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Are you Finding it Hard Get Tax Resolution Clients?

The two most important things in any business are Marketing and Innovation. Period.

Let’s take Marketing for example.

There are some people in this industry that will tell you to do “one” thing or that they have one marketing strategy for getting prospects to contact you. That’s very dangerous advice. The number “ONE” is the loneliest number in business!

Because it’s not IF, but WHEN that one strategy, that is responsible for 100% of your business stops working that you’ll find yourself with an emptied “pipeline”. And then what?

Having multiple marketing strategies employed simultaneously is not only smart business but it insures against relying on just one marketing strategy. For example, what if all your “eggs” were in the Facebook ads or Google paid search “basket” and Google arbitrarily changes their algorithms (which has already happened more than once) and your ads are no longer being served? Or, the cost of your ads just doubled, or worse?

Deploying multiple marketing strategies, both offline and online, results in all “ships rising in the harbor” and has given me 168 month-over-month consecutive revenue growth enabling me to help more troubled taxpayers settle their IRS cases and get my message out.

For 18 years I’ve always maintained a minimum of 3-4 offline and online marketing strategies deployed at the same time. I built an eight figure IRS Representation practice that way.

Want to know what these strategies are? 

We have created a free online training Master Class for tax professionals that want to start or significantly grow a lucrative tax resolution business. You can register for this free training HERE.

On this free training I’ll reveal:

1. The secret to generating all the leads you could ever want – including the three key questions you need to answer to attract highly qualified, easy-to-work with potential clients.

2. An EASY way to close 90% of the prospects you either meet in person or speak with over the phone. (Even if you HATE selling, this eliminates all stress, fear, and doubt.)

3. The “One Call Close” Consultation Strategy Script… Make DEAD CERTAIN you have pen and paper at ready, you won’t want to miss a single word!4. What to charge and even how to GET PAID IN ADVANCE – imagine how great it’ll feel knowing that you’ll finally be able to take home what you DESERVE!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get into the tax resolution business or expand your practice.

There are over 14 million taxpayers right now that are in the IRS’s Collection Division that need your help! There is way more demand than there are practitioners offering this service.

Register for our free training webinar now!

Biggest Fears About Doing Tax Resolution Work

Do you know the biggest fear CPAs, EAs and Attorneys have about doing tax resolution work?

You might think it’s the marketing or selling the client—but actually the biggest fear most practitioners have, especially beginners, is actually doing the work!

CPAs, EAs and Attorneys feel they need to know everything there is about the technical aspects of tax resolution before they take on clients. I have news for everyone, that’s backwards thinking.

Watch my video now for more on the biggest fear about doing tax resolution work.

Michael Rozbruch Addresses Fears About Doing Tax Resolution Work

To recap what I said in my video: 

There aren’t a lot of things you can do to mess somebody up that already has serious IRS problems. Think about this: somebody comes to you owing $100,000 to the IRS. They have four years or five years of unfiled taxes. Their wages are being levied by their employer. What in the world could you do to make matters worse? Anything you do is going to improve the taxpayer’s situation. Don’t be afraid of the work.

I can’t believe how many CPAs get holed up in the paralysis of analysis: How am I going to fill out the 433A? What happens on line 39? How am I going to fill out the 656? What happens here? What happens there? Get the client. Do the work. You will learn by doing.

When I first started in tax resolution, I had very little knowledge, no previous IRS experience and zero clients. Most of my knowledge was self-taught by handling lots of cases. I promised clients I would do my best to research their matter and attempt to find them the best possible solution. The vast majority of these prospects retained my anyway.

Today, there are so many resources out there to learn the technical part, but it’s not going to sink in unless you’re actually doing it and being in the trenches. Don’t be afraid of the work. Get your marketing out there. Get your advertising out there. Get the clients in and do the work and your confidence level will soar through the roof.

Click here to watch the video now. 

To learn more about this and adding lucrative tax resolution clients to your practice on a predictable basis register for my deep dive online workshop called “The Five Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice”. Click on this link to register now. You’ll be entered for free and I’ll see you on the other side!

