Collecting Fees in Your Tax Resolution Practice

I’m going to answer a question I get asked all the time, “Michael, how can I get paid from people that have IRS problems who owe the IRS thousands if not tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars?

My answer is, "In advance," of course. And now, you might be wondering, “Where do these people find the money? If someone owes the IRS how are they ever going to find money to pay my fees?”

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If someone is in trouble with the IRS and is experiencing enough pain and discomfort in their lives regarding this issue, trust me, they will find the money to pay your fees. They can raise the money from friends or family members, their parents, brother or sister, a friend. They can take a payroll advance at their place of employment and pay it back through payroll deduction. Some people have collectibles such as: guns, stamps, coins, auto collections, etc., and they can either liquidate some of those collections or simply hold a garage sale.

Another way for them to raise money to pay your fees is if they have a 401k or IRA at their place of employment they can borrow against that to fund your fees, and they get a deduction on the IRS Form 433A since they pay that back through mandatory payroll deductions.

So there are a number of ways for people to get the money to pay your fees first.