to bring the team to every event, but when it’s a big one that really influences the way we do business, I feel it’s important to include key members of the team. By the end of High Performance Academy, our team understood a lot more about why we run the office the way we do, and this new understanding put us all on the same page. Since then, I have even heard our team using some of the catchphrases we picked up at the seminars and workshops.

Roslyn and I usually learn a lot at the events we attend, which is why we put a great deal of effort into the events we offer our members. Our next event is in August, and we’ve been planning the Tax Resolution Success Summit for months! Members who attended our event last year in San Antonio know how big a success it was, and this year, we have really taken it a step up.

I will be delivering training sessions focused on generating leads, getting your individual marketing plan in place, teaching you and your team how to handle incoming inquiries from potential clients, knowing which questions to use to determine if a potential client is a qualified lead, and figuring out what you need to adjust in order to achieve your business goals. You’ll also learn how to conduct the initial consultation, increasing your rate of getting retained. This year, I am also excited to have a keynote speaker for the first time. Kute Blackson has been a motivational speaker for 15 years. At our event, he will be highlighting the intrinsic value practitioners enjoy when they help their clients get out of financial messes.

Plus, we chose to host our event in Nashville, Tennessee, the music capital of the world. The hotel is walking distance from all the restaurants and honky-tonk fun Nashville has to offer. After you spend the day learning how to supercharge your business, you can cut loose and have some fun in the evenings. The High Performance Academy event we attended ultimately doubled as a team bonding experience when we all went out for dinner every night and got to enjoy ourselves outside of the everyday office environment.

The Tax Resolution Success Summit is Thursday, August 17, and Friday, August 18. If you haven’t already registered, I highly recommend you do so right away before seats sell out! Click this link to sign up today. Our members enjoy a special discount, which will extend to any team members you bring along for the ride. Roslyn and I love hosting events like this because it gives us the opportunity to meet and connect with our members in a way we aren’t usually able to.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy

P.S. Early Bird Savings expires June 30th – sign up TODAY and save!

Get Qualified Tax Resolution Clients Inexpensively

Did you know that using “match” sites is one of the least expensive ways to get retained by new tax resolution clients?

What do I mean by a “match” site? Well, we’re all familiar with 1-800-Dentist where they matched consumers with dental needs to the professional provider based on specialty, location, etc. Taxpayers who have tax issues can go to a site called for help with their tax problems.

Learn more on my video, click here to watch.


Here is a summary of my video:

You register as the professional provider of IRS Representation services with The potential client that has the tax problem, and is looking for information, answers questions that are specific to their situation. Thumb Tack verifies the person filling out the inquiry form is a real person and that they have a legitimate inquiry. Then you decide, based on the answers to questions you prepared, whether you want to work with that potential client. You can also speak with the prospect via phone, which I recommend. If you want to work with the prospect, you simply email a fee quote to them. You only pay Thumb Tack when you send fee quotes to prospects.

This is another way of getting inexpensive, qualified leads to contact you.


To learn more about this and adding lucrative tax resolution clients to your practice on a predictable basis register for my FREE deep dive online workshop called “The Five Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice”. Click here to register now.

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The 2017 Tax Resolution Success Summit

How do you think a football team makes it to the Super Bowl?

To make it to the Super Bowl, a football team needs a great coach and a playbook with winning strategies.  A team could have the best players on it, but without the right coach and plays it’s just a team — not the best one.

The same holds true in your practice. You can be the best and smartest CPA, Attorney or Enrolled Agent, but without a proven playbook, on how to rev-up your practice, you’re not going to be the best you can be and have that winning season.

How would you like this year to be your best ever yet?  At the Tax Resolution SUCCESS SUMMIT, I will be your coach and help you create your own Playbook that you can “start running plays” with as soon as you get back in the office on Monday.

Register before June 30th and save $150 off the regular price of $497 and secure your seat for ONLY $347! 

I will teach you in a LIVE, up-close and personal 2-day setting. This is not some pitch-fest. Yes, they’ll be a couple of other speakers but essentially I’m teaching for 2 days.

