Do You Have the Money You Need to Retire?

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I came across a Forbes blog post called, “Do you have enough money to retire?” that reminded me of a common conversation I have with CPA, EAs, and attorneys. I can’t tell you how many professionals I know through my tax resolution business networks, one-on-one coaching work and in my Insider’s Circle Group Coaching Membership program who worry about not having enough money to retire.

While articles like this Forbes one spell out what you need to calculate (savings, pensions, etc.) most web articles about retirement savings don’t address the reality that a lot of folks reading them are not 25 and do not have years to save.  The fact of the matter is that most people in my industry are at an age where time is ticking. Loudly.

You can play with online retirement calculators until you are blue in the face, but if you want money to retire and time is not on your side then you HAVE TO start thinking about your business in a new way. This means looking at new revenue channels and ways to make more money.

The only way to get yourself in the driver’s seat to have money to retire is to
shift the way you do business. 

Having money to retire is not a problem if you are ready to become a solutionist. Instead of worrying about retirement, you need to move into action and 1) change your mindset (you cannot have change unless you are willing to change) and 2) formulate new business models and revenue streams.

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Power begins by being empowered.  You get empowered with education.  Check out some of the options I created based on my own personal experience to help re-train your brain so you can start stashing more cash:

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