Celebritize Your Business

It’s no secret that my wife Roslyn is a big fan of “The Bachelor.” She’s been watching the reality show since its debut in 2002, and for the past seven years or so, she’s hosted a “Bachelor” party once a season for her likeminded friends. I’ll admit I’ve never been an avid watcher, but even I find it hard to resist the dramatic interactions and reactions.

This season, Roslyn and her friends got the surprise of their lives when Chris Harrison, the show’s host, showed up on our doorstep with a camera crew and the Bachelor himself in tow! Someone had apparently alerted the producer that they had a superfan in their midst (that would be my wife), so they decided to surprise her with a meet-and-greet at her latest viewing party. Fortunately, Chris Soules, this season’s Bachelor, has some practice when it comes to dealing with women in large groups—because when he walked through the front door, he was instantly bombarded by the nearly 20 fanatic women in our living room.

The Bachelor Chris Soules

After everyone started breathing normally, the remainder of the evening was spent snapping pictures and shooting the breeze with the local reality star. The ladies were interested in giving him their own opinions on his various girlfriends, while I tried to sneak in some dating advice of my own (the seven essential tips to supercharge your romance). By the time he left, we had filled up nearly an entire camera card with pictures, and I had successfully wormed my way into most of them! Later that night, Roslyn excitedly sent the photos to our youngest daughter (a fellow superfan who was unable to make it to this particular viewing party and is probably still kicking herself) who immediately called us up to ask, “Dad isn’t even a fan… Why is he in all of the photos?”

The answer is simple. I saw an opportunity to celebritize myself, and I took it. I’m always looking for ways to optimize any situation I happen to find myself in, so when Chris Soules came striding into my life, or I should say, through my front door.

The Bachelor Chris Soules with Michael Rozbruch

I wasn’t about to let him stride out without leveraging the connection. By associating myself with a familiar face (in this case, a famous one), I can make myself stand out from my competitors. Plus, those of you who saw the pictures plastered on our Facebook page (and who are fans of “The Bachelor”) probably mentioned it to your friends or family members the next time you saw a commercial for the show. “My marketing consultant met that guy,” you might say, thereby starting a conversation about Roz Marketing without having to think about it. But I’m not just telling you this to brag about my own success. I encourage all of you to optimize your own “celebrity sightings.”

There’s a reason celebrity endorsements work—by simply associating yourself with a “celebrity,” or someone recognizable within your industry, you’re allowing your clients to connect with you on a much higher level. By interacting with a celebrity, you’re not only showing your clients that you have impressive friends— but you’re making yourself seem more impressive by proxy. Plus, you’re bound to be at the forefront of their mind every time they see or hear a reference to that particular person. Celebrity connections are a fantastic marketing tool that can be used across the board when it comes to promoting your business—plus, it makes for a cool story… one that your clients will love to hear!

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