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IRS Marketing

How do you take something that the IRS has said and turn that into a marketing opportunity?

Well, last week Nina Olson, who’s the National Taxpayer Advocate at IRS, came out and stated that the real audit rate in the United States is 6.2%, not 7/10 of 1%. Just to put that in perspective, 7/10 of 1% equates to just over a million audits, and 6.2% equates to nearly 7 million audits. So who’s right? Who’s wrong?

How do you turn that into a marketing opportunity? Here is what the IRS is doing. Their headcount has been decimated over the last 3 or 4 years. It’s down by 23%. So more and more, the IRS is relying on technology, and their computers are generating automatic notices. 70% of the time they’re incorrect. But here’s what the deal is, the IRS knows that there are much less protection rights for taxpayers when they send out these under reporting notices or these math error notices. There are no appeal rights with those. Not like in a real audit where you can appeal it. So your clients are getting all these notices to the tune of 7 or 8 million notices a year that the IRS doesn’t consider an audit. But to you and to your client, if they’re questioning an item on their return, that’s an audit.

So when you’re talking to your client about your Audit Protection Plan, it’s important to let them know that you’re handling all of these notices, not just audits. It’s very, very important. And the IRS is going to be sending more and more and more of these out as years go by, especially with the new Tax Reform Bill that was just signed and that’s effective in 2018. So take that information. Use it in handling objections. Use it as a marketing strategy that the IRS is sending out all these notices, which in fact is very, very true. You have to defend and resolve them. Your time is valuable. You’re either going to charge the client on an hourly basis or with one low annual fee in your Audit Protection Plan, which takes care of responding to all of these notices.

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Tax Resolution Marketing Strategy: The Power of Radio

I recently received an email from someone who said that they heard me on “The Bill Handel Show” and wanted to know if I could help them with a tax problem.

Image via Pixabay.comHere’s a little backstory: I advertised on “The Bill Handel Show” when I was running Tax Resolution Services Company, and I haven’t advertised on his station in six years! Yet, here it is six years later, and I receive an email from a prospective client that said he heard me on Bill Handel’s show and asked me if I can help him with his tax problem. That’s the power of radio. That’s the long tail that radio has.

Not only that, here’s the significance of the reach radio has: “The Bill Handel Show” is a radio show in Los Angeles, and he’s also syndicated in nearly 200 different demo markets across the United States. In other words, when I ran on his show it was like getting 200 60-second commercials playing at the same time. That’s a lot of ears listening!

I emailed this gentleman back and asked him about his decision to contact me. He told me his 86-year-old father heard me on Handel’s show almost 10 years ago. He wrote down my contact information on a piece of paper and stashed it away just in case he ever had an IRS problem. So fast forward to now, the son has an IRS problem, and he gave his son the piece of paper he’s been holding onto for years!

So let’s say you were advertising on radio, and let’s say you were advertising for a year, and then you went off to try other strategies. After you go off the radio, you will still continue to get calls from people who jotted your phone number down on a piece of paper and put it in their wallet, and when the time is right or when the IRS is levying their bank account, or their pain and discomfort is great enough, they’re going to take that note out of their wallet, and call you. That’s the power of radio.

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