Creating Marketing Content - How to Start

Content Marketing

Do you ever wonder how to get started with content marketing?

Here is an easy tip: Start by thinking about all the different ways why your client might be thinking about hiring you.

(pause to DO THIS!!!)

Once you have your list of reasons, then create content marketing information that answers these points!

Examples of content can include:
-Can I get the money back that the IRS just took out of my bank account?
-How do I remove the garnishment form my paycheck?
-How do I get that nasty tax lien off my property?

So many times this exercise helps you add more valuable content to your web pages or gives you the "ah-ha's" to add new pages that answer points.  It also can give you ideas to blog about. When I had my tax resolution business, I would create leads by doing a brochure that was 100% devoted to tax resolution.  I always included my brochure in all of my mailings. Also, get in the habit of doing a monthly newsletter to all your contacts.

You serve and support with content marketing to sell.

Get in your target client's head.  Think as if you were someone who has IRS tax problems.

-How do they feel?
-What do they want to know?
-How will their life change once their IRS problem is solved?

Ok, the ideas are start serving them with helpful content that addresses this!

Happy Content Marketing,