Does Your Marketing Messaging Attract Ideal Clients?

Have your marketing message do the heavy lifting to attract who you want as a client copy

Are you finding yourself wasting time talking with leads who are not ideal for you?  If so, then it's time to do a healthy marketing analysis.

Ask yourself if your marketing messaging is doing the heavy lifting to attract who you want as a client.

Things like:

  • Poorly designed websites
  • Confusing messaging
  • Inconsistent branding on web, print, social media
  • Lack of qualifiers (not showing a minimum owed to the IRS or being clear of the geographic location you serve)

Lack of credibility shown on your about page, brochure or with online PR can all bring in the wrong type of client. You don't want to waste time talking to everybody. You only want to talk to people you want to talk to. Take time to optimize your tax resolution marketing!

Think of your marketing messaging like having a trusty sidekick - you are the superhero doing great tax resolution work, but your marketing needs to have superhero powers to back you up!

Here's to making your marketing meaningful so it matters and it PAYS!