Do You Know What "Selling" Really Means?

It is critical to your success to know what selling really means. Watch my video to learn the REAL meaning of selling and the 3 "must" steps to closing the sale with a potential client.

Michael Rozbruch Tax Resolution Selling Strategy

Here is a recap of the 3 “Must” Steps to helping a potential client:

Step 1:

Ask the person contacting you what they know about your services. Ask them what they know about an Offer in Compromise program. They probably don't know that 70% of people who want an Offer in Compromise don't qualify for one. Educate them about properly structured installment agreements or penalty abatements.

Step 2:

Ask them to share with you what's important to them right now. They may be contacting you or sitting in your office because they received a levy notice from the IRS, or their bank accounts were frozen, or maybe they received a wage garnishment. But know, they're not sitting in your office because of that—they're sitting in your office because maybe they can't pay for their daughter's wedding, or maybe they can't afford to send their son on his senior class trip. Find out what the emotional triggers are. This is why your client is sitting in your office or calling you on the phone.

Step 3:

And the third thing is ask them to share with you what they've learned from the competition. You're probably not the first person they're speaking to about their IRS tax problem. By them sharing what they've already learned, you can handle their objections, and tell them that either that's the case or that's not the case which will bolster you in their eyes as the expert.

So now you know what "selling" really means.

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