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Making the Most of Your Tax Resolution Practice

Tax resolution practitioners, ask yourself this:

When your clients walk out the door, do you think they will refer their friend or family member with IRS tax problems to you? 

Making the Most of Your Tax Resolution PracticeIf the answer is “no” or “not sure” then it is time to examine how you conduct your client relationships. I am saying this with the assumption that solving tax issues is not the issue.

Each client is potentially the gateway to a referral, so it is worth your while to go above and beyond (and get your staff is on board with this also). Here are a few simple tips that you can follow to make sure that your client likes your work – and likes you.

Collect Data and Use It
Did you know that the number one reason a customer stops doing business with any company is because they feel the company doesn’t care about them? Collect data about your customers. This doesn’t have to be done in a formal manner, but when you are talking to them note things such as the names of their kids or their dog or a major event that is happening in their life (besides the tax problem). The next time you see them, ask them about the event or how their kid’s first day of school was. This hits close to home with most people and shows that you paid attention and you see them as more than just as another client.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors
It never hurts to know what your competitors are offering. Keep tabs on your competitors and confirm that your offer is just as good – or better – to get the client in the door. This means from the get-go that you’ve started off the relationship giving the client the best offer out there.

Provide Extra Value
Once you have finished your case work with your client, do you have something to offer them that adds value to their time spent with you? For example, in November we will be formally launching The Audit Protection Plan System and Toolkit which acts as a safety net you can provide to your clients after you have resolved their IRS tax problems. It gives them worry-free audit protection and provides you with a recurring revenue each year. Be on the lookout for a Master Class workshop on this soon!

Get in the business of making the most out of your business!

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Providing Exceptional Tax Resolution Client Care

I want to talk with you about some important steps to providing exceptional tax resolution client care. Before we begin, let’s clarify the difference between a customer and a client.

Definition of a Client vs. a Customer

A customer is someone who comes to you and has one transaction. Think of it like a retail store and a customer comes in, buys something off the rack, pays for it and that’s it, you never see the person again.

A client is defined as someone that you have an ongoing relationship with, which is what we do especially when someone hires us to resolve their tax problems.

One of the first steps to exceptional tax resolution client care is to share your commitment to providing exceptional client care with your entire team. Take what’s in your head about your vision of what exceptional client care looks like and put it on paper, and have a meeting to make sure everybody else knows exactly what’s expected of them.

The second thing you need to do is to ask your clients what they consider exceptional client care. And you can do this through like a stealth survey about their experience with your firm, with your front office, etc. In my firm we had something that we called the 14 Touchpoint Client Assurance System, where we actually got the person on the phone in real time or they came into the office and we gave them a status case update, every 28 days.

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When I had my tax resolution company, we had physical, or live phone, contact 4 times within the first 96 hours of being retained. We made sure we told the client what was going on with their case, especially when nothing was going on with their case. The most important time to communicate with your client is when you’re in a holding pattern with the IRS or there’s nothing to be done on the case at that point. It’s important to remember to do this because if you are you’re charging their credit card on a monthly basis or initiating an ACH automatic bank debit for the recurring monthly payments; the client wants to know what they’re being charged for. Communicate consistently and frequently during these periods of inactivity (through no fault of your own).

One of the other things that you need to do is you have to accept that quality is going to cost something. I mean think about it—what’s the difference between staying at a Motel 6 versus a 5 Star hotel experience? Clients are willing to pay more for better service and better quality.

It’s important to keep these things top of mind when we’re talking about how you provide exceptional client care. It’s all about how the client perceives their experience with you firm.

Teddy Roosevelt famously said “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.