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My Version of Success

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My version of “success” is helping to make a difference in people’s lives.

I realized this after years of teaching staff when I ran my tax resolution company and teaching others through continuing education programs. Now at Roz Strategies, helping helping CPAs, EAs, attorneys and other professionals learn, give, and grow in the tax resolution business gets me up and out of bed every day!

When I help someone, that feels successful. And help isn’t contained to tax resolution. Whether I’m helping someone by doing them a favor, or helping them find success in an unrelated business, or just being there, helping out makes me feel good — really good. And that feeling (being happy from within) is my true meaning of success.


A Life, A Business and A Love I Never Imagined

michael_roslyn_rozbruchLast month, when Roslyn and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary, we chose an Italian restaurant at random to go out to dinner together and celebrate. When we arrived, we were shocked to realize that this was the same restaurant we’d gone to on our very first date.

As we were taken to our table, we realized that not much inside had changed in 33 years. We sat down to dinner, and couldn’t help reminiscing a little. When we’d went on our first date in 1983, the restaurant had been French, and I, in my desperation to impress Roslyn, tried to be fancy and ordered the same thing she ordered — quiche. A book had come out called “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche,” and it was about as trendy as quinoa and kale are today — except, as it turned out, I had no idea what quiche was. I ended up with a slice of a lumpy, eggy pie that I couldn’t identify and spent the rest of the night starved.

Of course, Roslyn thought the whole thing was hilarious. She was too busy playing hard to get to try to impress me, so she spent the night with a stomach full of food and laughs, while I tried to talk over the sound of my rumbling stomach. We talked a lot about that night as we celebrated 31 years of marriage, and what struck us most was that if someone had come along and stood next to our table and told us that 33 years later we’d be married, best friends, confidants, and business partners, we’d have told them they were nuts!

But it’s the truth. Without that beautiful girl who was sitting across the table from me that night, none of this would be possible. I wouldn’t have the beautiful life I do, and I wouldn’t get to work with such great people, helping them grow their practices and change lives.

We also celebrated another big milestone last month: It was our two-year anniversary since we’ve launched our business. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the coincidence in that. If someone had told me when we opened up shop that we’d have so many of the incredible members we have today — some who have stuck with us from the very first day — I’d have hoped they were right, but I’m not sure I’d have believed them. Just like I wouldn’t have this amazing life without Roslyn, I wouldn’t be where I am without you, my great members.

I didn’t imagine when we started out that every person to become a part of our business family would become so important. Roslyn and I love the emails, calls, and messages we get full of your successes and growth. I know how lucky I am to work with such an elite group of people who’ve made the commitment to invest in their own success. I want every person who has bought our products to have the successes that they do. I want them to have access to the monthly training webinars, the monthly Q&A calls, the Millionaire Smarts productivity calls, and the monthly done-for-you newsletter to send to referral sources, clients and prospects, and all the discounts to live events that come with membership.

For example, we’re putting on a huge Marketing and Sales Confidence Building Event in San Antonio in August and offering a big discount to members. We think this is going to be an incredible event — it is really going to be fun. We’ve created a way for people to really interact and engage in a workshop environment and be a part of it to learn the material in a way lots of other live events don’t make room for. People who attend will get a playbook, so they can write down their strategies as they go and learn ways to implement these strategies in their own practice when they get back to the office.

We’ll also be role playing how to conduct the initial client consultation and how to close a sale. The training manual is great, but being in a live event and able to ask the tough questions can’t be beat. There’s so much that you can learn and then be able to go back to your office with more confidence.

I’ve realized, absolutely, that if someone had told me 33 years ago that I’d have the opportunities I do, to put on amazing events and live casts like we did last month in Chicago, to help people grow their businesses, and to be doing exactly what we want, I’d never have believed them. I’d have coughed up my quiche right out on the table in shock. But looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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How To Get More Clients, Make More Money

I help CPAs, EAs, and Attorneys build highly profitable IRS tax resolution practices through proven marketing, sales, client control, and case resolution strategies. The #1 question that I always get asked from practitioners is:

What is the one thing I can do right now in my practice to get more clients and make more money?

