Don’t Wait Until After Tax Season to Market Your Tax Resolution Services

As I wrote this, my team and I were CRAZY busy putting the final pieces in place for the Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza in Orlando, Florida. But aside from hosting one of our biggest events of the new year, the end of the year is always an interesting time for Roz Marketing in general.

When I cleaned up my inbox at the end of 2015, I saw that I got a handful of very similar emails from my members, both practitioners new to tax resolution and seasoned pros.

I’d like to share the crux of these messages with you - an email from a practitioner who was opting out of membership. His reason? He only received two new clients since joining my program the month before. I saw that and thought, “Only two in the first month!” If you figure he invested about $1,200 in marketing and each client is worth about $5K, that’s a 9-1 ROI. Two clients right out of the gate is most excellent, especially considering building rapport with prospects and implementing a new marketing strategy takes time — no successful tax resolution business is built in a day, or a month.

But this member didn’t seem to think so, and this is a trap too many practitioners fall into.

We work with a lot of members new to the tax resolution world — members who
are stuck on the impractical idea of instant success — as was the case with the aforementioned member.

Another thing I see all too often is this: Member runs a marketing campaign, gets a bunch of new business, stops marketing, and then waits until they need business again before running another campaign (which is usually too late). To that, I say all practitioners need to adopt a mindset that prioritizes marketing their services all year long and not just when it’s convenient
to their schedule, which includes during tax season.

To exemplify this, I’ve compiled my top three reasons why waiting until after tax season to market tax resolution is the absolute worst idea in the world.

Reason 1: Troubled taxpayers need you now more than ever. You say you’re too busy to market during tax season, but this is the best time of year to introduce your practice to troubled taxpayers while their taxes are top of mind. And if you’re still convinced you don’t have time to
implement a marketing strategy, bring on help who can take on that duty for you. It’s that important!

Reason 2: You’re guaranteed cash flow and profits through the summer months. The tax resolution cases you take in now provide predictable cash flow through August/September (see the “How to Structure Your Fees” and “How to Collect” chapters, which are in your
manual). What’s even better is you won’t have to “work” many of these cases until after 4/15. Simply request a 60- day collection hold or “CNC” status and then work the case after 4/15. It takes some time to build the pipeline with qualified leads and thus new clients. In that time, you can guarantee steady cash flow and higher profits across the board all year long.

Reason 3: If you wait to market, you’ll miss out on the best time of year. The IRS issues levy and lien notices and selects taxpayers for audit all year long, so it’s in your best interest to reel in those fish while tax season is keeping potential clients awake at night. They want to take care of their IRS problem during this time. Tax Season is the best time to present a solution to their
problems. For 168 consecutive months, 12 years, from 1998 to 2012, I experienced month over month increased revenues and profits because I never stopped marketing — ever.

To make the most of your tax resolution business, you need to implement marketing strategies that run on autopilot and bring in new clients like clockwork all year long.

Dedicated to your success in 2016,