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Should You Be Using Yelp?

Should you be using Yelp to market your tax practice?

The answer to that is an unequivocal yes because they have a free version and an advertising paid version, very similar to what Facebook is. Facebook as you know, allows you to set up a Facebook account and also advertise. But Yelp itself was started in 2004 as a restaurant review site. People would check Yelp reviews if they were going to their favorite restaurant.  So it started like 14 years ago. But since then, it has dramatically improved their platform and their search results.  Right now there are 70 million people searching and going to Yelp and they’re looking at your tax business before they make a decision.  So whether you have an exclusive tax resolution stand-alone practice, or you have a traditional CPA tax practice that does tax resolution, you should definitely be on Yelp.

And here’s how it works. You need to ask your clients, your customers to post reviews on Yelp. Because as you post more reviews on Yelp you will come up on the first page of search results. When someone is searching for your company, Google and Yahoo automatically put people’s Yelp profiles on the search results. So you want to get your clients to give you positive reviews on Yelp so that you can come up in the search results organically without paying to be on the first page of search results.    

Also, I’m going to give you some tips to get started on Yelp. The first thing you want to do is go to Yelp and claim your business.  

The second thing you want to do is add photos into your profile.  And you want to add as much copy and text into your profile as possible. There’s a lot of real estate there where you can use a lot of direct response keywords and phrases for your tax resolution business.  And the photos can be of your conference room, of your reception area, of your employees, of some Offer in Compromise acceptance letters, images of those would be great to use in Yelp.

Watch the video now to find out the third thing you should do to get started on Yelp.

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Are you Finding it Hard Get Tax Resolution Clients?

The two most important things in any business are Marketing and Innovation. Period.

Let’s take Marketing for example.

There are some people in this industry that will tell you to do “one” thing or that they have one marketing strategy for getting prospects to contact you. That’s very dangerous advice. The number “ONE” is the loneliest number in business!

Because it’s not IF, but WHEN that one strategy, that is responsible for 100% of your business stops working that you’ll find yourself with an emptied “pipeline”. And then what?

Having multiple marketing strategies employed simultaneously is not only smart business but it insures against relying on just one marketing strategy. For example, what if all your “eggs” were in the Facebook ads or Google paid search “basket” and Google arbitrarily changes their algorithms (which has already happened more than once) and your ads are no longer being served? Or, the cost of your ads just doubled, or worse?

Deploying multiple marketing strategies, both offline and online, results in all “ships rising in the harbor” and has given me 168 month-over-month consecutive revenue growth enabling me to help more troubled taxpayers settle their IRS cases and get my message out.

For 18 years I’ve always maintained a minimum of 3-4 offline and online marketing strategies deployed at the same time. I built an eight figure IRS Representation practice that way.

Want to know what these strategies are? 

We have created a free online training Master Class for tax professionals that want to start or significantly grow a lucrative tax resolution business. You can register for this free training HERE.

On this free training I’ll reveal:

1. The secret to generating all the leads you could ever want – including the three key questions you need to answer to attract highly qualified, easy-to-work with potential clients.

2. An EASY way to close 90% of the prospects you either meet in person or speak with over the phone. (Even if you HATE selling, this eliminates all stress, fear, and doubt.)

3. The “One Call Close” Consultation Strategy Script… Make DEAD CERTAIN you have pen and paper at ready, you won’t want to miss a single word!4. What to charge and even how to GET PAID IN ADVANCE – imagine how great it’ll feel knowing that you’ll finally be able to take home what you DESERVE!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get into the tax resolution business or expand your practice.

There are over 14 million taxpayers right now that are in the IRS’s Collection Division that need your help! There is way more demand than there are practitioners offering this service.

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Marketing Tip: Utilizing Press Releases

There are dozens of marketing strategies at your disposal, are press releases part of your marketing mix? Click here to watch my video about press releases now:

Michael Rozbruch Marketing Tip Using Press Releases

Here’s what you should put in a press release:

Mention any awards you’ve received in the recent past, even going back six months or a year. You should mention any pro bono work that you’re doing. Maybe you’re doing free tax returns for returning Vets, or maybe you’re going to have an open house at your firm. Or maybe you’ve had a recent speaking gig in front of realtors or other professional groups. This is a powerful strategy to put in a press release as it can garner future speaking engagements. Speaking is a wonderful way to get high quality referrals. These are the types of things you want to put in a press releases. After it’s written up, send it out to the media, to newspapers, to magazines, etc. It’s especially important to send your Press Releases out to local media which includes radio stations and TV stations. Check out www.usnpl.com to see where to send yours!

