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Tax Resolution Marketing Toolbox


When I teach tax resolution marketing to my Inner Circle Group Coaching Members and folks who buy my done-for-you tax resolution business coaching products, I talk about the need to have a marketing toolbox.

Your marketing toolbox MUST INCLUDE brochures and newsletters that are devoted to tax resolution education and information.

Lorrie Thomas Ross (one of my academy instructors) spoke at the Orlando conference last January and shared a concept to help tax resolution practioners understand the right way to think about and approach marketing: think markEDing® (marketing + education).

Your target audience is craving help – from the moment they search for you and throughout the time from free consultation and during the entire tax resolution process, you need to be educating them.

It is your job to help your audience understand that they are making the right decision in hiring you.

Is your marketing toolbox ready?  My Tax Domination System & Toolkit is a “business-in-a box” system that gives you marketing and sales strategies to help you grow and thrive and the best part………

Most Of The Work Is Done For You! The Tax Domination System & Toolkit Package Set (that includes volumes One & Two) has nearly 1,000 pages including marketing templates for direct mail, brochures, media kits and press releases! Click here to learn more.

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Tax and Business Solutions Membership Call Schedule for March

Insider’s Group Coaching Members: Mark your calendars for the remaining events this month! Make it a memorable March!

Thursday, March 19th – 12 Noon Pacific – All Star Sales Clinic!
How to Overcome the Most Common Sales Objections and Close More Clients!

Join me and a special guest expert on this training webinar as we’ll show you the who, what, where, when and why on “closing” more tax problem resolution clients than you ever thought possible! You REALLY don’t want to miss this! You will walk away with the tools and information to close more sales than ever before-Guaranteed! Learn how to respond when prospects tell you they don’t have any money, they can wait, it’s not that bad, we we’re just “looking” and wanted more information and much, much more!

  • How to overcome the number one sales objection – No Money!
  • How to get prospects to retain you in the first meeting;
  • How to Use the “assumptive” close and take-away selling;
  • Learn techniques that will make you more money right now!

Tuesday, March 31st, 10am Pacific – Open Tele-Coaching Q&A Call for Members.
To help practitioners grow their tax resolution practices, avoid obstacles and get questions answered, I am hosting a special tele-coaching call for all Tax Resolution Success Insider’s Circle members.

This call is an open question and answer format. In this format, I will be able to provide detailed answers to ensure members have everything they need to succeed.  This is YOUR time, I am dedicated to helping you make money fast within the IRS Representation niche.

If you are not yet a member of my Tax and Business Solutions Academy Monthly Member Coaching Program, you can visit this page to learn more: http://bit.ly/WIEAKg

Why CPAs Need to Be in IRS Representation

CPAs – are you enjoying the stress of tax season? Consider trading in your tax preparation clients for more tax resolution clients.

I’m going re-address a common question for all the CPAs who are struggling in the thick of tax season (because there is a way out):

Q. “Why should I even consider doing IRS representation work?”

A. The biggest reason to choose tax resolution over tax preparation is that a tax resolution client is worth $5,000 minimum to you but that’s not the only reason why.

Another reason that CPAs need to get into tax resolution is that it’s a very specialized, niche practice which makes it a select premium service. IRS representation is not a commodity like tax preparation work. Very few practitioners and small firms are doing this. In fact, less than 5 percent of CPAs, EAs and tax lawyers are taking on IRS representation.

It’s time to start replacing your tax preparation clients with tax resolution clients.

Also, being able to resolve your client’s problem and help them to avoid financial crisis is one of the most self-rewarding feelings in the world. It’s about being appreciated by your client.

I built my tax resolution practice on my dining room table from scratch with no clients. Absolutely nothing. Zero to twenty million dollars in twelve years based off this system.

Subscribe to get my podcasts http://apple.co/17R7lKi as well as more video tips on http://taxresolutionmarketing.tumblr.com/

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Encore Training on How to Build Recurring Revenue

michael-rozbruch-webinarI wanted to make sure to remind you about a recent live training that I did which I consider to be the best training I’ve ever done! People went crazy over the “never before seen” secrets I shared. The training was a complete “behind the curtain” look at how to command more money in your tax practice. I am offering an encore presentation of that entire event for a limited time. To register for this complimentary training click on the link now! http://bit.ly/palooza15

In this training you’re going to find out how my top academy members are making over $60,000 in just 2.5 months’ time and why I’m the guy that turns ordinary practitioners into tax resolution rock stars!

This Tax Resolution Webinar reveals cutting edge information that will take you to the next level, even if you’ve been at this for a while and you’re stuck, or feel like you don’t know where to start, or you’re brand new.

This free training is for CPAs, Attorneys, EAs and other tax professionals who are frustrated that your average fee for tax return preparation is $300. I’ll show you how to add a $500,000 tax resolution practice within 12 months filling it with 3-10 new clients adding $15,000, $25,000 even $50,000 and more being deposited in your bank account every month!

