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How to “Sell” the Transcript Analysis

John:  I have a sales question for you.  So you know I’m pretty good at closing deals but I’m very slow because I give the prospect a lot of free information before I sign them up because I just don’t get for myself, and I think my problem is I keep comparing consumers to how I would be the consumer which is wrong because there’s very different kinds of consumers and prospects.  But I don’t get how I can get someone to buy transcript analysis when we don’t even know potentially what their problem is.  So I have this fear on this side of my head where I’m selling them something that maybe they don’t really need because maybe they don’t really have a problem.  But on the other hand I feel like if we get some people to sign up for transcript analysis then they’re more invested, so then it’s easier to get them to sign on for other services that they might actually need.  But my question is should we try to sell transcript analysis upfront more often because right now I’m just providing it for free and then only trying to get them to do a deal once we see what their problem is.

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How to Get Sales Leads to Come to You

Michael Rozbruch Tax Resolution Strategy MarketingDo you feel like you have to track down and chase all of your prospects and leads? 

At this point, you probably know that it’s a losing battle. By the time you finally get them on the phone, you’re so weary from the chase that you’re not in any position to negotiate.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn the tables and get potential clients to come to you?

  • To get people to call you, you need to establish authority. Look at the situation from the client’s perspective, and always remember that they’re just looking for solutions to their problems. Fortunately, all of those sales conversations you’ve had should provide you with plenty of insight into what makes the prospective client tick. You’ve actually become the expert they need — and you can deliver that knowledge in the form of special reports, e-books, blogs, videos, emails, infographics, newsletters, or anything else that’s a good fit for your client.

If you position yourself as an authentic authority, you will win over prospects who view you as a valuable resource.

As long as you’re in it for the long haul, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell prospects when the solutions you have available aren’t right for them; it’s all part of your effort to become an authentic and genuine resource. This will boost your brand and increase quality referrals.

  • Another important step in getting leads to come to you is automation. You can’t do everything manually and expect to make enough sales to really excel, but you’d be surprised how much technology can help streamline the process of attracting leads. From email campaigns to e-books, you can automate the dissemination of educational information that your prospects will find useful, all of which include a call to action to get in touch with you. Some of these automation marketing tools include Mail Chimp, Infusionsoft, Aweber, and Ontraport.

As you put more effort into being an adviser and advocate — and less into being a pushy salesperson — you’ll find that each initial consultation (sales call) is a lot more productive. That’s the magic of screening prospects and dealing with warm leads who trust you as an authority, not just someone who wants to sell them something. Rather than establishing authority one phone call at a time, you can do it proactively and develop a reputation that makes sales success a whole lot easier!

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Tax Resolution Marketing Tip: How To Close The Deal

I have seen a lot of up-and-coming salespeople (even some seasoned veterans in the tax resolution business) believe that hard selling is the only way to close the deal. They’ve existed in a world where manipulative selling tactics are not only encouraged, but taught. They rely on urgency and aggression to force the recipient into the sale—usually unwillingly. And they wonder why clients want “out” of the engagement and their money back. This is why salespeople, or as we used to call them, tax consultants (or shall I say INSULTants), have such a bad reputation in our industry.

Today’s Tax Resolution Marketing Tip: How To Close The Deal

I have developed what I call my “high ticket sales strategy” (which is in the Tax Resolution Success Resource System, Module 2). It’s more of a “take away” and assumptive selling approach that has earned me a lot of money over the years, because it lends itself to a non-pressured, high close rate among prospects. The truth is, hard selling is a surefire way to dissuade prospects from buying. No matter how genuine you seem, or how legitimate your argument may be, a hard sell almost always comes off sounding like a scam—making you look like some kind of con artist. When your prospect feels pressured, they’re more likely to shut you out entirely—successfully abolishing any consideration of doing business with you in the future.

Fortunately, closing the sale doesn’t have to be “hard,” in fact, it should be the easiest part of the process.

In his book, “Salesmanship For the New Era” (which was written in 1929, by the way), Charles A. Mears encourages salespeople to think of the sales process as a flight of stairs—you can’t possibly leap from the bottom to the top without touching any of the stairs in-between, just like you can’t possibly jump from your opening line to closing the deal without hitting some steps in the middle. Skipping steps will get you there faster, but the bigger the step, the harder it is to take, and the more likely you’ll find the door slammed in your face at the top.

A truly good salesperson builds momentum one step at a time.

They escort the prospect to the top of the stairs and ask them to take just one more step—rather than one giant leap. With each step, and each resounding “Yes!”, the prospect inches closer and closer to the sale. By the time they reach the top, taking that one final step, with one final “Yes!”, feels natural. In this case, both the salesperson and prospect walk away from the sale feeling successful.

And what could have been a hard sell, suddenly seems easy.

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Here’s to smart sales!