When your press release gets published and distributed it gets the word out and positions you, and sets up your “ACE” status, which stands for Authority, Credibility and Expert status.

When people see you in print, when they see your name or your firm’s name in print you’re automatically viewed as a celebrity which increases your value, your perceived value by taxpayers. It reduces price resistance, it reduces sales resistance. So make sure that you utilize press releases as a part of your marketing arsenal. It’s a very important tool in your toolkit. We’ll see you on the next video.

Until then—Get in the Business of Growing Your Business!

Watch my video “Utilize Press Release” here

Top Tax Resolution Marketing Mistakes

Tax resolution professionals: whether you are trying to grow your business, or start your business, you need to have a solid marketing strategy. Here are the top five most common – and costly – marketing mistakes that tax resolution practitioners make. If you click the image below, it will take you to my expanded post with information on each point.


Read my full 5 Costly Tax Resolution Marketing Mistakes for more details!

Most Common Tax Resolution Marketing Mistakes

The Three Most Common Mistakes Tax Resolution Practitioners Make When Marketing for New Clients

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.09.34 AMMistake #1:
Look, we all know we need new clients to thrive, but one of the biggest mistakes most professionals make is not tracking the results of their marketing and advertising efforts. They don’t know what works or what doesn’t.

It’s important to “tag” each and every type of direct response or lead generation advertising you do, whether offline or online, with unique identifiers such as toll free phone numbers (866, 877, 888) or URLs.  This way you’ll know the source that prompted the prospect to contact you. What’s even more important is you’ll know how well the lead source converted into actual clients.  You can receive a lot of leads from a source without converting them through no fault of you own.  For example, if you advertise in a depressed or low income demographic market, it’s likely that these taxpayers can’t afford your fees and probably owe the IRS just a few thousand dollars. Conversely, you may only get small number of leads from a “better” geographical or demographical area but they convert at a much higher rate. (These taxpayers’ owe a lot more to the IRS and CAN afford your fees).  What would you rather have….25 leads that converted into 1 client or 12 leads that converted into 3 clients?  Tracking your marketing religiously by lead source all the way through to conversion will give you the insight necessary to grow your practice more efficiently, quickly and much more profitably.

Mistake #2:  
I can’t believe how many practitioners don’t have a website or if they do, they don’t capture contact information from taxpayers wanting information about their IRS Problems. They don’t have a way to capture leads online. Some of the websites I’ve seen look like they were designed by their uncle Sylvester.

Today, you MUST have a GREAT website because any new potential client is going to go there first before they hire you to check you out. A great website should be created to get visitors to stay on it for a while so that they request your free content/information in exchange for their contact data. CPAs, Attorneys and EAs should not use their firm name as the big headline on their websites. Or, how many years they’ve been in business. No one cares!  No silly pictures of 1040 forms, or calculators, pencils or cityscapes. You need strong direct response copy and good educational and informational content that answer questions that prospects have concerning their IRS Problems.

Mistake #3:
Most professionals don’t know what it costs to get a new IRS Problem client.  If conventional tax prep or accounting client is worth $300 to $1,000 obviously you can’t spend a whole lot of money marketing to this segment of the population. But if a tax resolution client brings in at least $5,000 + and “drops” exponentially more money to your bottom line, you can invest a lot more money attracting these types of clients.

You need to change your thinking and realize that a tax resolution client is so much more profitable and ultimately more valuable to you than a traditional tax prep client or accounting client. Marketing for tax prep and accounting clients is not only “old school” but is a commoditized business today and has been for some time. When you only have a commodity to sell the only point of difference you can compete on is price. Not a pretty place to be. Getting back to our example of our tax resolution client…. Let’s say you make a 30% net profit on this type of client, which is $1,500, how much are you willing to spend to get more of these types of clients? This is the way you need to look at marketing in order to build your practice and enjoy the lifestyle you and your family deserve.

If you are a tax resolution practitioner and are interested in marketing your business, don’t miss our Tax Resolution Marketing & Technology Extravaganza, January 6th – 8th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

Get clear on your tax resolution target market!

It is critical to your sales success to know your tax resolution target market and clarify that in your marketing messaging. Are you putting qualifiers or conditions in your marketing? If not, you are going to waste time, energy and money attracting looky-loos, unqualified prospects, or worse, bad clients. Watch my video Your Target Market is Smaller Than You Think to learn more.

If you aren’t putting a IRS owed amount (Example: $10k, $20k, etc.) on your website, lead forms, in ads and messaging, you will attract people who owe under that amount.

Get more of my videos at http://taxresolutionmarketing.tumblr.com/