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Roslyn’s Food for Thought – What Challenges You?

This post is from my wife and business partner Roslyn Rozbruch:

This past January marked our third annual Marketing and Technology Conference, which we host along with ASTPS. Coming home from the event, I had a conversation with Michael about the previous MTEs and how it all began back in October 2013. In one week, three people told Michael to read the book “The Millionaire Messenger” by Brendon Burchard. Every so often we like to reminisce (maybe me more than Michael) about our journey, how the seed was planted in Michael’s mind that week in October, and how I encouraged him to “go for it,” telling him I would join him on this adventure.

But let me tell you, it didn’t start off all rainbows and puppies. Starting a new business from scratch was challenging. The idea of teaching, learning online stuff, and creating materials swirled in Michael’s mind for a few years as something he eventually would pursue, but wasn’t sure how. I know it’s hard to believe, but Michael had his doubts about starting all over. I never doubted him, not even for one nanosecond. I knew he was the one that built his first tax resolution company and could do everyone’s job — because he did do everything when he started, and then trained his employees to do everything. And even before Michael had his tax resolution company, I saw him take small companies from failing to profitable when he worked in the corporate world.

The point is, life is filled with challenges. And what I’ve noticed over the past three years, not only with Michael and me, but with my friends and people in our herd, is that it’s human nature and instinctive to either pretend challenges aren’t there, or to consciously turn away from them. There are many definitions of “challenge,” but one of them, as listed in the Free Online Dictionary, is this: “A test of one’s abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating undertaking.”

Image via Pixabay.comInterestingly enough, I have found when we turn our back on a challenge, it follows us like a shadow and haunts us like a ghost that won’t go away. It’s so easy to say you will face your challenge, but just not today. What I have learned over these past three years of taking on something new is even though I’m uncomfortable with every new thing I’m learning and implementing, it’s so sweet once I’ve confronted what’s in front of me — and now I’m on the other side of it.

We all want to hide from the trials of our lives that face us, personally or in business, because it’s scary to face the unknown; it takes a lot of time, effort, and sometimes money to work through them. There is nothing more empowering than facing the challenge in front of you and working through it.

And here’s my food for thought for you: What challenges are facing you that you want to turn from? Don’t let fear be your guide. Be fearless, and be free. Don’t look back, look forward, and put one foot in front of the other. You’ll be surprised how far you can go.

Choosing Priorities

This guest blog post is written by my wife and my business partner, Roslyn Rozbruch (my biggest rock). 

Michael and I joined a new mastermind group called the Genius Network. This is a different setting than what we’ve attended in the past. First off, it’s a larger group of about 250 people, with meetings taking place all year. Members sign up for three meetings that are capped at approximately 50 people. There’s one big annual event that everyone can attend. Instead of the traditional “hot seat” format, this is more of a one person facilitating interactive group participation, with a few smaller breakout groups, sprinkled in with 10-Minute Talks led by different members during the day.

The best part of this mastermind is that it’s comprised of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world! I kid you not — Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines is one of the members! Most likely he won’t be at any of the smaller meetings Michael and I will be attending, but he’s spoken at the annual event.

With that said, I wanted to share what one person told the group that I found to be enlightening. I can’t remember who said it, but this man shared his insight about a problem we all face in our lives — not having enough time to do all the things on our to-do list. It’s impossible to accomplish everything on our lists, so we try and prioritize the order of importance of what to execute in our work and personal life.

Roslyn Rozbruch Food for Thought - Choosing PrioritiesThis man gave an analogy that gave me a new way of looking at how I prioritize my lists. To paraphrase, he said that if you have a bowl and you want to fill it with as many rocks as possible, it’s easier to put the larger rocks in first and the smaller ones in after because if you put the small rocks in first, it will be impossible to fit the larger rocks in after. He compared this statement with our busy lives, saying sometimes we focus on the small things that aren’t as important and run out of time for the bigger, more important things we need or want to do. For example: exercising. Exercising is one of the hardest habits to incorporate in life. It’s very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but most of us never have time for it because we are so busy. But if it becomes a big rock in our life, we will set aside time for it first, and those other less important things, like reading emails, can be done after.

What he said isn’t anything new, but more like an old problem with a new and different perspective. For me, thinking about what my big rocks are that need to come first somehow inspired me to be more specific in looking at what’s important to me as a rock that needs to go in my bowl first.

What about you? What are the big rocks in your work and personal life? Can you make a commitment to yourself to put them in your bowl first?

How Do You Face Challenges?

Roslyn Rozbruch – my business partner and wife – is the author of this post. 

Roslyn Rozbruch - How do you face challenges?We are all faced with challenges, but at least for me, I find that when someone I love — like a friend or family member — has a challenge, it’s easy to give advice. When I’m confronted by a challenge, my initial reaction is to avoid it, or tell myself I will deal with it another day. Rescheduling it is a real good denial tool, because this way, I’m telling myself I will take care of whatever the problem is, but just not right now!

To give myself some credit, I have to say that in the last two years of starting Tax & Business Solutions Academy with Michael, we have been on a whole new journey. I have “stepped up to the plate” on many levels, and working through difficult situations is one of them. For example, in December, my sister had to have neck surgery. She wanted to have it done after the New Year, but the surgeon had an opening right before Christmas, and I told her to schedule it then so I could visit. I knew that once January came, I would be traveling a lot. She took my advice and went ahead and had the surgery before the holidays. It was easy to visit her every day — gee, what a good sister I am!

What we all didn’t realize was that the surgery was complicated, and the recovery was hell on earth. So her husband, Bill, and I sat vigil next to her 24/7 for a week, but when Bill said they were going to send her home, I panicked because I knew she wasn’t in any shape to go home. Hence my challenge: I had to find a way to keep my sister in the hospital for a few more days, because I knew it wasn’t safe for her to go home yet. My initial feeling was, “I don’t know what to do or how to do it, nor do I have time to do it.” Yes, Bill is my sister’s husband and primary caretaker, but he needed some back-up help. We needed to team up, but it was tough. I wanted to say, “I have to go to work today.” Instead, I decided to meet this challenge, face it, and say, “I have the ability to figure this out.” And I did. Those extra days in the hospital made all the difference in my sister’s recovery.

So here’s my question to you:

Are you the kind of person who is good at facing your challenges, or do you like to reschedule them for another day? Or are you a combo of the two?

Some people are good at the work challenge and not the personal one, and others vice-versa. The point is, the next time you’re faced with a challenge, don’t walk away from it; I know you have the ability to figure it out. And when you work through it, whatever it is, you’ll feel empowered on the other side.

– Roslyn Rozbruch