Effective Brochure Marketing for Tax Resolution Business

Two questions I always get asked are:

"Michael, what should be in my brochure?”
And, “How should I do my brochure?”

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Michael Rozbruch Effective Brochure Marketing for Tax Professionals

One of the first things you need to know is that a brochure is “salesmanship” in print.

A brochure is designed to do the selling in front of the prospect when you're not there.

What must be included in your brochure is a big bold headline, like: "Would you go to court without a lawyer? Then why would you go to the IRS without expert representation?" Or, “Got IRS Problems? For Immediate Relief CALL xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

Your brochure needs to have a, “Call to Action”. You need to tell the reader exactly what you want them to do: you want them to call your office.

Your brochure has one purpose and one purpose only and that’s to get the phone to ring.

A brochure is for direct response, it’s for someone who has a tax problem and wants immediate help, or has an inquiry and wants more information in order to schedule a consult. In either case you want them to call you now.

Your brochure needs to have a headshot picture of you. You need a current headshot (not the one from college!) with a short bio underneath your picture talking about not just your experience but relatable things to people who are going to read your brochure.

You want to make sure your brochure calls out “benefits” not “features”. You need to list the benefits a prospect is going to receive when they hire you.

Last, you need client testimonials in your brochure; Your brochure should be 100% devoted to tax resolution and include 2-3 “before and after” client case studies including amount owed and what you settled the case for. Your testimonials should also attest to your good character, that you give great client care, in addition to helping clients settle their tax problems.

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