Crafting a Visionary Blueprint for the Future

Last September, Roslyn wrote in her Food for Thought column about us attending a 3-day Vivid Vision Retreat hosted by Jennifer Hudye. A Vivid Vision is where you create your vision of what you want to happen, in either your business or personal life, three years from now as if it already happened.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we often have a vision of the future but sometimes have difficulty communicating our dreams and goals to our employees. After attending the Retreat, Roslyn and I had clear ideas of what we wanted our business and lives to look and feel like on Dec. 31, 2026. We knew the next step would be to write out our Vivid Vision and share it with our Roz Team. We ended up hiring Jennifer and her team to help us create our document.

In creating our vision, Roslyn and I got detailed about everything, from how many clients we will have, what our revenue will look like, and what new programs we will develop or will have developed by that date. Roslyn then added in pictures and had the 14-page professionally designed document printed up for everyone, and we rolled it out to our team in our conference room. Each person read a paragraph about our aspirations for our core business activities, our values and culture of the company, and even the physical headquarters of the business. At the end, we included a note from Roslyn and me.

In the next three years, all the effort we and everyone on our team will focus on is making that vision a reality. Any time there’s a decision to do something new in our company or change the way we already do something, the question we ask ourselves now is, “Does this align with our vision?” It helps in the decision-making process.

Another insight I learned is that having a vision inspires a change in your thinking. Every decision you make should be driven by that vision as if it has already come to fruition. You set your direction not as if you were working toward the vision, but as if you were already there.

Communicating your mission to your team is critical. Your team members must be able to see themselves in the picture you are envisioning. Our team’s exercise in Vivid Visioning clarified the path forward. Our vision will serve as our north star, keeping everyone in the business rowing the boat in the same direction.

Jennifer Hudye, Founder and CEO of Vision Driven Global, who helped us create and refine our vision, gave us a framed picture with one of her sayings: “Hold the vision, not the circumstance.” When the going gets rough, and you feel caught up in day- to-day distractions, hold onto your vision and don’t let your circumstance of the moment stop you.

Even if you only have a small team of 2–3 people, or even if you’re a solopreneur, I recommend you give some thoughts to what you want your life and business to look like in the next three years, and document it. As the leader of your company, you have big ideas for the future, and it’s important to be clear on those for yourself and help your team see your vision. If your team understands your vision, and sees themselves in that vision, they will be willing to put in the effort to achieve it.