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How to Implement Your Own Audit Protection Plan

Discover this ONE Proven and Simple Strategy That Adds Tens of Thousands of Dollars to Your Bottom Line Tax
Season after Tax Season

Most of you know me as a pioneer in the tax resolution industry. What a lot of you may not know is that also I co-founded an audit protection plan company in 2013 that offered these Plans to consumers. We sold over 250,000 audit protection plans in a span of three years!

I took that knowledge and experience and created an audit protection plan that practitioners can offer their clients…with one HUGE “twist”…

I’m doing an online master class on this on Thursday, November 9th
11:00 a.m. Pacific and 2:00 p.m. Eastern
where I’m going to reveal this ONE secret
that gets your clients AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in your Plan that gets you recurring revenue from existing tax clients without spending a penny on advertising!

Oh, and did I mention there is no “selling” involved either. 

In the master class I will show you how to implement your very own audit protection plan where 85% or more of your 1040 and 1120 tax prep clients will automatically take it.

Even if you only prepare 100 tax returns, you don’t want to miss this class!

Click here to watch the video now:

Michael Rozbruch How to Implement Your Own Audit Protection Plan

Learn How to Implement Your Own Audit Protection Plan
That Has a Proven 85%+ Client “Take-Rate” That
Adds $25,000-$50,000+ of Additional,
Recurring Revenue Each Year
While Doing the Same Amount of Work You’re Already Doing.

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Tax Resolution Training – Marketing Comes First

What do your prospective clients see when they walk into your front lobby or reception area? 

You’ve got to think of marketing as the overarching umbrella to everything you do.

It’s costing you a lot of money to get someone to show up, and you want that person to know that they have come to right place, and that you are going to be that person who’s going to resolve their tax problem.

In today’s video, I’m going to share what your office lobby needs to look like to give that perspective client a feeling of confidence that you are the right person to help them—before you even greet them.

Click here to watch the video now.

Michael Rozbruch Tax Resolution Training - Marketing is Everything

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Audit Protection Plan and Toolkit

Learn How to Implement Your Own Audit Protection Plan

That Has a Proven 85%+ Client “Take-Rate” That Adds $25,000 $50,000+ of Additional, Recurring Revenue Each Year While Doing the Same Amount of Work You’re Already Doing.

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Roslyn’s Food for Thought: What’s in Your Lifebook?

This is a guest post from Roslyn Rozbruch, President of Michael Rozbruch’s Tax & Business Solutions Academy™

What’s in Your Lifebook?

Michael and I attended a four-day retreat just outside of Chicago called Lifebook. It was an amazing experience at a place owned by Jon and Missy Butcher, a couple from the mastermind group we belong to. Without going into all the details in this blog post, one of the many  takeaways I came home with is being conscious about my life and how I live it. What’s interesting is that over three years ago when Michael embarked upon starting our business, everything in our life was changing: One daughter graduated college and moved up north to attend grad school; our other daughter also moved and decided to focus more on her stand-up comedy; we sold our dream house (which was too big for the two of us) and decided to rent until we figured out what the right size of our next house would be; and our favorite restaurant that we ate dinner at every Friday night since our second date (over 33 years ago) went out of business. Since that time, I think Michael and I have been very conscious of how we’ve been navigating this chapter of our lives. Attending Lifebook took our consciousness to another level of awareness.

Saying we took our consciousness to another level sounds a little woo-woo, but another way to look at it or define it is to say we learned how to be strategic about the choices we make in our lives. It sounds peculiar to say that after attending a self-improvement retreat I learned how to be strategic in my personal life, but actually it makes total sense. Michael and I are very strategic in our business. We set specific goals and map out a written plan to attain these goals by a specific date. In my personal life, I have set goals for myself: the vacations I want to take, my exercise routine, and the friends I make an effort to spend time with.

So many times, we are on autopilot with our lives. We have an idea of things we want to do, but maybe it’s a fuzzy idea. Attending this event helped us focus and get more clarity on each area of our lives and set specific goals. There are 12 life categories that make you who you are, and some of these categories include health and fitness, relationships and love, parenting and social, and money and career. Within each category, we were asked to reflect on four areas:

  1. Premise: What are our beliefs in this area?
  2. Vision: What do we want for ourselves in this area of our life?
  3. Purpose: Why do we want this for our life? 
  4. Strategy: What are the steps we will take to make this happen in our life?

Michael and I came home not only re-energized and excited for what we have planned in our personal lives, but we also came home with an actual book (our “Lifebook”) with everything printed out and the templates on our laptops to revise whenever we want.

So, here’s my question for you: What are your beliefs, visions, whys, and strategies for your life? Do you have specific, personal goals for yourself with a strategic plan to achieve them? It’s something to think about. If you are interested in learning more about Lifebook, check out their website: If you have questions you can reach out to the president, Sandra Garest at If you decide to attend, mention Roz Strategies and you will receive a discount.

– Roslyn Rozbruch

Fun Tax Fact About Imported Toys

The US has a law that importing toys resembling humans are taxed higher than those who don’t. Marvel Toys went to court and argued that X-Men action figures should be taxed lower because they are actually mutants. The court agreed with Marvel.

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“How to Get Your Own Book Done in 9 Days!” Training Webinar

Please join me for a free webinar featuring my special guest and Mastermind member, Attorney Charlie Price who will show you, in great detail, how he wrote his own lead generation book, “I Can’t Pay the IRS…Now What?” in just 9 days!

“How to Get Your Own Book Done in 9 Days!” Training Webinar
September 21, 2017 at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 Eastern

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During this free training, Charlie will show you how he grew his tax resolution practice from nothing — to four to five clients a week, at an average of $5,000 each, without radio ads, television or spending lots of money.

He did it by writing a book and using that book to increase his Authority, Celebrity and Expertise.  And he’s going to show you EXACTLY how he did this — STEP-BY-STEP!

86% of all professionals know they need to write a book…but only 1% actually do write their own book!  1%!!! He wants you to join the 1% club! .. because you can DOUBLE and TRIPLE your income!

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michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy

How to Follow Up with Qualified Leads

Tax professionals:

How do you follow up with qualified prospects that you’ve already met with in your office, or on the phone, and had the initial consultation with?

On the last two videos, I talked about how to follow up with both your offline leads and online leads. This video is on following up with prospects you just had your initial consultation with and that didn’t retain you…yet!

Michael Rozbruch Tax Resolution Training Video

Make no mistake about it — there are fortunes in the follow up.

What I did for 16 years, and what I teach my members to do now, is that after a prospect has come in for their initial consultation, or the one you had on the phone, and for whatever reason they didn’t retain you, you need a formal system in place to follow up with that prospect, consistently and frequently, for the next 180 days until they retain you.

Watch this week’s video to uncover the secret to getting retained through these easy follow up steps

Click here to watch the video now.

Do you want to learn more about tax resolution marketing? Or are you interested in adding tax resolution to your practice, where you can count on a predictable income year round? Sign up for my deep dive online workshop called “The Five Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice”. Register today and you’ll be entered for free and I’ll see you on the other side!