Effective Tax Resolution Marketing in Yellow Pages is Possible

Effective tax resolution marketing in the yellow pages is possible - IF it is done properly.

Whether you’ve been doing IRS representation work for a while or just starting out you probably “heard” that phone book advertising doesn’t work anymore or it’s only for those large national firms with money to burn. You’re probably saying to yourself “nobody’s going to see my tiny little ad with their ads overtaking the entire page.”

Not true. Yellow pages ads aren’t what they used to be - it’s now a buyer’s market for advertising space. Phone book companies are on a mission to offset printing costs, which in turn is a big advantage for you as they are offering deeply discounted rates on ad space for businesses. This puts you on the same playing field with the “big boys” since your name is right next to theirs, giving you additional credibility in this practice area.

Of course, none of this matters if your ad doesn’t bring in new clients. So instead of writing the same old copy that includes your firm’s name and phone number, choose to create one that will complement your tax resolution marketing content. This must include:

  • A compelling headline – Make this stand out. You have to grab attention and keep it.
  • Interesting copy – You don’t have a lot of room so make every word count.
  • An Irresistible offer – entice the reader with a free special report, free book, CD or DVD leading them to your website to obtain it.
  • A unique trackable link or phone number – You must always set up a unique phone number or web link for every piece of marketing in order to track response. The ad should pay for itself by bringing in new prospects every month.

Print advertising is just one of the many ways your firm can attract new clients.

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