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Introducing Tax Resolution Services to Your Clients

So—you’re interested in doing tax resolution work,
but how do you introduce this service to your existing clients?

You’ve made the decision that you’re going to start offering tax resolution services. How do you let your clients know that you’re doing this type of work? I guarantee you that if you have 200 or more regular tax prep clients, you have cases worth $5,000 sitting right under your nose, but you’re missing out because they don’t know you do representation work.

Watch this video and I will tell you exactly what to do to get your clients to contact you if they have a tax problem. Even more importantly,they’re going to tell the people in their circle of influence, who have a tax problem, that you can help them.

Watch now for my stealth referral strategy that gets your existing client base to “raise their hand” letting you know they have an IRS problem and start monetizing this segment of your practice.

I’ll see you on the next video.

P.S. If you want to get retained by one new tax resolution client a week, you need to be spending 80% of your day  generating leads and speaking with prospective clients.

To learn more about adding $20,000 a month in additional income click this link for my deep dive online workshop called  “The Five Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice”.

You’ll be entered for free and I’ll see you on the other side!

Your Best Tax Season – Market Now – Work Later

Did you know that right now, sitting right under your nose,
you have tax resolution cases that are worth $5,000 to you,
but you don’t know about them because your clients
don’t know that you do Representation work?

Tax season is the absolute best time of the year to market to tax resolution clients. Why? For 3 reasons.

Number 1: Taxes are top of mind with everyone right now, especially with non-filers and people who owe back taxes, because they’re being bombarded with all kinds of advertising and marketing by the large national DIY online filing service companies.

Number 2: You can do a lot of the actual work after April 15th. You can take the clients on now, do the transcript analysis, get all their delinquent returns prepared, but do the actual tax resolution phase of the case after April 15th.

Watch the video now to find out the 3rd reason, and to hear how one of my members made more money with 3 tax resolution clients than he did with 106 tax prep clients.

michael rozbruch video your best tax season

I’ll see you on the next video!

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Do You Know What to Charge for an Offer in Compromise?

I was on one of the tax forums I belong to in LinkedIn and one of the group members posed the question,
“What do I charge a new tax resolution client?”

Do you know the answer to that?

There were about 8 or 9 comments regarding this post: One person said charge $1,000 – $1,200. Another said charge $1,500; and someone else posted, “Just charge your hourly rate, mine is $200.”

Then I scrolled down and one of the posts from a group member said:

“Get at least $5,000 for the case, get 50% of it upfront, and make sure you get a signed ACH Authorization Form to collect the future remaining recurring payments.” I looked at the name, and the person happened to be an Insider Circle Roz Strategies member!

My point is, get out of the “time and efforts” business when it comes to your practice. Get out of the routine of trading dollars for hours. You will never reach your next level of success this way.

Tax problem resolution lends itself very nicely to value pricing. As a CPA, an Enrolled Agent, or an attorney, you are uniquely qualified to take advantage of this situation because you’re the only 3 credentialed people on the planet who can represent clients before the IRS.

During tax season one client generally means one tax return, one fee. The season is short and then you’re back looking for work. When you do representation work, you get new clients year-round and one client can often mean four to seven tax returns plus the fee for resolving their tax problem. So, what would you rather have, one tax prep client that pays you $350 or one tax resolution client that’s worth $5,000 and more? Watch the video now to learn more about the value of doing tax resolution work.

michael rozbruch tax resolution training

I’ll see you on the next video.

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Tax Season Confession and Special Training Offer

I have a confession:

I love Tax Season.

I LOVE this time of year!

I know, I know. Not everyone does, especially now with the enactment of the new Tax Reform bill (and having to answer a thousand questions from every client).

But for me, no matter what’s happening in my world – good or bad – I feel an extra sense of spirit and deep gratitude for life this time of year. Why?

You see, I’ve never had to deal with the boom and bust of tax season with my tax resolution practice.

During tax season, I wasn’t working 16 hour days.

I wasn’t chasing unpaid invoices or answering countless questions.

I wasn’t worried about tax season at all! Why? Because it wasn’t my main income stream and I had $5000+ clients coming through the door all year.

And now I wake up and think how I can help you achieve your goals and improve your lives. (Like with this live training I’m doing tomorrow!)

I know a lot of you are poring over this new legislation and are already anticipating that each tax client appointment is going to take much longer this year….time you’re not being compensated for. Time taken away from your family, friends, leisure activities…

During tax season one tax prep client means one tax return, one small fee.

The season is over before you blink and then you’re back pounding the pavement for profitable business.

When you’re a tax resolution practitioner you get new (much more profitable) business all year round. Often one tax resolution client means four to seven tax returns because they are frequently behind in their filings, PLUS the fee for resolving their case.

My wish for you this tax season is that you can finally get off the tax-season treadmill and I want to help. Join me for this free training I’m doing on Wednesday where I will share with you my 5 simple secrets on building a profitable tax resolution practice, year round.

Let’s kickoff this tax season together and start adding $5000+ clients to your practice. Click here to join:

My wish for you is that you too can LOVE tax season. Look, the times have changed and it’s time to do something different this year.

Wishing you a phenomenal 2018,

Trump’s New Tax Reform Bill is a Marketing Opportunity

Do you want to know how you can turn all the
hoopla and noise around the new Tax Reform Bill into a
huge marketing opportunity for you right now?

News reporters, local TV news and, radio stations, are all looking for expert commentary on the new Tax Reform Act that goes into effect this year. What better expert than you to give them your take on what it means to the general taxpaying public. Contact your local radio and TV stations, local newspapers, and they’ll interview you.

Another way to use the Tax Reform Act to promote you as the “go-to” expert is to do a brief summary of the new Bill and post it on your blog and promote it through social media.

Watch the video below for more tips on turning the enactment of this historic tax reform bill into marketing opportunities for you.

Tax Reform Bill Marketing Opportunity

We’ll see you on the next video.

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