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Tax Resolution Marketing Toolbox


When I teach tax resolution marketing to my Inner Circle Group Coaching Members and folks who buy my done-for-you tax resolution business coaching products, I talk about the need to have a marketing toolbox.

Your marketing toolbox MUST INCLUDE brochures and newsletters that are devoted to tax resolution education and information.

Lorrie Thomas Ross (one of my academy instructors) spoke at the Orlando conference last January and shared a concept to help tax resolution practioners understand the right way to think about and approach marketing: think markEDing® (marketing + education).

Your target audience is craving help – from the moment they search for you and throughout the time from free consultation and during the entire tax resolution process, you need to be educating them.

It is your job to help your audience understand that they are making the right decision in hiring you.

Is your marketing toolbox ready?  My Tax Domination System & Toolkit is a “business-in-a box” system that gives you marketing and sales strategies to help you grow and thrive and the best part………

Most Of The Work Is Done For You! The Tax Domination System & Toolkit Package Set (that includes volumes One & Two) has nearly 1,000 pages including marketing templates for direct mail, brochures, media kits and press releases! Click here to learn more.

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Tax and Business Solutions Membership Call Schedule for March

Insider’s Group Coaching Members: Mark your calendars for the remaining events this month! Make it a memorable March!

Thursday, March 19th – 12 Noon Pacific – All Star Sales Clinic!
How to Overcome the Most Common Sales Objections and Close More Clients!

Join me and a special guest expert on this training webinar as we’ll show you the who, what, where, when and why on “closing” more tax problem resolution clients than you ever thought possible! You REALLY don’t want to miss this! You will walk away with the tools and information to close more sales than ever before-Guaranteed! Learn how to respond when prospects tell you they don’t have any money, they can wait, it’s not that bad, we we’re just “looking” and wanted more information and much, much more!

  • How to overcome the number one sales objection – No Money!
  • How to get prospects to retain you in the first meeting;
  • How to Use the “assumptive” close and take-away selling;
  • Learn techniques that will make you more money right now!

Tuesday, March 31st, 10am Pacific – Open Tele-Coaching Q&A Call for Members.
To help practitioners grow their tax resolution practices, avoid obstacles and get questions answered, I am hosting a special tele-coaching call for all Tax Resolution Success Insider’s Circle members.

This call is an open question and answer format. In this format, I will be able to provide detailed answers to ensure members have everything they need to succeed.  This is YOUR time, I am dedicated to helping you make money fast within the IRS Representation niche.

If you are not yet a member of my Tax and Business Solutions Academy Monthly Member Coaching Program, you can visit this page to learn more: http://bit.ly/WIEAKg

Special Webinar-Maximizing Your Brochure Marketing

On Wednesday, Sept. 17th at 12pm Pacific Time, I will be conducting a Brochure Marketing Makeover Training Webinar with special guest, Larry Lawler, CPA, EA and Executive Director of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS).

This training webinar is designed to help you to maximize your brochure’s effectiveness to generate more business for you! In the webinar, we will teach the following:

  • The 9+ “must haves” which drastically increase the effectiveness of every brochure;
  • Which 5+ Lethal Brochure Mistakes can keep the phone from ringing;
  • How to apply these same tips and strategies to your business cards and other marketing pieces.

This webinar is packed full of helpful information and is exclusive to my Insider’s Circle Coaching Members

If you are not already an Insider’s Circle Member to Get in the Business of Growing Your Business, click on the link to learn more: http://www.rozstrategies.com/inner-circle-membership-coaching.php


Life is a Highway, Your Practice is Your Vehicle


1968 Oldsmobile 4-4-2

My wife, Roslyn, and I have been married for almost 30 years now; she keeps me on the straight and narrow. She’s been undeniably supportive of all my business endeavors (and hobbies) and currently serves as Director of Operations here at the Roz Marketing Group. Together we have two beautiful daughters; our oldest is a stand-up comedian (you can usually find her doing a comedy gig on Sunset Boulevard), and our youngest just graduated, summa cum laude, from the University of Colorado at Boulder–she’s pursuing a Clinical Psychology PhD from Palo Alto University. Where she gets her book smarts from, I don’t know, but we joke that she’s got plenty of material for her psychology degree at home. I suppose the same can be said for the comedian in the family.

I consider myself a very lucky man to have been blessed with such a lovely family, but having lived my life surrounded by women, I’ve adopted some manly hobbies in effort to keep the balance. For one, I’m an avid cigar smoker–good cigars, that is–and passionate about classic cars. I don’t have a vast collection myself, but that’s only because I’ve poured most of my efforts (and budget) into one car, and one car only. A 1968 Olds 4-4-2. But (aside from my children) she’s my pride and joy. It’s the same car I had in high school (okay, not exactly the same, but replicated), but this time around I had enough money to have it modified; to turn it into the race car I always hoped it would be. Any “spare time” I have is almost always spent tinkering around in the garage or drooling over muscle cars at the nearest car show. Over the years, my passion for classic cars has overlapped with my passion for marketing–and before long it became apparent that the two aren’t as mutually exclusive as I originally thought.

You may have heard me say that I’m going to “supercharge your business.” Well, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the inner workings of an engine, a supercharger essentially adds 70 to 80 more horsepower on top of what you already have. If you let me coach you, I’m going to supercharge your practice! Which means you’ll walk away with 70 to 80%+ more clients than ever before.

But it doesn’t stop there. Ever heard of a dyno? A car dyno is a lift that keeps the back tires on a rotating spindle–which means you can floor it without going anywhere. It’s fun because you can see how fast  you can go, and how much horsepower you can make, without risking a ticket, and it’s beneficial for your car because it tunes the tranny drivetrain and syncs the engine. Well, we’re a dyno for your practice! We allow you to see just how powerful you can be and we fine tune your business while we’re at it. We ensure that all your components are in sync and that your engine is running smoothly. If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to build is a business as solid as an Oldsmobile chassis–with that in mind, there’s just one question: are you ready to supercharge your practice? Well then, start your engines!