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Roslyn’s Food for Thought: Three Words to Change Your Life

Roslyn Rozbruch, my wife and business partner at Tax & Business Solutions Academy is the guest author of this blog post. 

If I were to tell you I knew three words that could change your life for the better, would you want to know what they are? You might be wondering, “How can three words change my life, and what would I need to do to make that happen?”

I learned about these words over a year ago from reading a book called “The Charge” by Brendon Burchard. Brendon is a motivational speaker, trainer, and coach. He has written books, created online training programs, and puts on events like High Performance Academy, a conference where he teaches the same principals he writes about in “The Charge.”

Roslyn Rozbruch Motivational WordsIn his book, Brendon says to pick three words to describe the person you want to be. He writes, “Select and commit to three words that will define the trait of who you are as a person … and by defining the words of who you want to be, you will be more likely to enact that trait in your life.” Think of three words that will set the standard for who you want to be and say them every day. Mine are: focused, disciplined, and confident. I start my day by saying them: “I am focused, I am disciplined, I am confident.” I say this several times, and I say them with intent.

Here’s an important fact for you to remember when choosing your words. Ask yourself, “Why are these words important to me? Once you decide what they are, write them down. I don’t care if you store them in your phone, write them in a notebook, or tattoo them on your body. If you don’t write them down, chances are you won’t remember them, and if you don’t remember them, you can’t say them!

This is a simple and easy practice to do. This might even be the easiest self-improvement technique you will ever learn, and you can do it anywhere, at any time. If you forget to say them in the morning, you can say them as you drive to work. If you forget to say them in the car, you can say them in your head as you are standing in line at Starbucks. If you do a downward dog stance at Starbucks, people will know you are doing yoga. If you say your three words in your head, no one will know.

When I first started saying my words, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember them. I’d wake up, and I just didn’t know what they were. It was like my brain didn’t want to work so hard to be doing all of this changing, so it refused to remember them. Of course, I know them now. In the past year that I have been saying them, I have seen a change in myself. Every day, I am becoming more of the person I want to be, and it’s empowering. Let me share words others have used: present, enthusiastic, authentic, compassionate, helpful, connected, courageous, and fearless.

Here is my challenge for you. Choose three words that define the person you want to become, write them down, and, for the next 30 days, say them every morning — several times, with intent, like a mantra — and I guarantee that after 30 days of doing this, you will see how you are becoming more of that person you want to be, and how your life has changed for the better because of it.


Tax Resolution Marketing: Message Match to Your Market

In my videos about Direct Response Marketing for your tax resolution practice, I have talked about the “Winning Ingredients” to get clients to come to you. (Watch that video here.) There are three keys to the process.

  • The First Key is: Having a USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • The Second Key is: Benefits vs. Features (Watch the Benefits vs Features video here.)
  • The Third Key: Message Match to Your Market

Click Here Watch The “Message Match to Your Market” Video NowMichael Rozbruch Tax Resolution Marketing Strategy Message Match Marketing Video

So many people in the tax resolution niche are marketing and advertising and their messages are not landing on the right folks. This drives up your lead, and new client acquisition costs.

You can be the best marketer in the world, you can be the best salesperson in the world, but if your marketing is falling on the wrong ears or eyes, you’re just wasting a ton of money.

You need to figure out where people, who have a high propensity for tax problems, hang out and then get your message out in front of them. This will keep your costs in line to obtain qualified leads and to acquire new clients.

Gary Halbert, who was one of the most celebrated and successful direct response marketers of our time, would say “if you were to open a restaurant and you could choose just one advantage to improve your restaurants chances of success, what would you pick? A great location? A great staff? The best quality food?”

While all of these would be nice, the most important advantage to guarantee success would be a starving crowd!

One of the things you need to realize is that people don’t want to be concerned with the technicalities of what you do. What gets prospects to hire you is if they can trust you to complete the service that they’re hiring you for. People need to be understood before they hire you. Everything I talk about is trust based marketing.

So, having a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), high-lighting benefits versus features, and matching your message to the appropriate target market is all about trust based marketing and those are the three keys that you need to focus on to get clients to come to you.

We’ll see you on the next video.

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Tax Resolution Marketing Tip: Benefits vs. Features

In a recent blog post I wrote about the 3 winning ingredients for a successful direct marketing campaign (read it here). The first key I described was the importance of having a Unique Selling Point (USP). Today I want to talk to you about the second key:

Benefits vs. Features in Your Marketing (click here to watch the video).Michael Rozbruch Tax Resolution Marketing Success Strategies

The Second Key:

Imagine the world’s deodorant supply evaporated and you were the only one on the planet that sold deodorant and you had a room full of it. How do you think you would do if you scribbled out on a cardboard sign the words “Deodorant for Sale?” Don’t you think that you’d be able to sell whatever amount of deodorant you had for whatever asking price you wanted Unfortunately, that’s not how most businesses operate. There’s a lot of competition out there. If you didn’t have competition there wouldn’t be a problem.

Having benefits versus features is important. Think about this: most CPAs and EAs who market tax resolution, list on their menu of services, website or in their marketing: “we do Offers in Compromise”, “we do penalty abatements”, “ we do installment agreements”. Those are features.

A benefit is: “Never having to meet or speak with the IRS”, “being able to sleep again”, “having peace of mind once and for all”, “settling your case for the lowest amount allowed by law as expeditiously as possible”, “we protect your income and assets from the IRS”.

If you happen to be in a business where there’s no competition then you don’t need to worry about benefits vs. features, but we all have competitive businesses today.

Remember: Features focus on telling the client what it is you do. Benefits convey to the taxpayer what it is they’re going to get after they use your services.


To learn more about tax resolution marketing or if you are interested in adding lucrative tax resolution clients to your practice on a predictable basis then click here to register for my deep dive online workshop called “The Five Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice”. Click on that link now. You’ll be entered for free and I’ll see you on the other side!

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Tax Resolution Success Summit – Early Bird Extended

We extended the Early Bird Special for our Tax Resolution Success Summit in Nashville to July 15th …
and this time when it expires, it’s gone for good!

Roz Strategies Tax Resolution Success Summit

Last year we sold out, and we are very close to selling out this year with only a few spots remaining!  BUT — what does this mean to you?

It means if you’re not there I can’t personally help you hit your goals for your practice! I had so much fun teaching last year and with so many attendees sharing their success stories, it would be a shame if you missed it.

Here’s just some of what you will get and take home with you if you attend the Tax Resolution Success Summit in Nashville on August 17-18:

  • You’ll Be Creating Your Own Marketing Plan
  • You’ll Determine Your Budget by Reverse Engineering How Many Leads You Need to Hit Your Goals
  • Learn What Marketing Strategies to Implement, and in WHAT ORDER TO Implement Them
  • Learn How To Follow Up with Your Leads
  • Learn How To Use the 433A as a SALES TOOL in Your Initial Consultations and Get Retained On The Spot!
  • Learn How to Charge AND Collect BIG fees—Upfront and in Advance
  • And so much more… 


  • Michael teaching for 2 days!
  • Kute Blackson, Keynote Motivational and Inspirational Speaker (that billionaires turn to for advice)
  • Travis Lee—How to get lists of people with IRS Problems and how to implement your direct mail campaigns
  • Larry Lawler (ASTPS) IRS and Client War Stories (and how to solve workload issues)
  • Fred Katz—How to sell without selling 

There are only a few days remaining before the extended EARLY BIRD registration discount ends.

Roz Strategies Insider’s Circle members can still save $100 and register for $199 (and guests are just $99). After midnight Friday it goes up to $297. Even, if you’re not a member, you can still get in for $347 before that ticket goes up to $497 on Midnight Friday. 

You’re not going to find a bigger opportunity to work with me personally and implement the strategies you need to attract, close and get tax resolution clients to pay you up front—even before the case is settled.

Being in Nashville will benefit your business immediately because you’ll take home a customized “playbook” of marketing and sales strategies you can deploy Monday morning.

To register for the event click on the link below:

Tax Resolution Success Summit Registration

If you have any questions you can contact:

  • Becky:
  • Sue:
  • Or call our offices@ 888-670-0303

Looking forward to seeing you in Nashville!

To Your Continued Success,

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