There’s not one simple answer to that question, but in my latest video, I am going to share with you 4 simple steps that you must do to consistently attract your ideal client, make more money, and eliminate competition. You can watch the video below and under the video is a recap of the points.

  • HAVE A SYSTEM. You need a system if you want to consistently attract your ideal tax resolution client and bring them to you affordably, efficiently, and predictably like clockwork. Don’t waste your time or money trying to figure out which marketing system to use! 
  • BORROW FROM YOUR PROVEN CAMPAIGN. Using a proven campaign system will give you insight into which campaigns work. (View my video to hear an example of one of my proven campaigns that had a 9-to-1 return.) Borrow from that proven campaign system and use it over and over again. Don’t re-invent the wheel! 
  • POSITION YOURSELF AS THE ONLY LOGICAL CHOICE. Separate yourself from the others by creating marketing that showcases you in a unique light, unlike your competition. Consumers will see that no one else is doing what you’re doing. 
  • CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Put your marketing on auto-pilot and run your system continuously so you will steadily attract new clients month after month. You will never have to worry about whether or not you have enough business if you stay consistent. 

Following these four steps has taken some of my Tax & Business Solutions Academy members struggling from the brink of financial disaster to huge success. It will do the same for you once you put these four simple steps into practice!

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy


The Value of Relationships

This blog post is written by Roslyn Rozbruch, my business partner and wife. She shares with us the importance of valuing friendships and relationships because you never know how they may play a part in your life at some point in the future. 

“That’s the funny thing about life – you never know what’s around the bend. You never know when someone you enjoyed as a friend or an acquaintance might pop back in your life and reconnect in a wonderful way.” 

Roslyn Rozbruch Tax & Business Solutions AcademyBecky is our Manager of Client Happiness. Becky was Michael’s right arm and assistant from his previous tax resolution company. When we launched our new company, the door was always open for Becky to join us and four months later she was able to make the move to our Tax & Business Solutions Academy. One interesting fact is that I’ve actually known Becky longer than I’ve known Michael! I’ve mentioned my career as a hairdresser (read about it in my previous blog post) and Becky was a friend that I met in beauty school. And that’s the interesting thing about relationships — you never know how meeting someone in one moment of your life might lead to another moment later down the road.

I would have never imagined, when I met Becky at 18 years old, that we would someday be working together in a field completely different than the one we were pursuing at the time. As a matter of fact, after she married and had her son, she moved up north to Mendocino, which is close to San Francisco. By that time, more than 10 years had passed since we met, and our friendship was solid. I was sad to see her move so far away, but I also wanted to be a supportive friend.

In Mendocino, Becky and her then-husband bought a small restaurant that served breakfast and lunch. Michael’s father had owned a hotel at one time, as well as restaurants, and Michael was familiar with all the hardships that go with owning and operating one — so while I said, “Go for it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” Michael said to Becky, “The food business will eat you up.” At the time, I wasn’t too happy he said that — even if it was true. Anyone who knows Becky knows she didn’t take it to heart. Instead, she tucked his words in the back of her mind, and years later, when she moved back to Los Angeles, she said she was glad he’d said that to her.

I was thrilled when Becky returned, because I’d honestly thought our friendship would always be a distant one. Soon after Becky arrived in Los Angeles, she started applying for jobs in a field of work she was interested in, but asked if Michael needed some help in his office while she went on interviews. Michael’s tax resolution business was off and running and growing, and he had positions to fill. So he offered her a part-time position, and less than two weeks later said, “Can you start to work full time?” The rest is history. That’s why two years ago, she even followed us over here when Michael parted from his company.