At the Tax Resolution Success Summit, some of the things you’ll discover include:

  • The single best marketing strategy that gets a 3:1 to 6:1 return on your marketing investment!
  • How to price your services and even get a $100,000 fee (I’m not kidding here!)
  • Can’t get the work done? Learn the number one solution for solving all of your staffing issues
  • How to monetize your existing 1040/1120 clients without spending a dime in marketing or any extra work

I’ve coached thousands of practitioners in the tax resolution industry and helped them have winning seasons, and I can do the same for you. 

According to the IRS Data Book for 2016, the market for Tax Resolution has grown by 23% since 2010. Currently, there are over 14 million people who have an open collection case with the IRS. 1 in 50 taxpayers has a large enough case that warrants professional representation.  In other words, there is more demand for Tax Resolution work now than ever before. But you have to know how to attract them, sell them, and get them to pay you up front!

In the two days you’re with us, I’ll show you how to complete your own Playbook with winning strategies that works for your practice so you can have your best year ever.

Plus, that way, when you leave Nashville you’ll have all the tools you need to attract more high-value tax resolution clients no matter what level you’re currently at.

So stop putting up with wondering what you should do to have more clients hire you and join us in Nashville for the Tax Resolution Success Summit and discover how to create your Playbook of Successful Marketing, Sales and Management Strategies.

To register for the event, click on the link below:
Tax Resolution Success Summit Registration

You can also register by going to and follow the instructions.

Questions? Contact us!

Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville!

To Your Continued Success!

P.S.  The EARLY BIRD discount expires June 30th. You can still save $150 off the regular ticket price and secure your seat for just $347, ($149 for a guest) but you need to act NOW!  As I write this, we are 80% sold out and there are only a handful of rooms left on our room block. Oh, and don’t forget this year’s event is in Nashville – The music capital of the world!

The Secret Formula for Success

Here’s a simple formula for personal and professional success:

COMMUNICATE WELL: Successful tax resolution practitioners possess the ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively. This applies to all aspects of life: communicating with friends, family members, co-workers, and potential clients.

PROBLEM SOLVE: The most successful people don’t think problems, they think solutions – think outside the box and come up with solutions. There are no “problems,” only “opportunities.” Success comes in CANS, failure comes in CANT’s!

TAKE RISKS: Successful people understand that failure is a natural part of the process and sometimes, failure is the only way to learn and grow toward success. Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and take risks.

BE PROACTIVE: Want to be successful? Be willing to act, and act fast. Take initiative and crave the chance to put an idea into motion.

BE CURIOUS: Success-centered people ask questions. Eagerness to learn results in resourcefulness, fearlessness, and the ability to take initiative. Creative minds are always moving and rarely succumbs to boredom.

Want to get on the fast track to success? Join me for my live online training revealing “The 5 Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice” Click here to register!


How Marketing Grows Your Tax Resolution Business

Before I started my tax resolution practice – back in 1998 – I was on the brink of filing personal bankruptcy. I had a mortgage and a family and I was struggling.

Here is what was happening:

  • I was writing off large chunks of time and MONEY from billing statements every month because I was afraid that I was going to lose the client.
  • I was wondering WHEN my next client was going to hire me.
  • I was trying to figure out this thing called “marketing” to help with my business.
  • I was feeling angry that I hadn’t accomplished more at that stage of my life and practice.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Tax Resolution Marketing RisingI had to do something both different and drastic to get out of my situation. I started to change my mindset and decided to figure out this “marketing” thing. I implemented marketing and operational strategies that I learned to help me build one of the largest, most successful and reputable IRS problem client niche businesses in the country!

In essence, I began working “on” my business instead of “in” it. I finally figured out that being a great CPA didn’t always equal financial success. My service deliverables were secondary and the business of marketing was first and foremost. Sure, I was technically proficient and aimed to help every client to the best of my abilities, but changing my thinking from marketing information versus marketing for “cases/clients” was the gamechanger. It put me at an advantage and will do the same for you.

Marketing your information and educational content helps you enter the conversation in your prospective client’s head. You cast a much wider net and it significantly lowers your overall cost-per-lead to acquire new clients.

Once tax resolution professionals “get” this way of thinking and work it to their advantage, they are generally in the top 5% of earners!


I’ve been there and done that and now I am showing you how to market your information to get in the business of growing your business. Why reinvent the wheel when it is all right there for you?

Sign up today for my FREE video training to learn “The 5 Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice“. There’s no time like the present to work on your future.

See you there!

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy