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Following Up with Your Offline Leads

Tax professionals – how do you follow up with your leads?

It’s mission critical for you to follow up with the leads you receive from your online and offline lead generation efforts. Offline leads are generated from marketing in newspapers, trade journals, brochures, newsletters—basically everything that’s offline that you’re driving to have the person ask for your free confidential report. Online leads are generated from your website or internet marketing efforts.

Watch my video to learn how to follow up with offline leads.

Following Up with Your Offline Leads for Tax Professionals

First Step:

You need to get their contact information. If you’ve set up your phone message correctly and, your online landing page, you’re going to capture the information you need. Once someone gives you their information, you need to deliver the free report, or the DVD or whatever you promised to deliver.

What happens if you don’t hear from them after you’ve sent your lead generation magnet? Watch the video now and find out the proven follow-up steps to take to have your leads contact you. 

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Fun Tax Fact from 1834

A cult leader deeded 600 acres of land to “God” in 1864, but the State of Pennsylvania took back the land because “God” didn’t pay his property taxes.

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Practice Positive Self-Talk

Practicing positive self-talk is one of the first steps to becoming a successful tax resolution practitioner. 

My most successful Tax & Business Solutions Academy members practice positive self-talk. Their mindset is tuned to be positive vs. dwelling on the negative. This translates into confidence that their clients – and potential clients – can hear, feel, and see.

Let’s face it, no one is going to hire you if you are doubting yourself.

To come across in positive way, start from within. Get rid of the negative trash talk that may be clouding your head. Did you know that negative self-talk can lead to feelings of worthlessness, higher stress levels, and depression? The scary part is, the more you negative talk that fills your mind, the more you’re prone to believe them as truths. Here are some simple steps to get on the track to positive self-talk.

Give Your Negativity a Nickname. Call yourself out on your negativity and give it a nickname. When a negative thought pops into your head, tell yourself to stop being a “Negative Nelly” and rephrase your thought (see next point).

Think It Is Possible. When a negative thought starts up, practice stopping the thought and re-phrasing it. For example, instead of saying “I’m fat,” try saying “I want to lose 10 pounds and I know what I need to do.” This thought gives you a way to address the problem instead of dwelling on it.

Best Buddy Test. If negative thoughts are lurking, ask yourself if your best buddy would say those thoughts to you. Would your best friend call you “dumb” or “stupid” or “ugly”? Or would you say those things to a best friend? If you are saying something to yourself that you would never say to another, than it is not okay to say it to yourself!

The more you practice positive self-talk, the easier it is to love yourself and to project yourself as a confident, cool person to others. I guarantee that once you have mastered this, you will feel happier, less stress, and more alive than ever!

Stay positive!

What You Shouldn’t Be Doing to Get Tax Resolution Clients

This week I want to talk to you about something you shouldn’t be doing, and that’s buying leads from lead aggregators.

Watch my video to find out more about why you shouldn’t buy leads from lead aggregators.

Michael Rozbruch's video on why you shouldn’t buy leads from lead aggregators. 

In case you didn’t know, lead aggregators are firms posing as tax resolution companies that collect taxpayers’ information after responding to radio and TV commercials and then turn around and sell this information to unsuspecting practitioners as “fresh” already qualified leads mostly on a “pay-per-call” or “pay-per-inquiry” basis. They generally “promise” they will transfer these calls to you in real time during normal business hours. Or they may sell you leads they’ve received from their internet marketing efforts.

What they don’t tell you is that you’re the 4th person they sold that same lead to. They also won’t tell you that 99% of these leads are “unqualified”. In other words, they owe the IRS much less than $10,000 and in many cases just a few hundred dollars. That’s because they mostly advertise on obscure radio stations. Most of these companies are not upfront and forthright with you. Buyers beware. Be very aware.

Some of these aggregators are actually owned by the large national tax resolution firms, so they’ve already cherry picked the best leads for themselves and sell you the crumbs.

If you haven’t already, watch my video to learn more about why you shouldn’t buy tax resolution client leads from lead aggregators.

– – – – –

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How To Get a $100,000 Fee in Your Tax Resolution Practice

Do you want to know how to collect $100,000 fee? 

I know it sounds unbelievable, but these types of cases exist if you know what to look out for.

Your bread and butter tax resolution cases are going to be in the $5,000-$7,000 fee range, but I’ve collected $100,000 fees in my tax practice, and one of our members, just collected a $100,000 fee from one of his clients.

Do you want to know what our member said to close the deal? Watch the video now and find out! 

Michael Rozbruch on How to Collect $100,000 Fee in Your Tax Resolution Business

To recap:

In order to collect large fees certain things need to be present:

  • There has to be complexity and urgency in the case.
  • There needs to be a very large IRS tax debt involved.
  • The client perceives the value you’re providing.

Our member’s client owed the IRS and State over $3 million. There was an impending administrative summons that needed to be handled. There was a collection due process hearing request that needed to be filed ASAP. There was an aggressive RO breathing down the client’s back. It also didn’t hurt that the client had already paid $42,000 to a large national firm several years ago and didn’t resolve the matter.

Watch the video now!

Do you want to add lucrative tax resolution clients on a predictable basis to your practice? Learn more about getting in the business of growing your business in my deep dive online workshop called “The Five Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice”. Click on this link to be entered for free and I’ll see you on the other side!

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