That’s the funny thing about life — you never know what’s around the bend. You never know when someone you enjoyed as a friend or an acquaintance might pop back in your life and reconnect with you in a wonderful way. Think about it — do you have special relationships today with people you didn’t imagine connecting with before? I have met so many people in the most unexpected ways, and they have played a big part in my life when I least expected it.

So as you work hard during tax season, be sure to call a friend or acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while but enjoy spending time with. Who knows where that road will lead you!

– Roslyn Rozbruch 

Tax Practitioners – Want to Enjoy Year Round Revenue?

TAX PRACTITIONERS: Are you in the thick of tax season working super hard with little money in the bank worried about where your cash flow will be coming from after May?

It is understandable that you may not want to think about marketing for additional tax resolution work right now, but I want you to take a moment and really feel how you are feeling.

  • Do you feel motivated to get through all those tax returns when you know most of this commoditized tax preparation and accounting work is unprofitable?
  • Does it feel good to work so hard this time of year with little to show for it?
  • Do you want to feel this way next year?

If you want your revenue stream to flow throughout the year and not work SO HARD this time of year ever again, I recommend that you take a minute to read this post.

I work with solo CPAs and EAs and small CPA firm owners who are severely cash crunched right now. Most tax practitioners are working 80 hour weeks to meet the demands of clients before April 18th. They know they’ll make some money from these clients, but they also know those funds will have to last until next season.

Sound familiar?

This rollercoaster of profits and work leaves you feeling demoralized and drained. Imagine being on a racetrack and giving it your all, but you are riding on fumes that can only take you a short distance, but you have to keep going. The worst part is that this will repeat itself year after year until you make a change.

The change that will help you off the endless rollercoaster is to get your tax resolution practice going.

Tax season is the best time to present a solution to clients that have IRS problems and the best time to start marketing your tax resolution business. Here is why:

  • Taxes are on the top of everyone’s minds, especially troubled taxpayers.
  • Your tax resolution cases will provide you with predictable cash flow and profits through the summer months.
  • The IRS issues levy and lien notices all year round but tax season is when your clients with IRS troubles are awake at night with worry.
  • Most of these cases can be worked AFTER April 18th.

CPAs/EAs/Attorneys, if you are tired of revving up when all you have to run on is fumes, then it is time to step into the tax resolution business.

Let me show you my six secrets to a 7 figure Tax Resolution practice.  Click here to register for a free training workshop on Wed, Mar 9, 2016 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST:  http://bit.ly/1pohmYo

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

CPAs, Attorneys, and Enrolled Agents: Ready to Jumpstart Your Practice?

michael rozbruch tax resolution coaching membershipBy adding tax resolution to your list of services, you will can help troubled taxpayers who deserve ethical representation and watch your profits soar.

Chances are you already have 1 client in your database who has IRS problems and that client is worth $5000!

How do you jumpstart your tax resolution business?
The best athletes have coaches, right? So do the best tax professionals!

I’ve been in the tax resolution business for more than a decade. Join my exclusive Insider’s Circle Group for my expert coaching and receive these exclusive monthly benefits:

  • 90 minute one-on-one tele-coaching calls
  • Training webinars with detailed step-by-step instructions on marketing, client control, and case resolution
  • A Done-For-You newsletter to send to all your clients, leads, and referral sources
  • Lee Milteer’s Training Program for Practitioners and Entreprenuers
  • Access to guest expert and celebrity interview calls about the tax problem resolution niche
  • Weekly insider tips, industry whispers, and the latest best practices to generate new business
  • Access to the Member’s Only website and archive including templates, “Swipe and Deploy” letters to us, and special reports
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS: “Best of the Best” radio ads: a collection of my most prized and effective radio commercials

All of the above would cost your over $1100 but you can JOIN TODAY for just $297 a month. 

Getting ONE new client a year at $5000 pays for 17 months of membership!

CPAs, Attorneys, and Enrolled Agents: Ready to Jumpstart Your Practice? JOIN TODAY!

I look forward to having you in my Insider’s Circle!

michael rozbruch tax and business solutions academy