Build a $600,000 Tax Resolution Practice - Get the Guide.

There are MILLIONS of taxpayers getting collection notices from the IRS. They are in desperate need of tax resolution help. There are small and large firms thriving doing IRS representation work and running thriving businesses. You can too.

tax_resolution_domination_system_toolkit_adMy tax resolution "business-in-a box" teaches CPAs, EAs, attorneys and professionals wanting to thrive in tax resolution the marketing and sales strategies to build and run a thriving tax resolution practice in today's new economy!

Here is the BEST PART: Most Of The Work Is Already Done For You! The Tax Domination System & Toolkit has step-by-step instructions on how to add new tax resolution clients to your practice.

The Tax Domination System & Toolkit includes:

  • Proven Marketing and Sales Mastery Strategies
  • Client Management Operation Systems
  • Marketing Templates For Direct Mail, Brochures, Media Kits and Press Releases
  • Internet And Social Media Marketing Examples
  • Documents To Communicate With Your Clients
  • My "14-Touch Point Client" System
  • Steps to work a Tax Resolution Case - Start to Finish
  • Client Correspondence Letters
  • How to Create Winning Sales Letters, Postcards, Emails, Banner Ads And More!

With the Tax Domination System & Toolkit, you will receive dozens of marketing samples and business management tips in a resource toolkit binder (see photo above) that will allow you to immediately implement these proven methods and strategies...

ONE new client is worth $5,000 to you! Learn how to get retained by 3, 5, 10 and even more new tax resolution clients every month.

Learn more about the Tax Domination System & Toolkit.