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What Do Taxes and Wedding Dresses Have in Common?

This past spring, Roslyn and I flew out to New York to visit our daughter. Erica got engaged over the holidays, which means she and Roslyn are in full wedding planning mode. While we were out there visiting, Erica scheduled an appointment to look at wedding dresses with Roslyn at Kleinfeld Bridal. If you haven’t heard of this bridal boutique before, you may have heard of the reality show set there called, “Say Yes to the Dress.” You can Google it if not.

I didn’t intend to go to Kleinfeld myself. My plan was to walk around the City, find a good cigar bar, and have a stogie. But I decided to tag along. How often do you get to visit a snooty dress store in NYC, where the staff keep their noses up and try to sell you dresses way outside of your budget? At least, that’s what we thought Kleinfeld would be like. Instead, Roslyn and I were completely wowed by the exceptional customer service. Continue reading

Learning From Someone Who Has Built a $20 Million Dollar Tax Resolution Firm From Scratch

I think it’s important to ask yourself…where else can you go to learn from someone who has built a $20 million dollar firm from scratch? The answer is nowhere.

Continue reading