Tax Resolution Training

Making the Most of Your Tax Resolution Practice

Tax resolution practitioners, ask yourself this: When your clients walk out the door, do you think they will refer their friend or family member with IRS tax problems to you? 

Following Up with Your Offline Leads

Tax professionals - how do you follow up with your leads? It’s mission critical for you to follow up with the leads you receive from your online and offline lead generation efforts. Offline leads are generated from marketing in newspapers, trade journals, brochures, newsletters—basically everything…

How To Get a $100,000 Fee in Your Tax Resolution Practice

Do you want to know how to collect $100,000 fee?  I know it sounds unbelievable, but these types of cases exist if you know what to look out for. Your bread and butter tax resolution cases are going to be in the $5,000-$7,000 fee range, but I've collected $100,000 fees in my tax practice, and one…

Are you Finding it Hard Get Tax Resolution Clients?

The two most important things in any business are Marketing and Innovation. Period. Let’s take Marketing for example.

Biggest Fears About Doing Tax Resolution Work

Do you know the biggest fear CPAs, EAs and Attorneys have about doing tax resolution work? You might think it’s the marketing or selling the client—but actually the biggest fear most practitioners have, especially beginners, is actually doing the work! CPAs, EAs and Attorneys feel they need to know…

Tax Resolution Marketing: Message Match to Your Market

In my videos about Direct Response Marketing for your tax resolution practice, I have talked about the "Winning Ingredients" to get clients to come to you. (Watch that video here.) There are three keys to the process. The First Key is: Having a USP (Unique Selling Point) The Second Key is:…

Tax Resolution Marketing Tip: Benefits vs. Features

In a recent blog post I wrote about the 3 winning ingredients for a successful direct marketing campaign (read it here). The first key I described was the importance of having a Unique Selling Point (USP). Today I want to talk to you about the second key: Benefits vs. Features in Your Marketing…

Tax Resolution Success Summit - Early Bird Extended

We extended the Early Bird Special for our Tax Resolution Success Summit in Nashville to July 15th … and this time when it expires, it’s gone for good!

Tax Resolution Summit - Are You Registered?

Roslyn and I recently attended one of our favorite events, Brendon Buchard’s High Performance Academy. We’ve been to this event in the past and learned a great deal about how to make the best use of our time and been motivated to be our best selves. The previous year’s event was so beneficial that…

Get Qualified Tax Resolution Clients Inexpensively

Did you know that using “match” sites is one of the least expensive ways to get retained by new tax resolution clients? What do I mean by a “match” site? Well, we're all familiar with 1-800-Dentist where they matched consumers with dental needs to the professional provider based on specialty,…

Tax Resolution Marketing: 10-Step Winning Formula for Radio Ads

One of the most effective ways on how I grew my tax resolution business was through radio advertising. I have a 10-Step winning formula for you to have the most effective response and the highest ROI. Click here to watch my video.

How to Get Tax Resolution Clients Referred to You

Get tax resolution clients referred to you from other experts! Watch my video to learn the 8 easy steps to get this going. Ready to grow your tax resolution practice? Watch and read on!

Highest Quality Tax Resolution Training and Education

I received an email today from the CEO of Thank you Kat Jennings for your kind words and taking time to reach out! You talk with thousands of tax resolution professionals, knowing that you are hearing nothing but great feedback means so much! I feel so honored and humbled to…

Do You Know What "Selling" Really Means?

It is critical to your success to know what selling really means. Watch my video to learn the REAL meaning of selling and the 3 "must" steps to closing the sale with a potential client.

Getting More Referrals in Your Tax Resolution Business

Do you know what the 3 ingredients are to consistently receive referrals from your clients? Dan Kennedy calls this “The Three I's”: Intentional, Investment and Integrated. Watch my video to learn how "The Three I's" can get you more referrals to your tax resolution practice.