  • You’ll learn how to tap into a ready-made market of 12 million prospects across America who are desperate for your help.
  • You’ll learn the exact strategies that I used to generate over $20 million in sales (while complying with regulatory and circular 230 restrictions on advertising).
  • Learn the secrets to increasing your hourly billing rates to more than 100% while getting paid in full from every client, before their case settles!
  • Learn what and how to charge your clients for an offer in compromise, a properly structured installment agreement, a currently not collectible case status and your penalty abatement cases.
  • Learn the one marketing secret that doubled my income literally overnight, with little to
    zero out-of-pocket costs (you can ethically “steal” this for your own practice).

Register now for the powerful capabilities that can give you the courage and the confidence to use IRS Representation as a cash producing tool in your life. Join us for this free encore training event! http://bit.ly/palooza15

How to Get In With Tax Resolution Clients

laptops-workingYou want people to want to retain you to solve their IRS problems—and they won’t willingly do so until you’ve effectively made your way into their lives. When I coach lawyers, CPAs and Enrolled Agents on how to get more clients for their tax resolution businesses, I teach with my vampire analogy.

Much like a vampire has to be invited across the threshold (we all know that forcing his way in will get him nowhere), you must receive an “invitation” before you can ever hope to get close to winning tax resolution client business. Unfortunately, unlike a vampire, your invitation requires a little more effort than simply showing up on their doorstep and hoping for the best…

If you want prospective tax resolution clients to contact you, you have to give them a reason to do so. There is no something for nothing in tax resolution marketing! This reason could be as small as a free souvenir or collectible—something to ensure that they remember you long after the first point of contact. This is called a premium, and it’s a sales incentive that’s nearly as old as vampires themselves.

I recommend that your premium be tailored to fit your demographic. While a customized key chain or ballpoint pen with your name emblazoned on the side is good (after all, it’s bound to keep you top of mind), something like a free educational report that someone with a tax problem would want to read is better. When you offer up valuable information to your potential customers for no reason whatsoever, you’re telling them that you genuinely care about solving their tax problem. If the information is truly beneficial, and you’ve refrained from hitting them with a sales “pick-up line,” they’ll not only willingly invite you across their metaphorical threshold, but they’ll be asking you to visit more often.

Invest in your clients’ lives so they will want to invest in your business. No, you don’t have to invite them over for Sunday dinner, and you certainly don’t have to show up on their doorstep every other day like a vampire (in fact, we strongly recommend against that), but you do have to continue to show them that you care long after the original “invitation.” Just like Dracula, that invitation can be withdrawn at any time, and once that relationship is lost, it’s nearly impossible to get it back.

For more tips like this, subscribe to my blog please join my “Inner Circle” Members Program at http://www.rozstrategies.com/inner-circle-membership-coaching.php

Tax Resolution Training Workshop for Tax Professionals

Mac-computerThe Live Training I did several weeks ago went better than any other training I’ve ever done. People went crazy over the “never before seen” secrets I shared and I didn’t hold anything back!

Those new to the Tax Resolution niche as well as those in the know were blown away at what I shared and what they learned. The comments and the feedback were off the charts amazing.  Thank you for that!

Later today at 7:00pm and Wednesday at 3:00pm and 7pm I am offering an ENCORE PRESENTATION of that entire event. Click on the link to obtain this FREE training now: http://bit.ly/palooza15

This Tax Resolution Workshop reveals cutting edge information that will take you to the next level, even if you’ve been at this for a while and you’re stuck, or feel like you don’t know where to start, or you’re brand new.

This workshop is for CPAs, Lawyers, Enrolled Agents and other tax professionals who are frustrated…frustrated that you’re not further along in your career…frustrated because you don’t know where (or when) you next new client is coming from. Or maybe the marketing strategies your using no longer work in this “new” economy.

I’ll show you how to build a $500,000 tax resolution practice within 12 months FILLING it with 3-10 NEW clients adding $15,000, $25,000 even $50,000 and more being deposited in your bank account every month!!

  • You’ll learn how to tap into a ready-made
    market of 12 million prospects across America
    who are desperate for your help…
  • You’ll learn the exact strategies that I used to
    generate over $20 million in sales (while complying
    with regulatory and circular 230 restrictions
    on advertising)…

  • See how to increase your hourly billing rates
    to more than 100% while getting paid in
    full from every client.
  • Learn what and how to charge tax problem
    resolution clients;
  • Learn the one marketing secret that doubled
    my income literally overnight, with little to
    zero out-of-pocket costs (you can ethically “steal”
    this for your own practice)…

Go register now for the powerful capabilities that can give you the courage and the confidence to use IRS Representation as a cash producing tool in your life.

Join us for this Encore Training Event TONIGHT Tuesday February 3rd at 7:00pm and TOMORROW Wednesday February 4th 3:00pm and 7:00pm your local timehttp://bit.ly/palooza15