Client Care Package System and Toolkit

This System has a proven track record of automatically enrolling over 85% of your tax preparation clients into your very own "worry-free" Client Care Package.

Add $25,000-$50,000+ Of Additional, Recurring Revenue Each Year While Doing The Same Amount of Work You’re Already Doing.

Imagine that you had a turn-key system that added an extra $25,000-$50,000+ of additional recurring revenue to your bottom line, plus get paid for all post-filed return work that you were doing for free, without raising your tax preparation fees.

Get a PROVEN DONE-FOR-YOU SYSTEM to boost the amount of money you make per client every time you prepare a tax return WITHOUT raising fees, but adding a service your clients want you to provide.

PLUS, you get access to 2 Months of The Audit Protection Network for FREE!

Here’s The Best Part...

You don’t have to market or "sell" this at all. This is a simple plan that automatically enrolls 85% to 96% of your clients into the Plan. You simply add the Client Care Package fee to every tax return you prepare. It’s almost like free money because almost everybody will take it!

It’s quick, simple and easy to roll-out and was designed so that a staff person could implement it!

This strategy is a lot easier than doing the "grunt work" of marketing to find new tax prep clients -— which is expensive and the hardest thing you can do to boost your revenue.

Imagine How Great It Would Be if You...

  • Had 85% to 96% of your existing tax prep clients happily pay you more $$$ without having to stress about increasing your tax preparation fees because you...
  • Had an Automatic Enrollment Feature!
  • Had a System in place that allowed you to spend the necessary time to handle follow-up work while providing peace of mind that your clients want
  • FINALLY, get paid for ALL post-return follow-up work that you do for free now! (without worrying about billing for it!)
  • Had passive income each and EVERY year starting this tax season!
  • Automatically "locked-in" your client for life while becoming much more valuable to them!
  • Had a way to "Competition Proof" your practice!

This Turn-Key, Done-For-You System Includes:

  • Tri-panel color Brochure for Client
  • 6-page Cover ("sales") Letter for Client
  • Membership/Enrollment Certificate for Client
  • Fee Matrix
  • Disclosure Agreement (opt-out) Form for Client
  • Simple video instructions on how to roll-out

Everything is in editable word doc format so you can add your contact information, customize it, print, mail and profit!

Your investment is just (Value = $1,997)!


96% Client Participation Rate Generating $207,871 in Passive Income!!!

"98% Client Participation Rate Generating $62,391 in Passive Income for 2021 - in Addition to Our Tax Prep Fees! In total, we added $207,871 in additional PASSIVE net income for the past four seasons. We can't believe how easy this was to implement. And the best part is, it's recurring annual income year after year!"

- Chris Churchwell, CPA